Cosplay Starter Kit Lite: Femme Stuttgart Loki


Don’t I look cool? LOL


Alright so the purpose of this post is to share everything I used to put this cosplay together. Since in the other “Start Kits” I’ve given tons of options, I’m looking at this like a light version of those. Also, I’m adding a few more notes with this one because I’ve actually done all of this. ūüėÄ

First I was doing my own twist on this handsome villain:

boy loki

Loki From the Avengers

I took this and made it work for me. I wanted to do a nice fitted suit with a mermaid skirt. Here’s what I used for the clothes and how much they cost. Your mileage may vary:

Jacket– Thrifted $1 + 2.50 for dry cleaning
Shirt– Thrifted $3 + 2.50 for dry cleaning
Waistcoat – Handmade using this pattern with thrifted fabric $4. I would not recommend this pattern. The sizing was way off and some of the pattern pieces didn’t even fit together.
Skirt– Handmade using this pattern and thrifted fabric $5. I loved this pattern and want to make another skirt using it. I did change it for this just a little. The fabric had some stretch to it so I didn’t need a zipper at all! (I hate putting in zippers!)
Shoes– Thrifted Born flats $6- I got these years ago brand new (heel checks don’t lie) and decided I was kidding everyone if I thought I could spend the day walking in heels. My skirt covered my feet for the most part so I’m calling it good.
Scarf– Thrifted $3

If you can’t tell I really like thrifting. lol But really it’s the only way I can justify spending money on a hobby. Anyone else having that problem?

Anywho, I also spent a lot of time thinking about the beauty aspect of this look and tried to make it fit my style. I think I came up with something I really liked and went with what I was doing. I mean don’t I look so pretty?


Picture thanks to the lovely @venis_envy.

Ok but really I tried to think about what I could do within Loki’s signature color scheme. While I didn’t get a picture of it that day because I win at life, I did snap a photo earlier of what I did for my eyes.



Not too over the top with color while still having it (That totally makes sense right?). So here’s a list of what I used for my face and hair.

Wig- black $10 similar to the one I bought found here.
Lashes– $3 bought from here. I love these for no other reason than it’s great to have a ton of extras while you get the hang of gluing a strip of hair to your eyelids.
Lid colors– Coastal Scents “In the Spotlight” sample I got from my ipsy bag. Colors I used were Dark Goldenrod (This was an amazing gold with a green shift), Dark Golden Olive, and Golden Globe.
LinerEm Walterliner in Emerald City from the lower lashes and Elf liquid liner in black for the top/to hide the lash band.
Brows– I used the black in the “Color Spectrum” palette from Sephora. (It’s out of stock right now).
Lips– Mac’s Russian Red
FoundationESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup in Pebble AND SEPHORA COLLECTION 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation in shade 22. My face and my neck are two different colors so I have to use the Double Wear in my face and then blend that in to the Sephora one onto my neck.
Blush/Bronzer/highlight- All were from the Solar Palette.


Last up we have my staff. It’s made of PVC pipe, wood glue, paint, a blue LED light, craft foam, foam wire, hot glue and part of a clear soda bottle. I didn’t take pictures while I was making it because I wasn’t 100% sure it’d work out, owever if anyone wants to know how I did things, let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

OK so that’s it! I hope this was helpful and maybe entertaining. Like always if you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer!


Video of the Week: Cleaning an Iron

Ok, so this one is something that I so needed this week and is important in general when sewing. (Your iron is your friend.) Someone in my house decided to iron their clothes but instead of matching the temperature to the fabric they ended up melting their pants. *sigh*

Have you ever accidentally melted clothing?

Video of the Week: Tights/Stockings DIY shirt

Ok, so you might be thinking this seems pretty random but if you pair this top with this DIY Elsa inspired prom dress you have a pretty epic cosplay. You could even get sparely tights and save yourself the trouble of adding it later! You of course could use it for many other things but this was the first place my mind went too.

How would you rock this top?



Video of the Week: Maleficent Horns

So this is something new we wanted to try. There are always new YouTube videos that I think “That’s amazing!” and want to share. Most of them are DIY’s but we may mix it up now and then! When I saw this video I knew it had to be the first. Threadbanger was the first (that’s right the FIRST) DIY channel on YouTube so they know what they’re doin’. Enjoy!

PS. I promise I’m (Mel) working on a new cosplay starter kit. It’s just taking a liiiiiiitle more time than I planned on. lol

Favorites: March

Steph’s Fave’s:¬†

March has been mostly about starting and trying to catch up to The Arrow, a show on CW that is based of a DC comic. I’d seen a lot of people discussing it and decided to gorge myself on the first season (available on Netflix). I am so hooked. And now I’m trying to get current with season 2, watching as many episodes as I can. I love shows/movies based off comics and I think the CW is doing a great job with it. Doesn’t hurt there’s lots of nearly naked Oliver Queen writhing around in leather pants. I mean..


Also on my list of favorites: makeup. The first, MAC’s Studio Fix compact, is actually a long time favorite of mine. I’ve been using it for years and literally have nothing bad to say about it (my only issue comes when one of my children accidentally drop it and it shatters. But that’s no fault of the product). The reason I’m sharing today is because I’ve noticed as I age, my skin changes. But the way this makeup covers hasn’t. This is important because I’m getting OLD. Ugh. And ties in to my third favorite –

Foundation. I’ve never been a big foundation wearer. Not to brag, but I always had really nice skin and would stick to concealer and powder and be done with it. But, again, my skin is changing. And since tomorrow is a big day for me, I decided to try something that’s geared for an older demographic. Also, I am usually really snobby about my makeup. But I can’t always afford to dish out a small fortune on it. On Pinterest I found some good boards that focused on the best drugstore makeup. Maybelline’s Age Rewind was on there, and for roughly $8 a pop, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. I’m really liking the way it blends for me and gives me an overall smooth coverage. Add the Studio Fix on top and it’s perfect.

Mel’s faves:¬†

Hey everyone!

So my faves this month are going to be all about YouTube channels I watched the most this month! I figured it would be more interesting than repeating the same beauty faves from the last two months. (They haven’t changed. lol)

Fist up we have Gossmakeupartist who offers tons of great tips tricks in short to the point videos. One thing I really love about him is he is always so positive with how he talks about all women.  I always feel like I learned something after watching and feel like I can totally rock more looks than I thought I could. You should definitely give him a look.

If you’re in the mood for a laugh Hartbeat¬†will be there for you. She makes smart video’s where she’s not afraid to make fun of herself.¬†¬†She’s just awesome, OK! Trust me. She’s not exactly safe for work sometimes so just keep that in mind when you watch.

And last up we have PTXofficial. I feel like I’m the last person on earth to have heard about this band. They are a group of five vocalist that ARE THE BEST EVER. No seriously. They were the season three winners for the “Sing-Off” and if you watch just one video you can see why. I have literally listened to them every day this month. I can’t get over how talented they all are. I mean just look at the “Say Something” video and look at the emotions they convey. There is a reason their North American tour was sold out.

What were your Fave’s for March?

Sewing Quickie: Reading A Bolt of Fabric


So I thought this would be a fun series to do when sharing some basic things about sewing. Also, I wanted to find a way to use the word quickie in a title.¬†¬†Sewing can seem really overwhelming when you don’t have someone to hold your hand. Lucky you have me!

Alright, on to the good stuff.

reading a fabric bolt 1

When you go to the fabric store or a store that sells fabric, most of the fabric will be on a bolt. One end of it will look something like this. It’s going to have a lot of info that will be important to you when you’re looking at what fabric to buy. They may be formatted a little differently but if you know what you’re looking for it will be easy to find.

Reading a fabric Bolt 2

From the top, you see the manufacturer and below that you see the care instructions for this specific fabric.

Reading a fabric bolt 3

Next up, reading from the top down:

  • We have the width, which is SUPER important in knowing how much fabric you need to buy. When you’re reading the back of a pattern there can be a huge difference in the amounts needed depending on the width.
  • Material. You see that this is 100% cotton, but if it were a blend of some type they’d list the materials and what percentage of each is in it. Ex: 60% cotton, 36% polyester, and 4%spandex
  • Style: it will have a specific number for it and you can use it to see if you can find more. (Like there could not be enough in the store or something. Or you know someone who would love this fabric.)
  • Color: I think you understand this, right?
  • Yards: This is important if you are buying in bulk. NOT EVERY BOLT HAS THE SAME AMOUNT SO CHECK IT BEFORE YOU BUY! I’ve seen brand new bolts of the same fabric from the same manufacturer have a 5 yard difference in amount. Please, please, check before you buy. And if you’re wondering when you’d ever need that much fabric, just look at the back of a steampunk/victorian costume pattern and see. It’s a lot.

After that there are just odds and ends, like where the fabric was made and how much it costs. lol That’s kind of a big one. Anywho I hope that helps with your cosplaying and sewing endeavors. If you have any questions ask away and I will do my best to answer!


30+ Nerdy Holiday Gift Ideas!

Shopping for people can be a nightmare and totally suck the fun out of the Holiday season. That’s why we put our heads together and found a bunch of unique nerd related gifts to give the special people in your life. There’s a wide range in interest (and price) and hopefully helpful in the upcoming weeks.

Nerd Gfits Home

  1. Cute Mug
  2. Mug Cozy
  3. Throw Pillow
  4. Light Saber Chopsticks
  5. Bookmark Set

Nerd Gift art

Sometimes Art is the perfect way to so you care. Here are some we love:

  1. Doctor Who Print
  2. Star Trek Print
  3. Reading Print
  4. Adventure Time Print
  5. Star War Print

Nerd gift BlingWho doesn’t love a little bling in their life?

  1. Triforce Cuff-links
  2. Game of Throwns Pendant
  3. Ice Arrow Necklace
  4. Book Pendant
  5. Packman Cuff-links
  6. Totoro Necklace
  7. Sherlock Cuff
  8. Mushroom charms

nerd gifts clothing

Tee’s and sweaters are always a great option!

  1. Omocat Sweater
  2. Armored hoodie! (I’m kind of in love with this one!)
  3. Map of Middle Earth Leggings
  4. Gamer Tee
  5. Mischief Managed (Can’t leave out the little ones, can we?)


More awesome

  1. Star Trek Pillow
  2. Captain America Hockey Jersey 
  3. Galaxy Leggings
  4. Mother Board Leggings
  5. EntHERprise Shirt 
  6. Middle Earth Pillow

nerd gift odds and ends

And here’s our last group of ideas

  1. Ultrasaber Omen (THUNDER CAT HO!)
  2. New Hope Print 
  3. Hunger Games Labels
  4. Toothless Necklace
  5. Star Trek Quilt (Seriously, This is BEAUTIFUL!)
  6. Allons-y Necklace
  7. Book Text Infinity Scarf 

We hope this helps you in your shopping endeavors!

What caught your eye?

Fancy Pumpkins 2.0! 8 Different Way to Geek Out Your Gourd

It’s that time again! Here are some MORE great ways to decorate in true need style! All you have to do is click on the picture you like to find out more. Enjoy! (You can find last year’s here)


Are you looking at me? Are you LOOKING AT ME?


“1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you 3, 4, Lock your door, 5, 6, Grab your crucifix, 7, 8, Stay up late, 9, 10, Never sleep again!” And I WON’T!


Coooool! I need to do this!!


Don’t want to worry about a rotting pumpkin? MAKE YOUR OWN! I think you could totally find a way to make an R2D2 version of this. I know there is a way!


This may be the only way I would enjoy candy corn!


I’m not even 100% sure what these are supposed to be. All I know is I want them!

How freaking cool is that? A TETRIS PUMPKIN! You can go here to see how he did it.


If those last two seemed a little out of your skill set *raises hand* Think Geek has a bunch of carving template people have submitted for their contest. There are a TON and hopefully you can find something that works for you!

Happy Carving!

Mel and Stephanie