30+ Nerdy Holiday Gift Ideas!

Shopping for people can be a nightmare and totally suck the fun out of the Holiday season. That’s why we put our heads together and found a bunch of unique nerd related gifts to give the special people in your life. There’s a wide range in interest (and price) and hopefully helpful in the upcoming weeks.

Nerd Gfits Home

  1. Cute Mug
  2. Mug Cozy
  3. Throw Pillow
  4. Light Saber Chopsticks
  5. Bookmark Set

Nerd Gift art

Sometimes Art is the perfect way to so you care. Here are some we love:

  1. Doctor Who Print
  2. Star Trek Print
  3. Reading Print
  4. Adventure Time Print
  5. Star War Print

Nerd gift BlingWho doesn’t love a little bling in their life?

  1. Triforce Cuff-links
  2. Game of Throwns Pendant
  3. Ice Arrow Necklace
  4. Book Pendant
  5. Packman Cuff-links
  6. Totoro Necklace
  7. Sherlock Cuff
  8. Mushroom charms

nerd gifts clothing

Tee’s and sweaters are always a great option!

  1. Omocat Sweater
  2. Armored hoodie! (I’m kind of in love with this one!)
  3. Map of Middle Earth Leggings
  4. Gamer Tee
  5. Mischief Managed (Can’t leave out the little ones, can we?)


More awesome

  1. Star Trek Pillow
  2. Captain America Hockey Jersey 
  3. Galaxy Leggings
  4. Mother Board Leggings
  5. EntHERprise Shirt 
  6. Middle Earth Pillow

nerd gift odds and ends

And here’s our last group of ideas

  1. Ultrasaber Omen (THUNDER CAT HO!)
  2. New Hope Print 
  3. Hunger Games Labels
  4. Toothless Necklace
  5. Star Trek Quilt (Seriously, This is BEAUTIFUL!)
  6. Allons-y Necklace
  7. Book Text Infinity Scarf 

We hope this helps you in your shopping endeavors!

What caught your eye?


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