The Walking Dead: Us Review

Twd Glen



So this week’s TWD was kind of a breather which I think we needed after last week. Sure there were some intense parts but there were also some really, really happy ones too. I think they pulled off the three separate story lines really well. I like how even though we’re jumping in time it doesn’t feel jumpy. Did that even make sense? lol

Alright, we only got to see a little glimpse of the Grimes family (Michonne is totally part of the family, ok?) and it was awesome. I love that Michonne and Carl have this awesome brother sister type bond. She doesn’t really treat him like a kid and he brings out the more playful side in her. It’s great. Rick is there to make sure stuff and things get done. I want them to be happy always so naturally I’m expecting one of them to die next week.

I was a little concerned for Daryl this week. I’m glad he hasn’t fully agreed to be part of the “Truth or Die” gang. They are just trouble. I did have a panicked thought though: WHAT IF THEY ARE FROM TERMINUS AND HERD PEOPLE THERE? Don’t laugh. I would not put it past this show. I mean why else would they go if even thought the leader of the pack doesn’t think they’ll be welcomed? Think about it.

Lastly we have Glenn and his crew. I WAS SO HAPPY HE FOUND MAGGIE! So happy. Someone on this damn show should be happy. Also, I also love how Glenn gave Tara a fresh start. He never really demanded anything from Tara, but was happy that she wanted to help. It was Tara’s guilt was what pushed her not Glenn holding it over her head. That’s why he didn’t leave her when she got stuck in the tunnel. I think that’s very telling. Glenn wasn’t willing to sacrifice her that to get what he wants. Glenn is good people. PLEASE LET HIM LIVE!

I have no idea what to think about Terminus. Part of me thinks it’s a group of people who lure others in and then eat them. (Think living walkers/the Donner party) Or maybe it could be an entire group of people like Lizzy. Or maybe they trick people into thinking it’s safe and then steal all there stuff. Or it’s run by someone who’s like the Governor. Or there’s an evil scientist testing things out on people. Or Or OR…. The point is, there are no safe haven’s. There is no place free of troubles. Terminus is not a good place and I am a little terrified to see what it actually is.

What do you think Terminus is?


The Walking Dead: The Grove Review

Carol TWD



Knowing what’s going to come and actually seeing it are two different things. I called Lizzy doing what she did. There was a similar story line in the comics (that was actually much darker imo.) so when I saw the hints at it I knew what was a head. That being said they did an AMAZING job with his episode. I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon but it makes total sense.

First and foremost, Melissa McBride was stellar in this episode. I felt Carol’s pain as Tyreese talked about his lost love. I felt her cold fear when she came on Lizzy playing with a walker and Lizzy’s reaction at having to put the walker down. The heartbeak at coming to the conclusion about what to do with Lizzy. Then having to go through with it. “Just look at the flowers.”  And lastly, her confession to Tyreese. It was almost as if she wanted him to punish her and make the pain stop. Anyone else get that vibe? Regardless,  she knocked it out of the park.

Then we have Chad L. Coleman who brought it too. Tyreese is a tender soul and I love that about him. He’s what I would be if this ever really happened. He tried so hard to find another way for them to deal with Lizzy, but he understood and got why things had to happen. Also, when he said he forgave Carol I cried. He is *such* a good guy. I want good things for him. When he was looking around the living room the first night they were there I wanted him to have everything. Tyreese has managed to keep his tenderness and I hope he doesn’t lose it anytime soon.

Oh Lizzy. I can’t bring myself to hate her after seeing this. Yes I know I was super pissed with her trying to kill Judith and I stand by that. However, seeing how far gone she was just filled me with sadness. The problem was obviously there long before we met her and who knows if it was there before the world went to hell. I’d like to think it was the only way she really knew how to cope. Kind of like a weird form of Stockholm Syndrome. Mika may have made it if Lizzy hadn’t have killed her. I guess we’ll never know.

Story lines like this remind me why I love TWD so much. I was spoiled for this episode before I had a chance to watch and I was ready to blame Carol for a lot of what happened. But when I watched and the story unfolded it all made perfect, horrifying sense. No one was really to blame. It’s what the world has made them.

What do you think? Was Carol right? Should Tyreese have forgiven her?


The Walking Dead: Alone Review

TWD Daryl


Can Daryl get one break please? JUST ONE?

I greatly enjoyed watching the development of whatever Beth and Daryl were doing. A lot. (For the record Beth is 18 this season. She’s legal.) Him giving her a piggy back was SO sweet. Then there was the grave, and the singing. Oh and we can’t forget about the pig’s feet! That’s totally the best way to get into a girl’s heart. *sigh* WHY COULDN’T IT HAVE LASTED? Daryl please don’t play with the mean boys. You’re so much better than that. Promise!! 

Then we move to what has to be one of the scariest things they’ve done on TWD. Fighting walkers in the fog. NOPE. Pass. Not going to happen. Plus then there’s creepy Bob in the mix. He’s totally creepy, right? Like Maggie and Sasha need to ditch him fast. I mean his kiss with Sasha was just weird and uncomfortable. I know that most of it is due to the fact he’s dealing with addiction but to me that’s way more of a liability than a help. Remember Beth’s boyfriend? That epic fight at the end proved Sasha and Maggie don’t need him. They just need pointy stick and sign. (But really how AWESOME were these ladies?)

I think once they find Tyreese they should send creepy Bob, Carol, and the child Lizzy Borden (You know she totally is! I don’t care if she’s 10.) off one some errand and then ditch them. That way you’re not being cruel leaving them alone but you’re also not traveling with extra crazy. No one needs extra crazy. No one. I mean Tyreese is going to find out what Carol did eventually. That’s just how this show works. My guess it will be at the worst possible time. Why not avoid that? egh? EGH?

I’m really looking forward to see what Rick, Carl , and the Goddess Michonne are up too. Hopefully they will be back next week. So far I really enjoy how the writers are choosing to tell the story this half. If they keep it up I might even forgive them for wasting my time with the Governor’s episodes. Maybe. Bring Beth backs safe, unassaulted, and we’ll talk.

If it was you, would you want to stay with Bob?


The Walking Dead: Still Review

Twd 12


I have so many feeling on this episode that this is all I could come up with for a review:




Dedicated to Beth but mostly Daryl.

What did you think?

(PS Do you think the hunters are the ones that killed all the people in the country club and put that sign on that women’s body?)

The Walking Dead: Claimed Review




This show is determined to give me a full range of emotions with each episode. I feel like they’ve stepped up their game and we’re just now starting to get to the meat of characters like Michonne. For the longest time she’s been nothing but a badass. It’s refreshing to see them giving her some depth. (And totally making me cry in the process.) They’re also making Carl less insufferable but we’ll see how long that lasts.

There were some intense parts (shocking) that I literally held my breath* while watching. Rick hiding under the bed? Stressful. That guy looking at Rick hiding under the bed while said guy was being choked? NOPE. It’s interesting for me to think about how my reactions have changed when we meet new living people. In the first few seasons I was excited that our survivors were finding more people. Now I think: “OH GOD! RUN AWAY! THEY COULD BE THE HUNTERS. AND IF THEY ARE THE HUNTERS LET THEM HAVE LIZZY AND THEN RUN.”

Glen was still braking my heart from his dedication to Maggie. Glenn is good people. I’m not sure how I feel about the scientist guy with the “business in the front, party in the back” hair cut. How do we know if he is who he says he is? I mean I could say I was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and who are you to tell me I wasn’t? I’m nervous about him.

I think the hardest thing for me this episode was watching Michonne’s reaction to what she found in the pink room. She looked almost lost in a way. It just adds to my theory that her lover and his guy pal killed her son. Or at least were responsible in someway. When she told Andrea “they’re worse than monsters” when Andrea asked those guys had to have done something bad. Killing her child would be a way to have that kind of contempt. Anyone else think this too?

All and all I think TWD is doing some great story telling and character development. I hope it stays that way.

Until next week

* (FYI, I was aware of what I was doing.)

The Walking Dead: Inmates

lizzy is out

A LOT happened this episode. We got to see more survivors and our hearts broke a little for some of them. However, I think the biggest thing we discovered this episode was Lizzy is a Psychopath. I do not trust her at all. With anyone. I mean I get being frustrated with a crying baby. Anyone who’s dealt with one can empathize a little bit BUT YOU DO NOT GET TO SMOOTHER THEM WHILE HAVING A DREAMY LOOK ON YOUR FACE! I do not care that you are being attacked by walkers. You RUN, not try to kill a baby. Yes, Tyreese should have never left the girls but still. Praise Thor for Carol showing up when she did. (I was having M*A*S*H flash backs. You know the episode where Hawkeye loses it?)

Lizzy is evil

Look at how mad Lizzy is that Judith is still alive. If the baby killing attempt wasn’t enough the bunnies should drive the point home. I mean she was all “Oh Hi bunnies. BYE BUNNIES!” She has now dethroned Carl for “worst kid” on TWD. At least the last episode we got to see Carl is an actual human with feelings, not a Baby and bunny killer.

We did get to see both Maggie and Glenn, WHO GOT LEFT BEHIND AT THE PRISON, fight to get to the other. I have faith they will meet again. Please let them get to meet again. I need this. I am glad they have another person I only wish Glenn hadn’t found out about Hershel like that. Ugh that was awful.

Then there was Daryl and Beth. They are both so lost. Beth goes into proactive positive mode while Daryl just looked heartbroken. They both lost everything. I feel like in a way Hershel was like a father to Daryl too. Losing Hershel and Daryl’s home was a lot. Ugh I wanted to hug them both.

I am scared for next week but I do hope more group members find each other. Each group seemed to have found a way to the tracks and were beginning to follow them. I’m not sure if they’re going to a better place though.

As I watched I was struck with a thought: What if Carol didn’t kill Tyreese’s girl. What if Lizzy did and Carol is covering for her? What do you think?

The Walking Dead is Back!!

twd 1



I’m not going to try to tell you how happy I am to have this show back (a lot) so let’s jump right into the good stuff. This episode revolves around one of my favorite and one of my least favorite characters. We begin with seeing Michonne going back to the prison to take care of a few things there. She gets herself new pets and puts to rest Hershel. (STILL NOT OVER IT) While just a short way over we see Rick and Carl trying to find a safe place to crash. Carl is being a punk and Rick is trying his best to get Carl to listen. Rick is having a tough go because he is in awful shape after his fight with The Governor. (DING DONG THE AWFUL HUMAN IS DEAD!)

Carl is a character I’ve never really been fond of. Yeah, he can get stuff done in a pinch but he’s a liability more often than not. In this episode we see him acting like a typical teenager who thinks they don’t need their parents and have got the hang of life. We spend the episode following him around as he tries to prove that. It doesn’t really go well. (Shocker.) What surprised me though about this story was how sad I was for Carl at one moment near the end. (I don’t want to spoil it.) After seeing that, I realized Carl reminds me a lot of Dawn from Buffy. I’m annoyed 99% of the time with them but then they have some truly touching moments no one else could pull off. I’m actually interested to see where Carl goes from here.

Michonne was heartbreaking this episode. I was thrilled that we finally got more of her back story! Especially since they spent TWO episodes on that piece of poop Governor!! Still angry. She’s a Mama, which totally makes her reaction to Judith make sense. I got the feeling the guys who became her pet walkers when we met her were the reason she doesn’t have her child anymore. Anyone else get that feeling? This episode showed so much character development. We got to see how she’s far more than just some badass chick with a sword. She has so much depth and feeling. It was good to watch her struggle with who she wanted to be now that her new family was taken from her and I think that’s why she was able to get a little hope at the end of the episode.

What’d you think of this episode? Good way to start?

The Walking Dead: Mid Season Finale

TWD thing

*Takes deep breath*

Raise your hand if  you cried last night? Me too. Just when I think this show can’t hurt me anymore I get proven wrong.  GAH THE PAIN!

First thing’s first. I was so glad they tackled the whole Rick talking to Daryl thing first thing. They totally cheated on telling Tyreese, but whatever. Tanks taking shots at your home will do that.

They pulled out all the stops with this one. The people we lost!! NOPE NO NO NONONONO! I knew one of them from the comics but I was hoping she’d make it out alive. Alas, it wasn’t the case. (Worst babysitters ever.) The first one really got me though. I loved him! I will say that I didn’t feel too bad for the Governor’s crew.  Like really, are you people really that stupid? “Hey let’s trust the new guy after two of our other leaders mysteriously died. He seems totally trustworthy.”

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The Walking Dead Review



The thing I get when I combine this episode with the last is MY TIME HAS BEEN WASTED! Who here is shocked at how things turned out?


That’s what I thought.

These two episodes were not needed at all. Why? Bc Phillip could have rolled up to the prison w/a group of followers and there would be no back story needed. OF COURSE he would be able to find a group of weak minded people to lie to and manipulate.  This isn’t news. It’s like being shocked Voldemort was able to find more death eaters.

I think these two episodes would have been GREAT webisodes.  It would have allowed people the choice to find out more about the Governor if they wanted to; an extra if you will. However, in the plot and over all arch of the show, it does nothing to move it along.  I’m not here for him. I want to know about my bb Glenn.  I want to know about how Daryl is going to take Carol’s banishment. What about Tyreese? Or all those sick folks? Hmmmm?

I think ultimately why these last two episodes are such a waste of time is bc they set Phillip up for possible redemption and did absolutely NOTHING with it. The writers like to boast about taking a different path from the comics but when given a chance like this one to take it, they don’t. They kept Shane around for two seasons; Would it really have been that big of a stretch to have the Governor look at the prison and then walk away?

I’m sure there are a people out there who are genuinely interested in the Governor. I am not one of them.

What do you think?


TV Round Up: The Walking Dead, Almost Human

To sum up the episode:  I DON’T CARE.

I don’t care that he lost the will to live for a while.

I don’t care that he  almost died.

I don’t care that he found new people to lie to and hurt.


You know who I care about who’s not part of the main group?



That family from season one who left after the attack on the camp.

Anyone who isn’t the Governor.

I get the writers wanted to take a risk with this story line. I do. But here’s the thing, there has to be a reason to care about the character in the first place. Morgan’s episode was so moving bc we cared about him from day one. Phillip is just the dick who killed people I loved. Who had fish tanks full of people. Who MURDERED countless people. Remember those soldiers? I don’t care about him unless he’s getting his junk power drilled to a 2×4.

Moving on

This show was SO refreshing! Karl Urban in the house!! Who wouldn’t watch? Plus  Michael Ealy has be a fave of mine since his Barber Shop days. I was able to see the pilot at Comic Con this past year. I knew in the first  5 min I’d love the show!

This week picks up where the pilot left off. There’s a lot of sassing between the two main Cops and I love it. Plus these two being cute with a kid? Forget about it! There were some tense parts that I may have covered my eyes…  But over all I really enjoyed the show and I can’t wait to see more!

Lets hope this show can beat the “new show” curse!