Everyday Cosplay: Fluttershy

So I was thinking about wanting to be a stealthy nerd whenever possible.  I mean most of my out first are based off of something scifi to begin with. lol I figured I could be more deliberate about it and then share it here! first one up….



Fluttershy tutu!

If I pair this with a pale pink top and feel myself already becoming more in touch with nature. LOL not really but I do feel cute! I made this out of a hodgepodge of different tutorials online. If you want to know how I did it let me know!

Who would you Everyday Cosplay as?


AniMonday: Attack On Titan

With a title like that, you can bet this episode would be interesting. The female Titan is closing  in on Levi and Co. And the rear guard in charge of protecting Eren is dying, female Titan crushing them like bugs. Eren is about to go on a rampage, he’s so upset, because all they’re doing is running. No one knows Erwin’s plans but Eren can do something.

He’s seconds away from biting his hand to transform, when the rest of the squad sees and yells at him to stop. Levi tells Eren has to choose between trusting himself with his Titan powers or trusting his squad.

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AniMonday: Attack On Titan

I’m glad this episode gave me something to laugh at in the first few minutes; with Krista coming the rescue of Armin, Jean and Reiner. She has two horses with her and the boys are all dopey about how beautiful she is. I just…lol’d for real. It’s nice since most of the episodes I end up either cringing or crying.

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AniMondays: Attack On Titan

UM FEMALE TITAN? I think the series has made enough of a point that female Titans are rare enough that this is a BIG DEAL (oh and how, it is).

There’s a lot of explaining how the recon group will advance through Titan territory, but it comes to this: you see a Titan, shoot off a red flare. You see a red flare, you shoot a red flare. Erwin sees a red flare, he shoots a green one. The green flare shows everyone else which direction to move in order to avoid Titans as much as possible (at least I’m pretty sure that’s accurate). This isn’t a mission to kill TItans, it’s to scout out a route back to Eren’s house/basement.

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