Star Trek Ongoing: The Truth About Tribbles Part 2

Mel: I feel like this panel is a great place to to start this review. Poor Captain Kirk. So when we last left off, our away team of ill behaved kids (and Vulcan) were trying to save the planet from certain doom. Thanks a lot, Klingons! Well, they do indeed succeed by playing the best game of telephone ever!

Stephanie: I’m really happy Kirk’s hair looks better.  That was my main concern, to be honest.
The first few pages are devoted to figuring out how to deactivate the explosive devise left behind by the Klingons.  During that part, we get to see Uhura using her talented tongue.

Mel: The happiness is short lived thanks to a call from Pike. Scotty’s little transporter experiment has not turned out so well for his nephew. Also, I love Spock’s expression in this panel. It’s like “Why are human’s so illogical. They make my life so hard. ”  And now that I look at it, his face looks a lot like Jim’s.  I wonder….

Stephanie: If Scotty’s nephew doesn’t make some kind of appearance in the next movie I’ll be so disappointed.
Obviously, no one wants to kill off all the toupees tribbles and every crew member is trying to think of a way to get rid of the fur balls without harming them.  In my opinion, Scotty’s idea is BY FAR the best.  In fact, when I read his suggestion, I got really giddy.  Spock promptly squashed on my hopes and dreams though.  So.  Nuts.  Vague comment is vague.

Mel: You know who else is awesome? Bones. That grumpy doctor secretly wants ALL the tribbles. Can’t you just see it? Bones on his porch with an ice tea (Don’t you mean a mint julep? -Steph) in hand watching his tribble farm with a sense of pride. Egh? Egh? OK maybe he doesn’t love them that much but he does seem to like them a lot more than everyone else.

Stephanie:  I’m a fan of the way Spock and Bones are all of a sudden Science BFFs.  And of the way our three favorite Enterprise crewmen are spending more and more time together.  It gets me even more excited for May 2013 and what the next movie will bring us.  WHAT IS IT BRINGING US DAMN YOU JJ AND YOUR SECRECY.

Mel: Any-who, Spock’s plan to get rid of the little fluff balls is 5 parts brilliant, 2 parts awesome, and 3 parts “Sucks to be you, Scotty.”  It really does suck to be him too (I’m pretty sure it was also part payback for the mitten comment -Steph). Lol Oh well, it all works out in the end and everyone is happy. Don’t worry about the Tribbles though, they are sent to live on a loving planet in the outer quadrant. True Story.

So even with this tale’s lighthearted story-line there were some big hints dropped in the last few pages that I think are hints towards the upcoming film. (JUST GIVE US SOMETHING JJ!) I’m guessing we may see these little fluff balls again.

Stephanie: I know, the Klingons, rising against a weakened Federation, will be thwarted by Tribbles.

But in all seriousness, I like the introduction of new and old (from TOS and the first movie) characters in this ongoing series.  It makes me wonder who will show up in the movie.

This issue had a lot of great moments courtesy Bones and Scotty (individually).  In fact, my two favorite parts happen in the last two pages.  And can be credited to both of them.  You’ll see what I mean when you read it.

You can pick this up at your local shop or online here.

Written by Mike Johnson, Art by Claudia Balboni and Tim Bradstreet, Published by IDW

Comic Series Review: 28 Days Later


Writer: Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Declan Shalvey and Alejandro Aragon

*Warning: These are graphic with the violence and scary. What I’m trying to say is these aren’t bedtime stories for anyone under the age of 14.

So, this is a 24 part series that follows Selena, from 28 Days Later, who is still fighting to survive. The story is divided into 6 books with very specific themes. I have a soft spot for this series and world for many, many reasons. First and foremost Selena is one of my favorite women of all time. (She’s right up there with Buffy. ) When I stumbled upon this series three years ago at Comic Con and got a chance to chat with the writer (Michael) I was beyond excited. (I did wait to buy all the books until it was finished though. I knew I couldn’t handle the stress of having to wait for each issue.)

Now, I should be upfront with the fact that I HATED 28 Weeks Later. Hated it. I felt like they took something I loved and bastardized it. I could go on and on about this forever but I won’t. Anywho, when I voiced my dislike for the sequel-that-shall-not-be-named to Michael, he got it. As we continued to chat he explained how he approached the story and how it tied into both films. Most importantly, that this series would let me know what happened to the survives from the first film. YAY!

Fast forward three years and I’m finally able to get my hands on all 6 books so I can read. Not only does this story not disappoint, it fixes things I let slide in the first film bc I loved it so. (Hello FACE MASKS) There are so many thing these books cover. Selena only gets more complex as we get flashbacks to her life before the outbreak. She’s still strong and brave but doesn’t lose all her emotions, which makes me love her even more. Not to mention there are truly terrifying scenes in there. I’m looking at you, mannequin. The series also delves more into social breakdown and what becomes of the new law for those left behind. There is death, and I cried no less than 3 times while reading. (I am a baby though.) We get to see what the rest of the world was doing AND we get a fitting resolution.

It’s hard to not spoil things I really want to flail about. Just trust me and read it. What I can say is *this* is the sequel I was expecting and wanted. The art is dark and rough but I find it fitting with the story. As far as I’m concerned this is the sequel and the other movie never happened.

You can pick it up here or at you’re local shop.



Swag Tee shirt Redo Part 2: How others Do it

Now if  my tee-shirt reconstruction wasn’t your thing or you need a different way to rework your shirts never fear! Here are a bunch of other options. 21 to be exact.  Now if you are into the whole Pinterest thing I have all of these on a board you can follow to have them in one place.

I’ve grouped them together in common themes to help you find what you’re looking for.


Other Dolman how-to’s
Dolman Love by Elle Apparel
Men’s shirt to women’s Dolam By Trash to Couture
DIY Dolman Tee By Threadbanger


Make a shirt Bigger/longer
Fix for a too small tshirt via
DIY. Crochet Trim Seam By Trash to Couture
How to Lengthen a Shirt that’s too Short By Discover Create Live
DIY. Fringe Sleeve/Seam Tee By Trash to Couture


Shirt to tote
Recycled t-shirt summer bags By Skip to My Lou
Green…Easy Knit Produce Bag By Delia Creates
This awesome Pin that I can’t seem to find the original source for. Note on this one: I’ve made it and you could totally do a “No sew” version with a hot glue gun and fabric hot glue sticks. (It holds better than normal hot glue)


Tee to tank
DIY CROPPED TEE by Chic Factor
No Sew, Tee-Shirt Halter DIY by Wobisobi
Flower Ruffle Tank – Tshirt refashion tutorial by Ruffles and Roses
T-shirt redo: How to make a one shoulder knit blouse by Mark Montano
No-Sew Halter Top By Found in The Ali


Turn Your Old Tees Into A Nautical-Cool Necklace by Refinery29
T-shirt Hooded Scarf by Generation-t
DIY Multi-Strand Scarf by rabbit food for my bunny teeth
Shirt into Bracelet by Lana Red

Women’s undies out of old tshirts by Come and see the Seitz
Men’s undies by Threadbanger

Phew! That’s enough to get you started, right? Right.

What one of these are you thinking about trying?

Swag Tee-shirt Reconstruction Part 1: How I do it

One of my favorite things I get from Con going are free tees. Who doesn’t like free clothes? The down side is a majority of the time the shirts that are given away don’t fit. Not many of them are cut to fit a woman or run in the smaller sizes. But hey, it’s free so I make the best of it. I’ll show you how to re-size according to what I like to do here (Dolman style) and then in the next post I’ve rounded up a bunch of links for all kinds of tee shirt revamps to help you find something that works for you!

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Star Trek Ongoing: The Truth about Tribbles Part 1

Mel: You know a comic is going to be good when it starts with a flash back featuring Spock Prime  (Leonard Nimoy’s  Spock) and a tribble. Spock Prime doesn’t even warn them about the little beasts. That crafty old bastard. I love him. Also, this review is going to be more vague than normal as to not spoil the lulz.

Stephanie: How much did I laugh at Mr. Sponk? It’s almost as great as people calling the iconic figure Dr. Spock… Yes.  I agree with Mel that it certainly is quite fascinating that Spock kept his mouth shut about the tribbles.  Much as we will about what happens.

Mel: We skip ahead to Scotty doing a ~test~ with the tribble (better known as that thing that looks like a toupee –Steph)  and the transporter. Yeah, bc that worked out so well for you last time Monty. It goes well, as far as getting the tribble to where it’s supposed to be but they are interrupted before they can do more test.

Stephanie: *cough* Archer’s beagle *cough*  I’m interested in if we’ll see more of this “Chris” character.  I’m telling you, Scotty’s nephew is totally Benny’s character.  Turned evil after being spurned by the Academy due to some, uh, unfortunate events.  I told all this to Mel already.  I’m sure she had a great time laughing at me. (I really did – Mel)  But seeing as Orci has mentioned the Ongoing series being canon events that take place between the end of STXI and the beginning of the as-of-yet-unnamed sequel, I’m looking for clues to dear old Cumberbatch’s true identity.  I’m willing to hear any other theories.

As long as it’s not GARY MITCHELL.  I’m looking at you Urban. (Best troll ever –Mel)

Mel: Through a course of events, the Captain leads an away team to the surface of a beautiful planet that is just teeming with life. You can practically hear Spock squeal with delight at all the data he can collect and learn from there. Data and Science is like porn to Vulcans right?

Stephanie: Right.
Also, gorgeous planet is gorgeous.  I can totally understand Scotty’s, Chekov’s and Spock’s desire to explore more.  If only those pesky Tribbles didn’t always tend to get in the way.

Mel: Kirk tries to have the team stay focused on the task at hand (saving the planet)  but between Spock weeping with delight at his Vulcan porn (science!) and the rest of his team getting distracted by shiny things Kirk has his work cut out for him. It reminds me of when I try to take the kids to the supermarket by myself.

“Get that our of your mouth, Spock! You do not know where it has been! No, Scotty you cannot have another doo-dad. You have ten aboard  the ship that you don’t even use! Pavel stop teasing the lifeforms! You know better!”

You get the idea.

The last panel of this issue had me chortling. I did not know people could actually do that. This story line is much more upbeat and lighthearted than anything we’ve seen yet. I’m actually really grateful for it. The stress of having to wait between issues with really serious plot lines was getting to me. Tribbles are a fan fave and I think they are on the right track with this.

The artwork is stunning here. It’s a different style than the two other artist we’ve seen so far but not in a negative way at all (Except Kirk’s hair. I’m sorry, it looks like some kind of helmet.  Or mushroom.  – Steph). The planetscapes  remind me of some vintage fabric (if it’s older than me it’s vintage) I thrifted. I may have to whip it out and make something for then next issue…

Stephanie: Yes, yes and yes to everything Mel said.  I was so happy to see a tribute to Tribbles in the Ongoing series.  It’s such a fun story and a bit of fun to mix in with all the drama and action that takes place on board Enterprise.  I mean, even the drama surrounding this issue had me laughing.  In a panel we didn’t include here, surrounding a life form I’m assuming native to the planet, I was giggling pretty hard as a result of Kirk’s misfortune.  Poor guy, why’s he always getting the brunt of the unpleasant stuff?  I guess it just goes along with being captain…

What I loved most from this issue, however, is the growing dynamic between the crew.  Here you see Scotty and Pavel bonding over science-y things, willingly hanging out and having fun together.  Not to mention Kirk and Spock’s growing friendship (which, let’s be honest is the most important piece of this franchise. Just ask Spock Prime yourself.  IT DEFINES THEM BOTH).  One of my major concerns for the next movie is how the rag tag crew of Enterprise from STXI begin to solidify into the group of people/aliens we’ve all grown to know and love in TOS (with obvious differeces.  Different strokes for different alternate universes and such).

It’s good to know there’s hope for the young and relatively untried crew.  I can’t for the next issue!

You can pick up a copy at your local shop or get it online here.

Published by IDW, Written by Michael Johnson, Art By Claudia Balboni