Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Mel’s Card

TW bingo 9 winner

Oh boy was this Episode insane!

I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I’m not completely sure the second half  was even real. I do feel like there is something important though. Like once we get then next 4 episodes we’ll have an AH HA! Moment. Now that I think about it I’m not sure the parts involving Stiles were even real. Like while the rest of the groups was trying to pull the teen version of The Italian Job I don’t remembering them actually saying where Stiles was. Like he could still be in the ER.  Crap I need to rewatch. I mean the mental institution read more of what a teen might thing it is as opposed to what they actually are. You know?

Other than that I’m still not sold on the murder twins and I want more Danny. Oh oh! I need the sassiest deputy to be ok too! You know the one who is 24 and braved the bus last week? Yeah I want him around for a long time. Kira too. She’s really the cutest. I want her to stay please!! (And to have her whole family intact too.)

What are your feelings on this whole Stiles affair?

Steph’s card


Okay, so first of all, I’d seen a lot of stuff about trigger warnings in regards to mental health/hospitals. But nowhere did I see anything specifically triggering suicides. And I almost had to flounce this episode so hard because I don’t deal well with that particular topic. Especially how it was done.

Anyway. Moving on. As I was playing Bingo, I also took notes. Because I feel like I’m always forgetting what happens and I wanted to keep everything fresh in my mind. I gotta say, it didn’t help much. Most of my notes consisted of WTF??? and NOPE.

I found it odd that the episode starts off with Stiles and his dad going to the mental hospital. The one that looks sketchy as f*** and belongs in a horror movie. I was hoping there’d be more of Deaton explaing what was going to happen to Stiles after the injection he receieved. I mean one minute he’s knocked out and then next we see he’s with his dad? What? i don’t know. But the whole “STILES I NEED TO GET YOUR PILLOW YOU CAN’T SLEEP WITHOUT YOUR PILLOW” bit broke my heart. DDD: And you could just tell how much of a bad idea Sheriff Stilinski was finding the whole hospital bit. SHOULD’VE FOLLOWED YOUR GUT INSTICTS AND GOTTEN HIM THE EFF OUTTA THERE, MAN.

We see Malia again. After the bomb of her being Peter’s daughter got dropped on us last episode (or what I assume was a bomb. Because I guess it was never confirmed? I don’t know. I’M ALWAYS CONFUSED BY THIS SHOW). It’s frustrating how Jeff planned on her staying in the series in some capacity but never followed up on her after being “saved” until now. I mean, how did she end up here? Why? You’d think after all her father did to find her/kill the coyotes he thought killed her/whatever, he’d never let her go again. She doesn’t seem insane – except for some potential rage issues. Idk. IDK (this is my Teen Wolf mantra. That and WTF).

Along with Malia is MORRELL. WHAT. ANOTHER WTF MOMENT. She just pops up at random times and it kills me. I hate her being so mysterious still. We got a bit more of her because of the Alpha Pack but. I’d like even more. Because Jeff & Co gave us the tidbit that she was Deaton’s brother (i think, i could be remembering incorrectly) and then nothing. NOTHINGGGGGG. What I like about her though is how she’s neither good nor bad. She just is. Like she tells Stiles, she’s there to restore balance. So while some things she does/has done can be seen as bad, she’s also helpful.

I hate that Derek and Argent are locked up. Like, I’m still confused what the one dude with the prosthetic finger has to do with anything (or even how the Sheriff of Beacon Hills would know about him). I mean, yay discussing Stiles, whatever. But what are they actually doinggggg. As a side note, I really like the new officer – Parrish or whatever. What a babe. I think he’s awesome. So he’ll probably die at some point before the season is over.

I continue to love Kira. I love her everything. She’s so adorable. And she’s so adorable with Scott and the rest of the pack. She’s such a badass with that sword and wanting to help. She needs to stay forever.

Okay. So. The basement. DUN DUN DUNNNNN. It’s such a stereotypical view on what mental institutions were like (or perceived to be like idk?) several decades ago (though as a side note, I totally watched some documentary on one that was like that as late as the 80s or something and it gave me nightmares). It’s not even just the basement. The way the nurses/doctors/orderlies/whatever had a calloused attitude towards everyone and everything (including the suicide) kind of bothered me. Anyway. Stiles and Malia go down there and then somehow end up making out/having sex? Like, say what? No. Sorry. No. You want some sex appeal in the show? Okay. But I’d have rather seen, like, Derek and Argent get it on prison porno style rather than that nonsense.

So they have sex. Then discover a wall hiding a decayed body that is the Nigitsune (sorry if i’m spelling incorrectly)? Like, how? I didn’t realize he was a living person? I thought he was a demon. Like the firefly people things. HOW DID I MISS THIS? Plus the photo. WHO DID HE RECOGNIZE? GERARD? PETER? BUGLER? ANYONE? And then Oliver comes down and is supposedly acting under the influence of the Nigitsune, which I didn’t think possible because he’s in Stiles (subdued but still in him). And Malia is about to get her head drilled by crazy Oliver when Stiles finally lets the Nigitsune in and then WHAM hopefully doesn’t kill Oliver. The smirk he gives Malia though. I guess I can see why some people think she’s a baddie. Because add that to the way she smirks as she’s leaving (which, how is she allowed to leave now) and the way her eyes flash after she told Stiles she couldn’t transform into a coyote anymore… *huffs and puffs* WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.

All of the stuff with Scott and getting the scroll from the finger and blah blah blah seems to be leading up to Stiles getting the bite. Which I think a lot of people questioned from the beginning. Though how close can they get to turning him? Stiles is in the mental hospital, if we can believe he’s still there and also that he hadn’t been taken over and in a dream state the second the dude shot him up with that sedative.

I’m really frustrated. And there are only 4 more episodes. I’m not going to handle those very well, I don’t think.

The Walking Dead: Claimed Review




This show is determined to give me a full range of emotions with each episode. I feel like they’ve stepped up their game and we’re just now starting to get to the meat of characters like Michonne. For the longest time she’s been nothing but a badass. It’s refreshing to see them giving her some depth. (And totally making me cry in the process.) They’re also making Carl less insufferable but we’ll see how long that lasts.

There were some intense parts (shocking) that I literally held my breath* while watching. Rick hiding under the bed? Stressful. That guy looking at Rick hiding under the bed while said guy was being choked? NOPE. It’s interesting for me to think about how my reactions have changed when we meet new living people. In the first few seasons I was excited that our survivors were finding more people. Now I think: “OH GOD! RUN AWAY! THEY COULD BE THE HUNTERS. AND IF THEY ARE THE HUNTERS LET THEM HAVE LIZZY AND THEN RUN.”

Glen was still braking my heart from his dedication to Maggie. Glenn is good people. I’m not sure how I feel about the scientist guy with the “business in the front, party in the back” hair cut. How do we know if he is who he says he is? I mean I could say I was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and who are you to tell me I wasn’t? I’m nervous about him.

I think the hardest thing for me this episode was watching Michonne’s reaction to what she found in the pink room. She looked almost lost in a way. It just adds to my theory that her lover and his guy pal killed her son. Or at least were responsible in someway. When she told Andrea “they’re worse than monsters” when Andrea asked those guys had to have done something bad. Killing her child would be a way to have that kind of contempt. Anyone else think this too?

All and all I think TWD is doing some great story telling and character development. I hope it stays that way.

Until next week

* (FYI, I was aware of what I was doing.)

Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Steph’s card

So hey! Double bingo! That’s the only happy thing to come from this episode. Because this episode was THE WORST. Like, so bad for my mental health, you don’t even know.

Kira is so badass. I know I say this every episode but I love her I love how she’s fitting in so easily with everyone and is a help to her new friends.

Stiles is missing again and seeing everyone torn up over it and listen, if Stiles ever doubted people and heir affection for him, here’s proof he is greatly loved. From the minute he reappears, I was worried it wasn’t really Stiles. Scott’s easy acceptance broke my heart. Because he just wants his best friend back so, so bad.

DEATON! I didn’t realize he knew anything of what was going on with Stiles. Did I miss that bit? I’m so happy he’s actively searching for a cure to getting rid of this demon.

I’m not sure what’s keeping Isaac from healing but I suspect it’s magical. It’s lovely to see Scott there supporting his friend even though his ex girlfriend is here too. I had my doubts about Scott in the first season, but I just really love him. He’s grown as a character a lot. I think breaking up with Allison really helped too. I just want all the good things for true alpha Scott McCall.

Derek and papa argent working together? Ok, I’m here for it. I’ve always been sympathetic for Chris. He didn’t know so much about he evil roots of his family tree. I don’t like the idea that he continues to carry blame at all. And I like to think Derek has stopped the blame too (even if he still retains the suspicion). But Derek saving Chris’s life after clearly stating he wouldn’t? Wahhh.

FINSTOCK. how could they hurt my lovely Finstock?! I need next episode showing he’s okay. OR ELSE.
Through all of this, however, I kept wondering at demon!Stiles’s plans. The shooting of Finstock, the wrapped gift on the bus, and the end when the package for Sheriff turned out to be the bomb…does anyone else think the real Stiles is in there trying to fight the demon? Because it seems like he created these diversions to keep his friends/family away from the police station. So I’m hoping he’s in there fighting to get out.

The very end of the episode is what got to me the most (surprise surprise). From the moment Stiles was going into the animal clinic I thought DO NOT GO IN THERE WITH HIM. I just knew. knew something was going down. And holy crap, the shift from regular Stiles to Demon Stiles was amazing. Dylan O’Brien is such a gifted actor. My hat off to that guy, holy wow. He has these subtle shifts in facial expressions that just make the biggest difference. All of the goofy high school kid is gone. And all that is left is a crazy demon that feeds on pain. GAH.

there is a bit of a silver lining here though (hopefully). With DEATON showing up and administering the “antidote” I’m hoping for Stiles’s swift recovery. Though I’m really worried about the repercussions of everything. Because no way this doesn’t get traced back to him. AND THEN WHAT. and then I die, obviously.

Cosplay Starter Kit: Ms Frizzle

Hey everyone!

This new series is all about inspiring new cosplayers to join in the fun. The idea is we put together a “starter pack” with a bunch of different options for a particular character. Our goal is to be able to provide you with a complete look or inspire you in some way. We are 100% sure there are a million more options out there but everyone’s got to star somewhere, right? Hence us calling it a “starter pack”. Take as much or as little as you like. There will be DIY options and great places to buy different elements of the look. Hopefully this will be useful and let us know what you think!


frizzle 2 Frizzle 3 Frizzle

Dress Patterns

DIY frizz

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frizzle dress 2

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Frizzle Dresses

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*We went with Modcloth dresses bc they had the best range in sizes. You can also buy/thrift a plain dress and make it your own by adding different appliques to match the inspiration dresses above. (Or any other of her dresses)


frizzle jewerly

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frizzle shoes

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frizzle wig

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Liz the lizard 

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There you Have it! A great starting point. (Hopefully) Now if this isn’t quite what you’re looking for check out these great options:

Ms. Frizzle Costume Tutorial – Literacy Parade!
MS. FRIZZLE! Magic School Bus Cosplay at Arisia 2014
Miss Frizzle Costume
Ms. Frizzle

Remember to have fun in the words of the Frizz: Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!

– Mel

The Walking Dead: Inmates

lizzy is out

A LOT happened this episode. We got to see more survivors and our hearts broke a little for some of them. However, I think the biggest thing we discovered this episode was Lizzy is a Psychopath. I do not trust her at all. With anyone. I mean I get being frustrated with a crying baby. Anyone who’s dealt with one can empathize a little bit BUT YOU DO NOT GET TO SMOOTHER THEM WHILE HAVING A DREAMY LOOK ON YOUR FACE! I do not care that you are being attacked by walkers. You RUN, not try to kill a baby. Yes, Tyreese should have never left the girls but still. Praise Thor for Carol showing up when she did. (I was having M*A*S*H flash backs. You know the episode where Hawkeye loses it?)

Lizzy is evil

Look at how mad Lizzy is that Judith is still alive. If the baby killing attempt wasn’t enough the bunnies should drive the point home. I mean she was all “Oh Hi bunnies. BYE BUNNIES!” She has now dethroned Carl for “worst kid” on TWD. At least the last episode we got to see Carl is an actual human with feelings, not a Baby and bunny killer.

We did get to see both Maggie and Glenn, WHO GOT LEFT BEHIND AT THE PRISON, fight to get to the other. I have faith they will meet again. Please let them get to meet again. I need this. I am glad they have another person I only wish Glenn hadn’t found out about Hershel like that. Ugh that was awful.

Then there was Daryl and Beth. They are both so lost. Beth goes into proactive positive mode while Daryl just looked heartbroken. They both lost everything. I feel like in a way Hershel was like a father to Daryl too. Losing Hershel and Daryl’s home was a lot. Ugh I wanted to hug them both.

I am scared for next week but I do hope more group members find each other. Each group seemed to have found a way to the tracks and were beginning to follow them. I’m not sure if they’re going to a better place though.

As I watched I was struck with a thought: What if Carol didn’t kill Tyreese’s girl. What if Lizzy did and Carol is covering for her? What do you think?

The Walking Dead is Back!!

twd 1



I’m not going to try to tell you how happy I am to have this show back (a lot) so let’s jump right into the good stuff. This episode revolves around one of my favorite and one of my least favorite characters. We begin with seeing Michonne going back to the prison to take care of a few things there. She gets herself new pets and puts to rest Hershel. (STILL NOT OVER IT) While just a short way over we see Rick and Carl trying to find a safe place to crash. Carl is being a punk and Rick is trying his best to get Carl to listen. Rick is having a tough go because he is in awful shape after his fight with The Governor. (DING DONG THE AWFUL HUMAN IS DEAD!)

Carl is a character I’ve never really been fond of. Yeah, he can get stuff done in a pinch but he’s a liability more often than not. In this episode we see him acting like a typical teenager who thinks they don’t need their parents and have got the hang of life. We spend the episode following him around as he tries to prove that. It doesn’t really go well. (Shocker.) What surprised me though about this story was how sad I was for Carl at one moment near the end. (I don’t want to spoil it.) After seeing that, I realized Carl reminds me a lot of Dawn from Buffy. I’m annoyed 99% of the time with them but then they have some truly touching moments no one else could pull off. I’m actually interested to see where Carl goes from here.

Michonne was heartbreaking this episode. I was thrilled that we finally got more of her back story! Especially since they spent TWO episodes on that piece of poop Governor!! Still angry. She’s a Mama, which totally makes her reaction to Judith make sense. I got the feeling the guys who became her pet walkers when we met her were the reason she doesn’t have her child anymore. Anyone else get that feeling? This episode showed so much character development. We got to see how she’s far more than just some badass chick with a sword. She has so much depth and feeling. It was good to watch her struggle with who she wanted to be now that her new family was taken from her and I think that’s why she was able to get a little hope at the end of the episode.

What’d you think of this episode? Good way to start?

Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Mel’s card
tw week 5 BINGO!

I’ve never been so thankful for a bingo card than I was while watching this episode. IT WAS SO STRESSFUL! I’m just going to vomit my unorganized feels here:

I love how they told the story inside Stiles head. I hated watching Papa Stilinski get upset over his son. Mama McCall is the best. Turns out deadbeat dad McCall is was drunk. Kira’s Mom is a warrier. Let’s hope she doesn’t follow Allison’s mom’s example. Lydia needs to believe in herself and stop talking to Adian until Boyd gets brought back. (NOT EVER LETTING GO OF HIM!) Where the hell is Danny? Papa Stilinski has the sassiest staff around. Derek is finally becoming a real boy. (I don’t know what that means just go with it.) WHAT IF KIRA HAS TO FACE AND FIGHT STILES? Stiles and Scott feels are strong in this episode. Anyone else feel like Papa McCall is trying to get the Sheriff fired bc he wants another chance at Mama McCall? Did you see the preview? WHAT ABOUT COACH?

I think I need to go lie down now….

Stephanie’s card
I can’t believe Mel even managed to do any bingo. I was too busy gripping my snuggie tight and trying not to cry. And I mean that literally. There is no force on earth that can keep me from crying when I see Papa Stilinski crying over his son. But seriously Jeff. How can you do this to the man? He’s already lost his wife. Now you’re gonna potentially take away his son? I wonder if Stiles is really sick as a side effect of the demon whose name I can’t pronounce and am too lazy to look up. Or that’s what the demon is showing to make his dad suffer. And if he’s really sick, will destroying the demon heal him? Or will he get the bite? OMG I’m dying over here.

I continue to love Kira. I want her to be in all the episodes. I want her to be a badass lady that kills evil demons while saving the host and being adorably in love with Scott McCall.
Speaking of being in love, I want mama McCall and papa Stilinski to fall in love and for agent McCall to eff right off. Quit giving him backstory and making me (potentially) sympathize with him. Why is he even up and around after being almost fatally wounded?

Derek’s back. And so much more mentally stable than before? And being a super awesome big bro to Scott? But where the hell is peter? Someone explain to me how his absence is not questioned by everyone. How do we know he isn’t in some way responsible for this (I mean he is because of shedding the blood on the nemeton or whatever).
I don’t like Lydia questioning herself. I hate that. She was finally growing into a strong character who didn’t have to act dumb around others because she was pretty and popular. Let’s keep it that way.
Ummmmm crap, guys. I don’t know what else to say. I just want stiles to be okay. Don’t think I’m kidding when I say if he dies I AM DONE WITH TEEN WOLF FOREVER.
emotionally compromised by an MTV show meant for teenagers.