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Hey all!

As you may or may not have noticed things are kind of quiet around here. Steph and I are trying to play catch-up in life so we’re taking a short brake to get things all sorted out. Don’t fret we plan on being back soon to talk all about the fall line up (SLEEPY HALLOW!) bring you more reviews, cosplay starter kits and, crafty things. I may even drop in some beauty things too! lol

We’ll see you see you in a few!

❤ Mel and Steph




I made sure the girls and I got to our store right when it opened because last year I missed out on a bunch (cough Archaia cough). Even still, it was packed. And they had the heat on because they kept their door wide open. But with all those bodies in there…whoooo it was hot. My 2 yo was determined to get all the comics she could reach. And to run away and join other groups of people browsing.
I am in love with Archaia’s collection. It’s so beautiful. My oldest has been showing off all her comics to everyone she sees and demanding to read them over and over. Makes me so happy 🙂
Free Comic Book Day is the best day!


We got to the shop late and only ended up getting 3 comics, two of which were fought over and destroyed in the car. I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture. It happens. On the plus side, I did get to pick up everything that was in my box so it saved me a 20 min drive. I am green with envy over Steph’s haul. The Archaia hardcover is the one thing I’m really sad I missed. (I’m kind of in love with everything they put out.)

How was your FCBD haul?

Free Comic Book Day 2014


Just a quick reminder that FCBD is THIS Saturday, May 3. You can go here and check out and see if there are any stores in your area participating. Be sure to check out the FCBD site for any questions you may have and a sneak peek at the comic to be given away! I’m most looking forward to the one from Archaia. It looks amazing!

Anything you’re hoping to grab?


What I made: March Edition


Ok so I didn’t actually make a wearable piece this month, but I did create a garment design! (I’m counting it.)  A friend sent me a link to a nerdy design contest and I knew I wanted to give it a try. I’m not even sure if I got my application in on time, but whatever. I still gave it my best shot.

The whole idea is to come up with “geek couture”. Basically a geek inspired design that isn’t a costume.  I knew right away that my inspiration would be this lovely:


It’s no secret that I LOVE her; I wanted to do something unapologetically girly and fun. Pinkie Pie is both those things so it was a match made in heaven!

pinky pie take one


My first draft looked something like this. (BEFORE you say anything I haven’t done serious figure drawing in over a decade so I know a toddler can do better. Also, drawing legs and shoes is hard.) I wanted a party dress that was a fit and flare and it of course had to be pink.



On my second draft I played with the neckline giving it more of a scooped feel but it still felt like it was missing something that would really make it more than just another pink party dress. On the last day to submit I had my “AH HA” moment.



Pinkie has balloons for her cutie mark and they were what inspired the different sized dots at the bottom of the skirt. I think this totally made the design something special. Do I think I’ll be one of the finalist? Nope, probably not but that wasn’t the point of this for me. I wanted to stretch myself and see what I could do. I think I’m going to actually make this dress or at least the skirt in the near future.

Who/what would be your inspiration?

PS Lupita Nyong’o from the Oscars is what I had in mind for my model.