Monthly Favorites: January

Hey all!

So this is something new we wanted to try! We hope this will be a way for you to get to know us better while letting us share the things we’re loving. Hopefully it works. lol

Mel’s Faves:


First up we have the Pacifica Solar Palette. I love this thing. I use it almost daily. (Let’s be real. Some Days you just don’t want to do more than wash your face.) It comes with three Highlighters, a Blush, a Bronzer, and six eyeshadows. If you like soft looks you may want to try this out. As a warning though, there is a fair amount of shimmer in everything save the bronzer. I know some aren’t fans of shimmery products so keep that in mind.



I got these babies as an xmas gift and boy do I love them! Almost anyone who sews will tell you not to mess with their sewing scissors. These bad boys are made to last a lifetime (Provided you take care of them and NEVER EVER CUT PAPER WITH THEM!) . I may or may not have been cutting random pieces of scrap fabric bc these cut like butter.


My Last favorite of this month comes from this Monday’s Teen Wolf Episode. The remix of the theme has been on a loop non stop. I remember hearing it when I was at this panel for Comic Con but totally spaced on getting the song until I was reminded. You can get it here.

Steph’s Faves:

photo 1

It may seem silly, but right now this steam basket is the love of my life. As stated in our post about yearly goals, I’m working to eat better and get more physically fit. Part of my meal plan calls for a lot of steamed food. What’s great about it is how little time it to takes to steam food, even frozen chicken.

It doesn’t have to be fancy (the pot, not the meal because you can make them plenty fancy). In fact, this isn’t even my steam basket. It’s just the closest one I could find to mine. I got mine at costco as part of a set. Up until this year I literally never used it in the three years of owning it. But I’m so happy for it now.

photo 2

The other thing I’m loving this month is the app LINE camera. It’s a photo editing app I got for free from the App Store on my iPhone. And it is so much fun. Seriously. It comes with stamps you can use, plus allows you to crop, draw, add different backgrounds, etc. There are free decorations as well as ones you need to pay for (in case you want more). I’d show you things I’ve created using LINE camera, but they’re mostly silly and embarrassing. I’m not one to play games on my phone/iPad so this app is a really fun way to waste some time if I’m waiting around for something and am really bored.

Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review!

Mel’s Card
tw week 4

This was my favorite episode of the season. Hands down. And believe or not the it’s only 25% due to tribal painted Danny. (Ok like 45 % but whatever.)

Just like last episode I feel like we were given a ton of info. Papa Argent knows what the dementor thingys are. Lydia can lose her scream. Lydia’s mom is a teacher. (Please let this end better than it did for Alison.) Scott’s dad may actually know what’s up. Kira doesn’t know how to do a good cover story. (“it’s this great pic filter you can only get in a country you’ve never heard of before.) Scott is still a really nice guy. Derek needs to change his locks. (Really dude) And Danny has the whitest teeth of them all. Oh and the dementor thingys were interested in tattooing Danny too. I smell foreshadowing!

Let’s start with Scott being the cutest. He really does have a heart of gold. The way he comforts Kira is kind of amazing. He doesn’t even hesitate in helping her. I want to smoosh him. I’m SO needing Kira to be good. I NEED IT! Also, how awesome what that smile he and Alison had?

Then we have the twins. Let’s start with Lydia totally handing it to Aidan. I’m not sure if they can be redeemable at this point. I mean maybe if we can get Boyd back or we find out that they *had* to do it bc of their alpha. But short of that I’m not sure if killing someone is really something you can come back from. What do you think?

No to the dementor thingys. What are they? Why do they feel the need to brand all the supernatural folk? Why does Papa Argent have a broken mask? What did they see in Danny that we haven’t seen yet? How did they take away Lydia’s scream? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! I really can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Lastly what’s the dealio with Stiles? Were his blackouts something totally different? What does that mean for the others? I mean if he really is the one behind it what are the others capable of doing? How did he even know about Kira?

I think I need to go lay down. lol

Steph’s Card

photo 2 (1) 20140130-140603.jpg

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t say much this week because I’m still caught up in the last few minutes of the show. Believe me when I say if ANYTHING HAPPENS TO STILES I WILL HUNT DOWN JEFF DAVIS AND DESTROY HIM. *cough*

Like Mel, this is my fave episode yet. I really enjoyed how everyone interacted with each other. At the top was Lydia telling the straight twin (I think Aiden, but lbr I can’t keep track that well) how she can’t just go back to him because of Boyd. THATS RIGHT. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO BOYD. I miss Boyd.

And I loved loved loved sheriff Stilinski trying to stifle laughter as Stiles worked his magic on Scott’s dad. Side note: wth do Stiles and his dad know about Agent McCall? Is there a deep dark secret here? Not gonna lie, though, when Scott opened his dad’s laptop and it had baby Scott as the screensaver I wanted to melt. A lot.

Kira Kira Kira. The effect of whatever foxy aura surrounding her that Scott saw at the party was super dope. I cannot WAIT for more of her and her powers being revealed.

Then there’s Danny! Did anyone else notice how he sensed when those shadow monster things showed up? Ok, what does that mean. I hope it means he’s some kind of supernatural creature (like a mermaid) and he’s secretly known all along about werewolves. So that when someone F I N A L L Y tells him he can be all lol duh.

There’s a lot I want to discuss. But I won’t. Because then I’d be talking forever. My last thought here goes to the weird backwards 5 brand on these people. And what it means. Do you think he shadow people use it to control others? I’m hoping so. Only because I’m hoping they got to stiles without it being shown and that’s the explanation for the writing on the wall…or rather chalkboard.

Either way. I cannot wait for next week. Oh man, I’m worried about delicious angst and horribly cheesy pick up lines and repercussions for using Derek’s loft for a rave party. HURRY UP MOON DAY.

What I made: January edition

ABM_1390786756Hey all!

So this is my first dress of the new year! I think it turned out well. (Don’t mind my face. I’m incapable of taking a serious photo.)  I used simplicity 2444 and again failed at pleating. One day I will get it but today is not that day. The fabric was a gift that I believe came from the LA Fabric district. It feels very Harley Quinn to me. (You see it right?)


I think my favorite part of this dress is the zipper. I know, I know but look when it’s from! It’s been around a long time and I’m glad to give it a home. I have a bit of history in my dress. This is one of the many joys for me when it comes to thrifting my notions.

That’s about it. If you have any questions or suggestion on what I should make next month let me know in the comments!


Last season of Sherlock (which, wow. Two long years) I wasn’t able to watch and report like Mel was. So, this time around I’m glad to be a part of things.
The Empty Hearse, episode 1 of the third season, aired this last Sunday in the States (January 1 in the UK) and I’ve been chomping at the bit to review it.
As far as a season opener, TEH packed quite a punch; seemingly answering the question of everyone’s mind – how did Sherlock do it? But don’t be so easily fooled by what you’re seeing…you’ll understand once you get there.
I loved seeing Anderson in this episode ( though I’d have preferred a different outcome for him at the end of the episode). Ever since I watched the mini webisode Many Happy Returns that aired on Christmas, I’d been anticipating more of him. Once,one of Sherlock’s biggest sceptics, Anderson turned into Sherlock’s biggest groupie. It’s delightful.
Mostly, even more than needing to know how Sherlock lived, I needed to know how John would take seeing Sherlock again. Their reunion did not disappoint and John’s reaction was pretty much what I wanted to happen. What got to me was the sliver of nerves you see when Sherlock first arrives. And then, later, his annoyance because John didn’t immediately notice. Because for Sherlock, John is really his only true friend and he can’t always understand John having other people in his life. And there’s this moment when John first sees Sherlock. This, am I hallucinating look that broke my heart. Gahhhh.
I can’t go on without mentioning Mary. I like her. But something rubs me the wrong way. And it’s not just that she’s comIng between Sherlock and John. Seriously though, don’t get me wrong. She’s a fabulous character that adds a lot of new depths to the show. And Amanda does a beautiful job portraying Mary. All those haters that said she only got the job because she’s married to Martin Freeman can gtfo. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her, and if my theories are correct.
It was great seeing John and Sherlock working together again. I’ve missed this so much. I’ve seen some criticism about the way Sherlock treats John, especially at the end. But despite how Sherlock comes across outwardly, I think he is hiding a lot more. Because he doesn’t know how to fully understand or cope with strong attachments.
The episode featured some great moments. From “I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes,” to some nods at different ships (sherlolly and whatever the moriarty/Sherlock ship is called) and provided plenty of humor that I’ve come to expect along with the crime solving. I’m so glad Sherlock is back. And yet, I’m already nervous for the remaining two episodes. Because we all know Moffat and Gatiss are going to hurt us.

A New Year. New Goals!

But it's haaaaard

Mel: I think it’s like a blogging rule to make a list of goals for the new year and share it. I like goals vs resolutions bc with goals it’s something you work towards a little at a time. They seem more lasting. While with resolutions, they seem so all or nothing. Like, the first time you slip up all is lost. Doesn’t seem very encouraging. At least for me it isn’t. So Here are my goals for the upcoming year:

  1. Make one garment a month for myself. Since I started sewing I’ve collected bits and bobs with the sole purpose of making myself something. I have done maybe a 1/3 of those things. Many of which I still want to make. I just haven’t made the time for it. This year I want to make the time.
  2. Finish the quilts I’ve started. Ok here’s the thing, I hate quilting. HATE. IT. Sure doing one or two blocks can be really fun. 80? Not so much. I know some of you may be thinking: “But if you hate it then why are you making any at all?” Well here’s the funny thing about quilts. My kids can’t outgrow them. I’ve saved scraps from various things and have started to put together a quilt for each of them. It’s really selfish bc I want them to have at least one thing from me they can use for the foreseeable future. I’ve enlisted my Mom to help and she’ll keep me at it. (YAY MOMS!)
  3. Exercise. I want to be clear with this; I have no goal weight or dress size.I was a runner all through my teens and early 20’s and  I miss the way I felt when I was really active. Due to an injury I can’t run anymore but I can still do plenty of other things. I’ve started with parking my exercise bike in front of the TV and biking for at least 20 min day day 5 days a week. Why that number? Well wanting to feel good and actually doing it are two different things. I require extra motivation meaning I pay myself to work out. It’s not a ton but it’s money I feel like I can spend freely without guilt. It’s a long story but I feel bad from spending money on myself when I could use it on the kids and “responsible” things.
  4. Post at least one Tutorial/”how to” each month. I think this is self explanatory right? If there is anything you want me to try leave a comment letting me know!
  5. Read More! I’ve been kind of in a slump with reading so I want to trying to read things I haven’t. I have a shelf of graphic novels that are calling to me. I think I know just the one to start with too!
  6. Share more of the stuff I love and make on here.
  7. Finally learn how to use my DSLR camera. I’ve had the thing for 5 years now. I have no excuse.

So that’s them. Nothing too overwhelming right?

Stephanie: Maaaaaan. I’m not one for New Year Resolutions. But I actually am setting goals for myself. Because I want this year (when I turn 30) to be my best yet. (that’s not cheesy at all).

  1. Get healthy. This is a general way of saying lose some weight and get in shape. It’s not just to be “skinny.” I’m tired of the way I look and feel and I want to be healthy, gosh darnit. I actually even started a blog about my journey. Hey hey. Which leads to…
  2. Blogging more frequently. Whether it’s here (I suck, Mel, admit it) or my family blog, and now my fitness blog, I need to be more consistent.  That means no more putting putting off posts. Carving out time to add my thoughts and whatnot.
  3. Write, write, write. I have a current WIP of a YA novel sitting on my computer. I have a ton of ideas but lately not much motivation. I signed up for NanoWrimo and totally bombed out. Womp womp. So this year I want to finish a first, rough rough rough draft of my novel and go from there.
  4. Sew. I’m making this really general too, because I don’t do it much and I have a TON to learn. If only I lived closer to Mel. We could do it together! I only have myself, the internet and sorta my mom for help. But I’d like to be able to start projects for my children.

I’m sure there are a lot more goals I need to put up here. Let’s face it, I’m a WIP myself. But thinking of them is hard for me (it could be I’m distracted by my near 2 y0 running around and slapping my husband). I’d like to come back and revisit this list in the future. Share our successes, failures, and additions.

What are your goals this year?

Teen Wolf Bing Results and Review!

Stephanie’s card
photo (5)

I think this is my favorite episode so far. And a lot of that has to do with Kira. I like her a lot. A lot a lot. Which makes me nervous she’s either a) going to die or b) evil because Jeff Davis himself is evil. I like that she’s shy, kinda awkward and hilarious. Though let’s face it, someone that gorgeous is never going unnoticed in high school, who are we trying to kid? I love her interactions with her family and Scott. That entire dinner scene was really cute and had me saying, Allison, who?

Which leads me to Allison and Isaac. I’m here for it. I don’t think the spontaneous disrobing was necessary but I get we need to fill our shirtless quota. And it brought about a great moment with papa argent. Who I’d been missing.

Stiles is my eternal fave and the rest of you can gtfo if you disagree. I am loving this friendship with Lydia and…possibly unpopular opinion…hope it stays just a friendship. I’d like him to get a love interest but idk, I’m reluctant to see him with Lydia like that. And yay! Banshee scream! It’ll be really cool to get a closer look at Lydia’s powers.

I’m not sure what is going on with Derek. These new werewolfy ~things they can do is cool, if not a bit creepy. And my love/hate relationship with Peter only grows stronger. When is his I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE ALPHA bit gonna show up again?

We got a great Finstock/Greenberg moment that had me laughing a lot.

But what I need now are some answers. What’s this all mean? What is Kira? What’s the significance of the fireflies that keep showing up? Did mama Hale say anything to Derek? I’m hoping she tells him peter was responsible for the Paige thing. But you know, if wishes were horses…

Mel’s Card

Teen wolf week 3 bingo


Alright let’s start by saying HALLELUJAH WE FINALLY GOT DANNY!

Now I really really liked this episode. I feel like we got a lot of info handed to us. I have no idea what any of it meant but I have it none the less. The Twins are back. Isaac is sassy. Papa Argent’s still got it. The Stilinski’s have the best banter alive. We’re learning more about Lydia’s power. Flies in people’s hearts are no big deal. Evil things are coming out of the Tree. Kira has some sort of power and Derek’s on a solo quest with the uncle that should never be trusted. What he’s looking for is anyone’s guess.

Kira having a power isn’t anything new. We knew she was going to have something bc come on! That’s like tv 101. What is left unsaid is if she’s an ally or not. Beacon Hill and that tree thing are like a freaking hellmouth. They draw shifters and crazy things to it. I’d like to think that Kira gets to stay for more than one season and gets to be part of a new pack. Maybe her family is looking for peace around other’s who may understand. (IT COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN LET ME HAVE THIS.) Also that sushi scene was hilarious. I like that it played off a stereotype that all CA natives eat sushi. It was a nice reversal and actuate. My hubs was raised in CA and has never touched the stuff much to my sadness. lol

I’m kind of torn on the twins. WAIT hear me out. Yes, they killed Boyd which is awful bc I loved him and when are we bringing him back Peter style?. But my question is: did they do it of their own free will? I may be off here but isn’t the rule that once your alpha gives an order you can’t refuse? I know it’s common lore in general but I just can’t remember if it been said on this show. I do like that Scott is trying to be smart about the whole thing.

I’m not really shocked about Lydia. She dated Jackson who also killed people. Maybe that’s her thing. I know people really want her an Stiles together but I’m kind of indifferent. I lie. Danny would be the best boyfriend ever to Stiles.

I have high hopes for this season. I can’t wait for next week’s episode. (BODY PAINT RAVE WHAAAAAT!) I’m still not 100% sure the things that haunted the kids in the first episode are gone completely but only time will tel.

What did you think? You get a bingo? Let us know!

Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Recap!

Stephanie’ card
photo (4)

Awwww yissssssss I got a bingo! I was really nervous I wouldn’t because on one of my cards I was one away, the square being Lydia’s scream, and I didn’t think it would happen.

More important than the bingo game, however, was the actual episode. I feel like Jeff Davis is trying to do a lot (maybe too much) and I’m getting overwhelmed by feels. But there were a lot of parts I enjoyed. Namely, the Trio of Dark Hearts (presumably) resolving some of their problems. And I liked how their friends were there to help them through moments of crisis. I really like the snark between Stiles and Isaac. And I reallllly like Kira (and her potential romance with Scott). I hope she’s 1. good and 2. sticks around.

As much as I love seeing attractive men without their shirts, I just want good things for Derek. And for him to stop getting tortured. I liked seeing the woman from the beginning of the season, the one who helped Isaac, but what is her NAME? And with was that at the end. Too much mystery and intrigue, man. My poor heart can’t take it.

Obviously I’m invested. So I’ll keep watching and hope I don’t lose my mind in the process.

Teen wolf week 2


So I really liked this episode. I think it has a great mix of everything. Kira is so cute. Like I’ve been there sweetie it’s gonna work out. Provided you’re not evil *fingers crossed*. I about pee’d myself at the scarf joke and it was nice to have a seemingly happy ending.  I say seemingly bc you never know on this show.

My only real complaint is Agent McCall. He’s just awful. Like, I don’t know what he’s got against the Sheriff but he needs to take a chill pill. Also, his snide remarks about Scott being out and his mom not liking it made me want to punch him. DUDE YOU DON’T EVEN GO HERE!

The very end brought up a whole new set of problems but I’m excited to see where things are going. I know it may seemed jumbled but if other TV shows have taught me anything it’s wait until the end to judge. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU BUFFY SEASON 5) Sometimes we have to be a little confused for a time in order to lay the groundwork for something epic. Does that mean the season will be perfect? Of course not, but it can mean giving a bit more leeway with having all the answers upfront. Enjoy the ride as much as possible and lets see what mess Peter’s made.

Cosplay With Me: Foundation Garments

Hey all!

I’m back again to give more tips, tricks and helpful hints for cosplaying. This time I chose a somewhat touchy topic but valid none the less. Before I get into it I want to be very, very clear that this post isn’t about having the “right” body or meant for everyday wear. It’s about loving *your* body and helping you get a clean looking cosplay no matter the size. Every body is beautiful, K? And, like always, this topic is for both men and women. 

That being said, let’s get real here for a second. Spandex/Lycra leaves little to the imagination and are not forgiving in the least.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a size 0 because it will show everything. Having the proper foundation can help you get the polished look you want. 

What are foundation garments?



They come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs. They can be as simple as the right bra and underwear to body shapers and dancers belts. It really depends on the cosplay you choose. Not many call for a full body shaper. Those tend to be mainly used with the spandex jumpsuits.  AKA 90% of the female superhero’s costumes out there.

A good bra is worth it’s weight in gold (it tends to cost that much too.) but you may need something a little out of the norm when looking for one specific to your cosplay. What do I mean? Well, some may call for some extra padding while others may need it to look like you have less than you do. Push up bras can be found in almost any store that sells undergarments.  This is something I STRONGLY recommend going to the store first before you buy to find exactly what you’re looking for.



Compression Bras are what you tend to use when you want to minimize the appearance of breast. They can be as simple as a sports bra all the way to a medical grade one. (Those are more often used in the recovery of surgeries and treatment of circulatory issues.) An ace bandage can also be use but you should NOT wear it any longer than 8 hours.  It could cause damage to your body if you do. PLEASE don’t use duct tape or any other kind of tape. They’re not made for skin and can cause some really lasting damage.  Take care of yourself, K?

Now I know it seems kind of silly to even bring this up but believe it or not it can make a big difference to the over all look of the costume. Underwear lines can take away from the detail work of the costume.

Thongs are an option but be sure to avoid the embellished ones. Sure, you may not have the normal lines but that giant bow will not look right either, know what mean?



I’m personally a fan of the seamless boyshorts. They don’t give me any unwanted lines and are a little more comfy for me to wear. Again, it’s all down to personal preference on what you feel most comfortable in.



For the fellas out there who plan on wearing spandex suits, may I recommend adding a dancer’s belt to your cosplay. I understand if it makes you turn your head a little when you look at it but it will help your look. Most superhero men look like ken dolls, and it can be distracting when a cosplayer skips this step.

Male work out shorts

If a dancer’s belt is not for you spandex workout shorts are also another option. They may give you visible lines around your mid-thigh to knee but they get the job done.

I’m going to get real here for a sec. I saw the most AMAZING Superman last year. I swear he looked like he stepped right out of the pages of the comic. He was pure muscle and it wasn’t a padded suit either. I could see everything and I do mean everything. He went from being approachable to very off putting and slightly creepy in one fell swoop. I know it’s unfair but I live in a country where my personal safety is very much my own responsibility. Something like this where a man is exposed, no matter how innocent, is what I’ve been trained to avoid out of pure survival. I believe this is exactly why the male superhero’s look like Ken doll’s. It allows them to be strong without being threatening.

Body Shaper
Moving on. Body shapers on spandex garments that smooth and shape your body. I tend to look here first to see if they have what I’m looking for and more often than not they do. (Search with “shaper” and it’ll pull up what you’re looking for.) They come in all shapes and cuts to fit what you need for a specific cosplay. They can be hell to put on though so don’t feel bad if it takes you a few tries. (I almost gave myself a concussion the first I put one on.) 


If you’re not looking for something quite so tight and more smoothing, give body tights for dancers a try. They help smooth things over while not being quite as constricting as the shapers.

Shapers aren’t only used for smoothing and slimming. They can also be used to enhance different areas. There are bust/posture ones to help with those areas. While you can also get one that’s padded to help enhance your booty!

This is probably the last one you’ll need in relation to cosplay. I have to be honest; I know very little about corsets, but fear not! The Lingerie Addict did an AMAZING breakdown on how to find a great corset while dispelling common misconceptions. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re in need of one.

I hope this was helpful and informative. Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer!