TV Round Up: The Walking Dead


Hey everyone! Mel here for our weekly chat about dead people.

Not much has changed since last week. Rick is still LARPing the Sixth Sense, The Governor is crazier than ever, Andrea is trying to help while making things worse, and the Dixon brothers are camping in the woods.

We did get to see a more leadership side of Glenn. I love that he’s stepping up while Daryl and Rick are out making bad life choices. (They so are!) I just wish he would have known when he was pushing too hard with Maggie. She’ll tell you when she’s ready, dude.

Well, Daryl isn’t so bad. I am glad he stood up to his brother and showed Merle how much he’s grown with out him. There were some really touching scene between these two this week. I’m glad they came back when they did.

I feel like Glenn was kind of an unsung hero this week. While Hershel was calling him reckless he really did do a lot to help protect and eventually save the group.

I can’t wait to see what next week holds. What are you looking forward to?

TV Round Up: The Walking Dead

IT’S BACK! Mel here to flail over the return of TWD! I was counting down the days for this!!

Let’s get started shall we? When last we saw our favorite Archer he was in an arena and face to face with his bro. They get out of it, thank goodness! I can’t fault Daryl for his choice but I do not have to like it. I have faith he’ll be back.

Andrea was off to the side doing some flailing but I try to ignore her whenever possible. (Come at me.) Andrea are you really that surprise your crazy boyfrand didn’t tell you about his beat down on Maggie and Glen? Did you not see the fish tanks of heads? Was that not a warning for you? LOOK AT YOUR LIFE LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES.

While off in the prison Rick is still having a hard time with what is real and what isn’t. Fun tip Rick, if that person has ever at one point had to be “put down” chances are they aren’t real. You’re welcome. At least he’s not running his own ghost hotline like earlier in the season. Baby steps.

As far as the new folks go, I’m team Tyreese and he beautiful sister.  The father and son team need to take a time out and think about the choices they are trying to make. Carol may look frail but I would bet money on her in a fight.

All and all I can’t wait for more! What are you looking forward to?