AniMonday: Free!

Okay. So Rei is in danger. Mako to the rescue…only, not really. Because the storm is so bad he’s also in danger despite his swimming abilities. Haru and Nagisa wake up, discover the other two missing and, during a flash of lightning, see Mako and Rei in the water. Obviously Haru wants to help. He actually is sensible and tells Nagisa to go get help (telling Amakata, who is their chaperone after all). Since that would be the smart thing to do, Nagisa chooses to dive into the water and chase after Haru. *headdesk*

Haru reaches Mako, who’s close to passing out it looks like, and drags him to some island. Nagisa and Rei are nowhere to be found. Mako’s heart is beating but he’s barely breathing and you think THIS IS THE MOMENT WHERE HARU GIVES HIM THE KISS OF LIFE. Only, Mako miraculously spits up all the water and is okay. Fine. Thanks a lot for trolling the fans. We don’t get to see Haru give Mako CPR. Damn.

Meanwhile, in a cave or something, the other couple…I mean, Nagisa and Rei are safe and sound. Rei feels horrible, obviously, it’s CLEARLY all his fault.

We find out Mako is scared of the ocean, still, after some tragic event. He’s having a heart to heart moment with Haku. And let me just say, if not for the subtitles, I’d think they were professing their love. But, It’s Mako telling Haru he only wants to swim with him. So I guess that’s the same thing.

The four boys discover a lighthouse. There are some cute moments of them being scared it’s haunted. Along with this, wherein there is more trolling.

They have to spend the night because of the storm, and to pass time they play a game that seems similar to truth or dare…kinda. They roll a die, and whoever it lands on has to do something (idk how the something is determined). But it leads to finding out the story behind Mako’s fear of the ocean. He befriended an old fisherman whose boat sank during a typhoon. The fisherman wasn’t one of the survivors. But even though the encounter scared him, Mako was determined to do this training camp because he wants to swim with the other three so much. And ultimately, going out to save Rei, having everyone with him, helps Mako overcome his fear. It’s touching, really.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the hilarity that is the “next time on” clips after the credits on Free! We get Haru telling an embarrassing story about Rin who called their coach “mom” on accident. And then Rin retaliates by telling the story of how Haru said “I’m home!” upon getting to swim practice (which…Idk if I’d call embarrassing since it’s so accurate?) and then them bickering. I love how they close out each episode this way, with something light hearted and fun. Also, with the “see you next water time” images which…

(seriously? what even is going on here…)


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