San Diego Comic Con 2014: Saturday and Sunday



Ok so this will be my last “follow me around” post for SDCC and I hoped you enjoyed reading about my adventures! Saturday is generally my freebie day. In past years it’s the only day I actually cosplay so I tend to walk the floor a lot. I mean what’s the point of doing all the work on a cosplay if no one sees it? lol I chose Saturday to bring back Pinkie Pie because she’s just so much fun to do!

The first and really only panel I did this day was the “Fantastic Females: Heroines in Paranormal Fantasy”. It was a star studded group who really cared about what they do. They talked about things they loved writing, like breaking rules they didn’t know existed to things they were over. Like girls doing everything they could to get a boy’s attention, will they won’t they’s, and love triangles. (I AM SO OVER THE TRIANGLES!) It was also super awesome to hear how many different things inspired them to write. The friend I was with loved hearing that even thought Marjorie Liu went to law school, she didn’t want to be a lawyer and chose to be a writer instead. My friend went through the same thing. Sometimes it’s really validating to hear you’re not alone!

From there we went to the signing that was right after the panel and picked up a few books to read! I’m excited to review the ones I got. Once I find them in my pile of things from SDCC. lol

After that, I met up with The Hubs to learn how to play the My Little Pony card game. I had NO idea this was something which was even offered at SDCC and it’s not just MLP. There were a TON of different types of games you could learn from very kind, patient teachers. Now, I’ve never really played any kind of card game so when I sat down to play I made that very clear to the teacher. References to Magic Or Pokemon would be completely lost on a n00b like me. He took this in stride and spent the next 45 min teaching me the basics of the game. I’ll be real here, for the first 30 min I had NO idea what I was doing. Like none, but the entire time he was nothing but nice. I have to say it was one of the better things I’ve ever done at SDCC, so if you ever wanted to learn to play a game you should totally check it out! Now for those who are well versed in these types of games many of the tables were hosting tournaments for you to play and win a bunch of school stuff. As it stands I’ll be sticking to teaching my mini the basics of the game. She was the whole reason we learned to play in the first place. The things we do for our kids. lol Oh I forgot to add that because we learned to play we were able to get an exclusive SDCC foil card. Mini was over the moon when she saw one of them was “Doctor Whooves”.

From there Hubs and I parted ways and I wandered the floor some more while I waited to meet back up with frands. I got a gift for Steph, while I was there but she’ll have to wait to find out what it was. Mwahahaha. (Hint: it was from the TW booth.) Once I met up with my pals we made our way over to meet the talented Keahu Kahuanui.
20140726_155826 (1)
He was so nice! This was our third try at a picture. It was just not my day. He was super patient while I tried to not close my eyes when the picture was being taken. (No seriously even the lady running the booth was getting annoyed.) He even complimented my cosplay. I don’t care if he was just being nice. I’LL TAKE IT! But, really I’m excited to see where his career takes him. He’s talented and destined for great things.

Once we were done meeting Keahu, we went to go to dinner but ran into this gentleman on the way!
photo (1)
Most people may not recognize him bc for most of his acting career Doug Jones has worn heavy makeup and/or prosthetic. Here this may help you know who he is: (He’s the tall one on the right)
Don’t let that fool you. He was so sweet when I stopped to tell him I loved all this work. Total class act!

From there we closed the night out with The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Welcome to Night Vale cross over. It was a true star studded night preformed to a packed house! I wasn’t able to get a lot of the references for The Thrilling adventure hour but it was still enjoyable! I can’t wait to see WtNV live again!

Since the show got started a little late I went straight home. I didn’t plan on going at all on Sunday but I needed to get a few last gifts. I made a quick trip to the floor and then called it quits to this year’s SDCC.

All and all it was an amazing year. I love being able to see things I know and love while having the chance to learn new things all in one place. I know SDCC can seem really overwhelming and at certain times it really is, but I’m always glad to be able to attend. Until next year, Comic Con. Thanks for the memories

If you could learn a new game you what would you want to learn to play?


San Diego Comic Con 2014: Preview Night and Thursday

This is made completely out of LEGOS!

This is made completely out of LEGOS!

Hey everyone!!

So, sorry we’ve been MIA a little bit but I was making a made dash to attend SDCC. It was AMAZING! SDCC is my happy place. I’m gonna do a little recap of the days and then posts about each cosplay I did to share the fun with you all!

This year I FINALLY got my hubs to go early to get our badges for Pre-view night. Our wait of usually an hour plus went to almost nothing. We were able to walk right up to our respective lines and get our stuff! I was even able to trade my swag bag with a friend to get the one I really wanted. ADAM WEST IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY BATMAN!

From there we ate and then got in line for the floor. I’d never done this before but I think I’ll do it again next year. With the exception of the Funko Booth we were able to get almost everything we wanted to get that night! Huzzah! (Side note: if anyone has a Buffy bobble head from Funko that I don’t have to trade for my first born, let me know.)

During it all I was able to meet up with the lovely Liz and Meg from the Keysmash blog where we made our plans for the next day.  They were super dedicated and camped out for the first bit of the night for ballroom 20. I took the early morning shift and got there around 4 am. Did we need to get there that early to get a close seat? No, not really but you live you learn. The thing about the Ballroom 20 line is it messes with you a little bit. How? Well the line is “Everything but Hall H” until about 6 am. So that means you’re with people trying to get their hands on the exclusives being sold that day, autographs and anything else you need to line up for. It makes the line look long and you don’t really know what the people in front of you are there for.

OK so, from there we made it into the room with ease and scored great seats about 7 rows back. Once we got our seats I took this time to dash to the bathroom and get my cosplay put together. I went from “busted” to Stuttgart!Loki only 30 min. It’s amazing what makeup, contacts, false lashes, spanx, and a wig can do! LOL I was able to get back before the first panel started.  I only managed to snap one “good” photo later.


I was basically melting at this point.

First up was 24. I’ve never watched the show but that didn’t stop it from being a really interesting panel! Kiefer Sutherland was very well spoken and really loved his show. It’s great to see that passion. The next one was Under the Dome which was, meh for me save Rachelle Lefevre’s AMAZING Starbuck cosplay. Get it girl.

That was followed by a new pilot screening of a show called Scorpion which looks to be an amazing show.  It’s about a group of actual geniuses who are experts in certain areas and how they partner with the government to keep us all safe without us knowing. It’s based off a real person who was at the panel and it was fascinating to hear him talk. He’s the 4th smartest person in the world and while he was in school he was labeled “slow” bc his mind didn’t work like everyone else’s. He also had a very hard time socially which added to the labeling problem. What I loved most about it was the fact they weren’t making fun of the brainy group (I’m looking at you, Big Bang) or trying to “fix” them. I only hope it’s not on FOX so it will get more than 1 season and we can see it grow!

After that we got to visit Greendale which is always a pleasure. By the end my cheeks hurt from laughing! They are all so smart and funny! I’m super glad we’ll be get another season with them!

Teen Wolf was the last panel I saw for the day and why I got in line so early. I did really enjoy it. I’m totally aware that it’s not a perfect show and that’s OK. It’s trying more than others in many respects. That being said I’m waiting until the end of the season to watch just in case something crazy happens with Danny and he leaves the show forever. I need time to prepare. It looks like a REALLY amazing season and all things considered I’m excited to watch. (This may have something to do with JD saying we haven’t seen the last of Danny but I’m scared about what that means.)

Once TW was done so was my body. I wanted to stay for the last two panels but lol Nope. Waking up at 3:30 am was totally catching up to me. I went back to where I was staying and CRASHED!

I hoped you enjoyed going through the first two days with me!

What panel would you camp out for?


Comic Con Free Printable Fandom Badges




So one of the most awesome things about going to cons like SDCC is being able to meet friends you’ve made online. Whether it’s from TV shows you all love to books, it’s a beautiful thing! While being able to hug these people in real life is awesome, sometimes we want to keep a sense of privacy. Know what I mean? If you’re a boring adult like me, sometimes your life doesn’t allow for the two to mix. On the other hand you may want to make it easy for your online pals to know who you are by putting your twitter name out for all to see. Either way I made these little badges that fit perfectly into your SDCC badge*.


They come in a set of 4 which you can print off here. (Hurray for sharing with friends!) I know they look boring but you can totally dress them up by coloring in the background. Like so:



I hope these can be helpful to you and help make your con going more awesome!

What would you use these for? Help keep your two worlds separate or to help your frands find you?


*If you so happen to use these be sure to make it so you can show your pass to allow you to get in. 😉


Comic Review: Quixote By Deron Bennett



Hey everyone!

It’s been awhile since we reviewed anything and I’m so excited to share this with you!! This comic is written by Deron Bennett, one of the nicest comic fellows I’ve interacted with on twitter. This is his first comic he’s written, though he’s no stranger to the comic world. You may remember him as the letterer from Tale Of Sand and many other titles.

Alright – on to the good stuff. Here the official blurb for the story:

Quixote is the upcoming fantasy graphic novel from comic book creator, Deron Bennett. It chronicles the adventures of Quixote – a young man in search of clues to uncover the secrets of his past. He and his companion, Sam, set out on a quest that will pit them against pirates, giants, war machines, and a maniacal king who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. You won’t want to miss out on this adventure featuring art from Dan Mora and colors from Paul Little!

Pretty straight forward. One of the things I loved about the first issue was it did a lot of world building without it feeling like they were doing a lot of world building. Does that make sense? We meet Quixote and get his quest from the start. The conversations between the characters felt natural and real.

I’m not going to go too much into the plot as to not spoil things but I will say it’s a well done first issue. By that I mean it laid the ground work for more to come while engaging me as a reader and giving me characters I want to know more about. The point of the first issue is to hook you and it did just that.

Now, the floppy itself is quality. The weight of the paper used to the saturation of the color gives it a feeling of quality which I love! It’s on par with the floppies Archaia puts out. Top shelf. Totally worth the price, no question.

The art was amazing and enhanced the story. Mora really brought this world to life in a really cool way. I think the thing they find on the island are my favorite art work. (Don’t worry I didn’t spoil anything.)

Like I said, I loved this and I can’t wait for more! You can order the hard copy here for $5 +$2 s&h or get a digital copy here for $1.99. Be sure to like on Facebook and follow Deron on twitter.





I made sure the girls and I got to our store right when it opened because last year I missed out on a bunch (cough Archaia cough). Even still, it was packed. And they had the heat on because they kept their door wide open. But with all those bodies in there…whoooo it was hot. My 2 yo was determined to get all the comics she could reach. And to run away and join other groups of people browsing.
I am in love with Archaia’s collection. It’s so beautiful. My oldest has been showing off all her comics to everyone she sees and demanding to read them over and over. Makes me so happy 🙂
Free Comic Book Day is the best day!


We got to the shop late and only ended up getting 3 comics, two of which were fought over and destroyed in the car. I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture. It happens. On the plus side, I did get to pick up everything that was in my box so it saved me a 20 min drive. I am green with envy over Steph’s haul. The Archaia hardcover is the one thing I’m really sad I missed. (I’m kind of in love with everything they put out.)

How was your FCBD haul?

Free Comic Book Day 2014


Just a quick reminder that FCBD is THIS Saturday, May 3. You can go here and check out and see if there are any stores in your area participating. Be sure to check out the FCBD site for any questions you may have and a sneak peek at the comic to be given away! I’m most looking forward to the one from Archaia. It looks amazing!

Anything you’re hoping to grab?


Captain America: Winter Soldier Review





I got to see this opening day, as a pseudo, belated birthday present. BEST PSEUDO, BELATED BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!
Admittedly, Captain America: The First Avenger was not my favorite out of The Avengers franchise. It was, I think, the most light hearted. And it was fun. But I tend to gravitate towards Iron Man in general (whatever, I have a lot of Tony Starks feels). After seeing Winter Soldier, though, I think I have a new favorite.

There’s something so…so endearing about Steve Rogers. A man out of time he may be, but he’s no dummy. And he’s definitely not naive. So, as the audience watches and learns about corruption within S.H.I.E.L.D., we get to see an intelligent, no nonsense Steve Rogers fight for what is right (even if it goes against “the good guys”). I’ve seen a lot of commentary (that’ll happen when you wait so long to review a fantastic movie…oops) on what exactly this movie is trying to say. And I agree with most of what I’ve read. This movie isn’t about ‘MERICA EFF YEAH. This is about, ‘MERICA, WE GOT PROBLEMS YO. And how Captain America isn’t the face of a country that is great and above everyone else. Captain America is about the ideal that this country is supposed to represent. He’s strength, both mental and physical, loyalty, courage, etc…all in the face of an enemy he thought he’d helped defeat.

I loved, so much, Steve Rogers’ relationships with Natasha and Sam. Like, I don’t have the words kind of love. Like, if I start talking I may never shut up…especially about Natasha (more on that later). For me, the trust that just seemed to be inherent amongst them was so special. Fury, earlier in the movie, tells Steve not to trust anyone. And yet here he is, just knowing he can count on a woman who used to be considered a traitor before joining S.H.I.E.L.D and a man he barely knows.

Natasha was so great in this movie. And for all those naysayers who still think a solo movie wouldn’t bring in the money needed to make production worth it, I say STFU and GTFO. I’m so sick of people saying Black Widow’s purpose in these movies is for eye candy. Sure, she played up to that role when first appearing in Iron Man 2. But other than that, no, she’s so much more. Listen, I’m not a particularly articulate person. I can’t sit here and properly discuss why pigeon-holing her in the femme fatale role is BS, not adequately anyway. But if you watch CAWS and don’t see how Natasha’s character develops into something so much stronger and more and important, then you’re wrong. And there’s not much I can say to make you feel otherwise. For me, she’s everything a female superhero should be. And just because she’s pretty and wears a tight, S.H.I.E.L.D. regulation uniform (hello, Steve does too. And even though I certainly think he’s eye candy you don’t hear the rest of the world describing him as such while simultaneously discrediting everything else he is in the movie) doesn’t mean she isn’t also smart, funny, badass, her own freakin person, and capable of standing on her own in this franchise. When I grow up, I want to be Natasha.

Sam Wilson was THE BEST. Oh man. He added the perfect touch of humor. All while being a sincere, trustworthy, and likable guy (and if you don’t think CAWS is all about Steve and Sam’s growing ~relationship…well, you’re wrong again). Being a new character, it can be hard to really learn and love him in the allotted time he’s on screen. But the script was written in such a way that we were given these snippets of info about his past, about the kind of man he is in general, enough so that we all want more. And I hope we do get a lot more in the third movie (which I hope has a bearded Steve Rogers because he’s too busy searching for Bucky to bother with shaving).

Which leads me to…Bucky. Oh man. BUCKY BARNES. I was tearing up within the first few minutes of the movie when we first see the flashback to him and Steve (or at least I think it’s the first few minutes. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it. i need to remedy this). I knew this movie was going to hurt me (in the best way) from the minute it was announced they were doing the Winter Soldier story. With every set picture released(leaked whatever) and snippet we were given, I could feel the ever increasing desire to sob my way through the movie grow. I managed to remain externally calm, probably due only to the fact it was a packed theater and I couldn’t lose my cool in front of that many people. But inside I was all A;LSDKAFJPDOFIAD;FAKLDF every time he came on screen. My heart clenched in my chest when his mask fell and Steve first recognized him, said his name, and Bucky didn’t even recognize it. And then again, when he was being “wiped.” The way he so easily accepted his “mission” and all the pain that went along with it. I CAN’T TAKE POOR BUCKY BARNES BEING USED AND ABUSED. At the end, when it’s just Steve and Bucky in a showdown that could lead to their deaths, I felt like I was going to die.

Funny, though, how much I enjoyed it. I want to watch it again. I need to. I need to read everyone’s thoughts on this movie, on Steve, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, and anyone else in the movie (because I’m leaving a lot out, I know). I need ALL THE CAWS FEELS. Give them to me?


Ok, so Steve Rogers is my Favorite Avenger. He’s a good guy who just wants to do good. He’s so good that’s why he could become Captain America. I know some might say that’s boring, but whatever. I think it’s great he wanted to be good from the beginning and didn’t need to make some huge error to become good. Looks at Thor, Widow, and Iron Man.  (WHOA, MEL, DEMS FIGHTIN WORDS -steph) I like seeing him struggle to hold onto that. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the Avengers but he’s my guy.

I tell you all this to convey just how excited I was for this film. SO EXCITED. When I saw who the villain was I was filled with so many emotions to add to the excitement. I hurt for Steve before I even saw the film. Then as I watched the whole thing unfold I hurt for Bucky too. GAH. I just have a lot of emotions, OK?

Then we have Sam/Falcon. Oh how wonderful was Anthony Mackie? He killed it!! I feel like he was the perfect person to work with Steve. Sam believes in Steve’s goodness and honor. Not his powers or fame. Sam also gets what it’s like to have the loss Steve’s had and how combat messes with you. I think what I love the most though is Sam’s not some sidekick either. He’s a partner and an equal. Just the same as Widow.

Speaking of Widow, Who here wants her to have her own film? Me!! Scarlet J. knocked this out of the park. She brought to life an amazing well rounded complex character and made it look effortless. She showed the Widow was so much more than a femme fatale. Yes I know she did that in the Avengers too but I feel like she had way more time to shine in this film. Her constantly poking at Steve to get out there and start living was great. She’s just amazing!!

All and all I loved this film and I need more!!

What did you think of the movie?

Movie Review: Thor 2

Thor 2: The Dark World

This weekend I was able to drag my husband out to see Thor 2 (why he always drags his feet about going to movies is beyond me) and I just have to say I LOVED IT. Obviously, that’s an understatement forced by not being able to share spoilers because NO ONE LOVES SPOILERS. Seriously, if you’ve seen the movie already, don’t be that guy that goes online and spills the beans without at least some adequate warning because this movie deserves to stay unspoiled IMO.

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Comic Con in a nutshell

So I had these grand plans to do another Epic Comic Con post like last year but then life happened. I’m Still trying to wrap my head around the things I did and saw. Waking up at 4:45 am every morning will do that to you. lol  Hopefully I’ll be able to post that soon but until then I’ll reveal my Cosplay outfit!



I kind of love how it came out. I hope you all do too! But for now I’m off to take another nap. lol