Free Comic Book Day 2014


Just a quick reminder that FCBD is THIS Saturday, May 3. You can go here and check out and see if there are any stores in your area participating. Be sure to check out the FCBD site for any questions you may have and a sneak peek at the comic to be given away! I’m most looking forward to the one from Archaia. It looks amazing!

Anything you’re hoping to grab?


Video of the Week: Maleficent Horns

So this is something new we wanted to try. There are always new YouTube videos that I think “That’s amazing!” and want to share. Most of them are DIY’s but we may mix it up now and then! When I saw this video I knew it had to be the first. Threadbanger was the first (that’s right the FIRST) DIY channel on YouTube so they know what they’re doin’. Enjoy!

PS. I promise I’m (Mel) working on a new cosplay starter kit. It’s just taking a liiiiiiitle more time than I planned on. lol

Captain America: Winter Soldier Review





I got to see this opening day, as a pseudo, belated birthday present. BEST PSEUDO, BELATED BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!
Admittedly, Captain America: The First Avenger was not my favorite out of The Avengers franchise. It was, I think, the most light hearted. And it was fun. But I tend to gravitate towards Iron Man in general (whatever, I have a lot of Tony Starks feels). After seeing Winter Soldier, though, I think I have a new favorite.

There’s something so…so endearing about Steve Rogers. A man out of time he may be, but he’s no dummy. And he’s definitely not naive. So, as the audience watches and learns about corruption within S.H.I.E.L.D., we get to see an intelligent, no nonsense Steve Rogers fight for what is right (even if it goes against “the good guys”). I’ve seen a lot of commentary (that’ll happen when you wait so long to review a fantastic movie…oops) on what exactly this movie is trying to say. And I agree with most of what I’ve read. This movie isn’t about ‘MERICA EFF YEAH. This is about, ‘MERICA, WE GOT PROBLEMS YO. And how Captain America isn’t the face of a country that is great and above everyone else. Captain America is about the ideal that this country is supposed to represent. He’s strength, both mental and physical, loyalty, courage, etc…all in the face of an enemy he thought he’d helped defeat.

I loved, so much, Steve Rogers’ relationships with Natasha and Sam. Like, I don’t have the words kind of love. Like, if I start talking I may never shut up…especially about Natasha (more on that later). For me, the trust that just seemed to be inherent amongst them was so special. Fury, earlier in the movie, tells Steve not to trust anyone. And yet here he is, just knowing he can count on a woman who used to be considered a traitor before joining S.H.I.E.L.D and a man he barely knows.

Natasha was so great in this movie. And for all those naysayers who still think a solo movie wouldn’t bring in the money needed to make production worth it, I say STFU and GTFO. I’m so sick of people saying Black Widow’s purpose in these movies is for eye candy. Sure, she played up to that role when first appearing in Iron Man 2. But other than that, no, she’s so much more. Listen, I’m not a particularly articulate person. I can’t sit here and properly discuss why pigeon-holing her in the femme fatale role is BS, not adequately anyway. But if you watch CAWS and don’t see how Natasha’s character develops into something so much stronger and more and important, then you’re wrong. And there’s not much I can say to make you feel otherwise. For me, she’s everything a female superhero should be. And just because she’s pretty and wears a tight, S.H.I.E.L.D. regulation uniform (hello, Steve does too. And even though I certainly think he’s eye candy you don’t hear the rest of the world describing him as such while simultaneously discrediting everything else he is in the movie) doesn’t mean she isn’t also smart, funny, badass, her own freakin person, and capable of standing on her own in this franchise. When I grow up, I want to be Natasha.

Sam Wilson was THE BEST. Oh man. He added the perfect touch of humor. All while being a sincere, trustworthy, and likable guy (and if you don’t think CAWS is all about Steve and Sam’s growing ~relationship…well, you’re wrong again). Being a new character, it can be hard to really learn and love him in the allotted time he’s on screen. But the script was written in such a way that we were given these snippets of info about his past, about the kind of man he is in general, enough so that we all want more. And I hope we do get a lot more in the third movie (which I hope has a bearded Steve Rogers because he’s too busy searching for Bucky to bother with shaving).

Which leads me to…Bucky. Oh man. BUCKY BARNES. I was tearing up within the first few minutes of the movie when we first see the flashback to him and Steve (or at least I think it’s the first few minutes. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it. i need to remedy this). I knew this movie was going to hurt me (in the best way) from the minute it was announced they were doing the Winter Soldier story. With every set picture released(leaked whatever) and snippet we were given, I could feel the ever increasing desire to sob my way through the movie grow. I managed to remain externally calm, probably due only to the fact it was a packed theater and I couldn’t lose my cool in front of that many people. But inside I was all A;LSDKAFJPDOFIAD;FAKLDF every time he came on screen. My heart clenched in my chest when his mask fell and Steve first recognized him, said his name, and Bucky didn’t even recognize it. And then again, when he was being “wiped.” The way he so easily accepted his “mission” and all the pain that went along with it. I CAN’T TAKE POOR BUCKY BARNES BEING USED AND ABUSED. At the end, when it’s just Steve and Bucky in a showdown that could lead to their deaths, I felt like I was going to die.

Funny, though, how much I enjoyed it. I want to watch it again. I need to. I need to read everyone’s thoughts on this movie, on Steve, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, and anyone else in the movie (because I’m leaving a lot out, I know). I need ALL THE CAWS FEELS. Give them to me?


Ok, so Steve Rogers is my Favorite Avenger. He’s a good guy who just wants to do good. He’s so good that’s why he could become Captain America. I know some might say that’s boring, but whatever. I think it’s great he wanted to be good from the beginning and didn’t need to make some huge error to become good. Looks at Thor, Widow, and Iron Man.  (WHOA, MEL, DEMS FIGHTIN WORDS -steph) I like seeing him struggle to hold onto that. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the Avengers but he’s my guy.

I tell you all this to convey just how excited I was for this film. SO EXCITED. When I saw who the villain was I was filled with so many emotions to add to the excitement. I hurt for Steve before I even saw the film. Then as I watched the whole thing unfold I hurt for Bucky too. GAH. I just have a lot of emotions, OK?

Then we have Sam/Falcon. Oh how wonderful was Anthony Mackie? He killed it!! I feel like he was the perfect person to work with Steve. Sam believes in Steve’s goodness and honor. Not his powers or fame. Sam also gets what it’s like to have the loss Steve’s had and how combat messes with you. I think what I love the most though is Sam’s not some sidekick either. He’s a partner and an equal. Just the same as Widow.

Speaking of Widow, Who here wants her to have her own film? Me!! Scarlet J. knocked this out of the park. She brought to life an amazing well rounded complex character and made it look effortless. She showed the Widow was so much more than a femme fatale. Yes I know she did that in the Avengers too but I feel like she had way more time to shine in this film. Her constantly poking at Steve to get out there and start living was great. She’s just amazing!!

All and all I loved this film and I need more!!

What did you think of the movie?

Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Mel’s Card

TW Bingo finale winner 1

Ok, I AM SO SORRY THIS IS LATE. Why is being an adult so hard? (Really)

Ok So I still haven no idea with what’s going on. lol I mean I’m glad Stiles is ok, but what was with that ending? What’s real and what’s not? Why is Kate back? Why can’t Jenny come back and not Kate? Jenny’s rage I got way more than Kate’s.

I love that Danny was no dumb dumb. I really, really, really want him to be some kind of supernatural being. Like a Mermaid or something. (Let me have this.) I do like that Danny called the whole group out at not hiding things at all. Stiles isn’t exactly quiet. I do hope he gets more air time next season. I think Danny’s a gold mine of untapped potential. He’s so much better than being a murder’s boyfriend, or just being “the boyfriend” in general.

I wasn’t even a little sad for Aidan. Sorry. Look, I know they wanted to try to redeem him but it’s hard to come back from murder. Maybe if he and his brother had figured out a way to bring Boyd/Erica back like Peter did it would be different. Hell, they could have just tried. Think about how compelling it would have been to see them try to bring the dead back and fail. Then crumple under the weight of what they’d done. They were missing remorse and I’m glad Scott never trusted them.

I’m glad more people I love didn’t die. I was about to loose it when Mama McCall was hurt. Then there is a sassiest deputy around, and Papa Stilinski, and Stiles. Also, Hurray for Kira’s family making it out alive! (That’s a big deal for me, ok?)

I have no idea what the next season’s going to be. It’d be nice to see a little less baddies an a little more dealing with the aftermath of all of this. I need Papa Argent to get a hug. I would totally be down with him and Derek moving in together and having a bachelor pad of sadness. They could watch sad movies, channel their anger into remodeling Derek’s loft, (Knocking out a walls does wonder for the anger.) train, and have a roommate who gets the feeling of loss. Mostly I want to know how my pack is doing and if they’re going to be ok.


Yeah. So. Forgive us for the tardiness of the post. Besides real life getting in the way, there was also the need to digest the season finale. There was a lot to take in.

Curse this show for being able to rip our hears right out of our chests…and squeeeeeeeze. Chris Argent. Remember when I kind of disliked him? I barely remember those days. Now all I feel is sympathy that everyone he loves gets taken away. He’s a human version of Derek, in a way. Which I guess is why I love these two working together so much.

Most of the episode was spent worrying about who was going to die. I knew someone was going to, and after last week (I know, I know it was Crystal’s choice) I felt like it could be ANYONE. When Melissa got sliced I was all NO NOT MAMA MCCALL. And then when the Oni showed up at the police station I was crying DON’T YOU DARE TAKE THE SHERIFF. OR DEPUTY PARRISH. NOT MY BABIES. Maybe part of me was thinking WHY DIDN’T YOU SLICE UP AGENT MCCALL HUH? But definitely NOT DEATON WE STILL DON’T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT HIM.

I continue to be concerned that Argent McCall will be back for a more permanent spot next season. It could be good. It could be dramarama if everyone continues to try and hide the supernatural from McCall (side note: how will any secrets be kept after the Oni showed up and tried to slaughter/turn half of Beacon Hills?). And will he try and rekindle anything with Melissa? ermmmmm I just don’t know (theme for the entire show tbh)

So. The twins. I’m gonna be honest, I still don’t know which was which. I never liked them (tho the actors were pretty charming at times). The straight one – Aiden? Ethan? – when he died, I didn’t feel much remorse. I felt for Lydia, who had to lose someone else. She makes bad choices when it comes to men (though tbf, I loved Jackson and miss him a lot). And whether or not she felt something more serious for Straight Twin doesn’t matter. Just the fact she was involved…it hurts me. I really like Lydia and want her to continue to grow as a character. My biggest issue with Straight Twin dying was trying to figure out how he couldn’t survive a sword to the gut when Derek was literally impaled for several long minutes (maybe hours? idk) and healed. I know, Derek was an Alpha at the time. And Straight Twin got stabbed with a magical Oni sword. But, idk, you can’t pick all willy nilly what’s going to kill a werewolf and what isn’t. Especially since some humans with potentially fatal wounds survived after the Oni were defeated (which, why exactly does silver kill them????).


Ok. But seriously. Why? I hate so much about the things you choose to be, Jeff Davis. We still don’t even have resolution with Gerard and you bring Kate back? Are they gonna team up together to like, idk take down the werewolves from the inside? Seriously, at this point, why is Kate even trying to kill Weres? What’s the point? Why carry this grudge against the supernatural so hard that you are now taking out your own kind? And why does she look like a blue wolf? like if Mystique and a werewolf mated, that’d be were!Kate.

Sorry. I have a lot of issues with Kate.

Malia? Peter? WHAT’S GOING ON THERE. I HAVE NO MORE PATIENCE. She leaves the hospital looking shady as ffff and then she’s being all friendly with Scott and Stiles and is going back to school and? I seriously dislike how everyone knows Peter is the ultimate creep and yet they just don’t seem to care when he’s not around twirling an invisible ‘stache and cackling about being THE ALPHA TO END ALL ALPHAS. I’m pretty sure they can all hear him at night howling into the wind about being an alpha, screw that dick McCall.


Ugh. i can’t beleive I have to wait all summer for more of this horrendous and ridiculously addicting show.

What I made: March Edition


Ok so I didn’t actually make a wearable piece this month, but I did create a garment design! (I’m counting it.)  A friend sent me a link to a nerdy design contest and I knew I wanted to give it a try. I’m not even sure if I got my application in on time, but whatever. I still gave it my best shot.

The whole idea is to come up with “geek couture”. Basically a geek inspired design that isn’t a costume.  I knew right away that my inspiration would be this lovely:


It’s no secret that I LOVE her; I wanted to do something unapologetically girly and fun. Pinkie Pie is both those things so it was a match made in heaven!

pinky pie take one


My first draft looked something like this. (BEFORE you say anything I haven’t done serious figure drawing in over a decade so I know a toddler can do better. Also, drawing legs and shoes is hard.) I wanted a party dress that was a fit and flare and it of course had to be pink.



On my second draft I played with the neckline giving it more of a scooped feel but it still felt like it was missing something that would really make it more than just another pink party dress. On the last day to submit I had my “AH HA” moment.



Pinkie has balloons for her cutie mark and they were what inspired the different sized dots at the bottom of the skirt. I think this totally made the design something special. Do I think I’ll be one of the finalist? Nope, probably not but that wasn’t the point of this for me. I wanted to stretch myself and see what I could do. I think I’m going to actually make this dress or at least the skirt in the near future.

Who/what would be your inspiration?

PS Lupita Nyong’o from the Oscars is what I had in mind for my model.

Favorites: March

Steph’s Fave’s: 

March has been mostly about starting and trying to catch up to The Arrow, a show on CW that is based of a DC comic. I’d seen a lot of people discussing it and decided to gorge myself on the first season (available on Netflix). I am so hooked. And now I’m trying to get current with season 2, watching as many episodes as I can. I love shows/movies based off comics and I think the CW is doing a great job with it. Doesn’t hurt there’s lots of nearly naked Oliver Queen writhing around in leather pants. I mean..


Also on my list of favorites: makeup. The first, MAC’s Studio Fix compact, is actually a long time favorite of mine. I’ve been using it for years and literally have nothing bad to say about it (my only issue comes when one of my children accidentally drop it and it shatters. But that’s no fault of the product). The reason I’m sharing today is because I’ve noticed as I age, my skin changes. But the way this makeup covers hasn’t. This is important because I’m getting OLD. Ugh. And ties in to my third favorite –

Foundation. I’ve never been a big foundation wearer. Not to brag, but I always had really nice skin and would stick to concealer and powder and be done with it. But, again, my skin is changing. And since tomorrow is a big day for me, I decided to try something that’s geared for an older demographic. Also, I am usually really snobby about my makeup. But I can’t always afford to dish out a small fortune on it. On Pinterest I found some good boards that focused on the best drugstore makeup. Maybelline’s Age Rewind was on there, and for roughly $8 a pop, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. I’m really liking the way it blends for me and gives me an overall smooth coverage. Add the Studio Fix on top and it’s perfect.

Mel’s faves: 

Hey everyone!

So my faves this month are going to be all about YouTube channels I watched the most this month! I figured it would be more interesting than repeating the same beauty faves from the last two months. (They haven’t changed. lol)

Fist up we have Gossmakeupartist who offers tons of great tips tricks in short to the point videos. One thing I really love about him is he is always so positive with how he talks about all women.  I always feel like I learned something after watching and feel like I can totally rock more looks than I thought I could. You should definitely give him a look.

If you’re in the mood for a laugh Hartbeat will be there for you. She makes smart video’s where she’s not afraid to make fun of herself.  She’s just awesome, OK! Trust me. She’s not exactly safe for work sometimes so just keep that in mind when you watch.

And last up we have PTXofficial. I feel like I’m the last person on earth to have heard about this band. They are a group of five vocalist that ARE THE BEST EVER. No seriously. They were the season three winners for the “Sing-Off” and if you watch just one video you can see why. I have literally listened to them every day this month. I can’t get over how talented they all are. I mean just look at the “Say Something” video and look at the emotions they convey. There is a reason their North American tour was sold out.

What were your Fave’s for March?