AniMonday: Legend of Korra Book 3 Review (chapters 1-3)


She’s baaaaaack. And better than before (Thank God). Nickelodeon gave us three awesome season opener episodes to watch this past Friday. So let me break them down individually.

(Beware spoilers)
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AniMonday: Legend of Korra (Book 3)


I have to ‘fess up to something. I literally had no idea,  until recently,  that  Nickelodeon was airing book 3 of Korra this Friday. I remember seeing news about a few episodes leaking,  but that was it. Honestly, after book 2 I wasn’t very impressed with where the story of Korra was headed (you could probably tell based on my lack of reviews). The conflict of brother on brother was already done in book 1. And the drama between Korra and Mako is getting old and tired. The best part of the season wasn’t even about the central character… But about the very first Avatar.
Be that as it may,  I will be dutifully tuning in every week to see if Korra has finally matured at all. And if Mako, I don’t know,  stops the back and forth between her and Asami. If Bolin gets the awesome girl he wants and deserves. If we find out more about characters from Aang’s time. If if if.
I worry that Nickelodeon’s decision to rush into airing the season due to the leak online won’t hurt ratings. On one hand,  it’s summer so kids can stay up later to watch. But on the other,  they won’t have the marketing advantage gained from a panel at SDCC.
So,  join me this Friday (8/7 c) in watching the season premiere,  won’t you? I look forward to hearing your thoughts about how Korra is doing now.

AniMonday: Sailor Moon is Back

I’m just going to start this post off with an apology for falling way behind on my duties with AniMondays…So sorry. I suck. I’ll be better I swear.

I remember being in middle school and coming home from school, all excited about this really cool cartoon that aired on a second rate channel in the Chicagoland area. That cartoon was Sailor Moon. And I absolutely LOVED it. I don’t think any of my family understood why I so diligently watched it. I mean, at that age most kids I knew were trying to get away from cartoons to prove they were more grown up because, gosh we were eighth graders and practically in high school which meant we were basically grown ups. I know my friends didn’t understand it (at first. more on that later). I diligently watched every episode, even if it was a rerun I’d already seen because that channel seemed to loop through a set amount of episodes only. One day I came home and discovered Sailor Moon was not on (something else, far less cooler that i can’t remember was playing) and I nearly came unhinged.

Luckily for me, my story of all things Sailor Moon did not end there. Turned out, the channel switched their scheduling around and then Sailor Moon began playing early mornings, right after Bananas in Pajamas (does anyone remember that show?) and I started waking up earlier just to watch it before school. For real, I was devoted. There was just something about the show that drew me in. Maybe it was the fact that Usagi (or Serena in the English dubbed version I watched) was such a normal teenager. She was whiny and sometimes obsessed with appearances, though she loved to eat, and often times came across as a scaredy cat. But when it came down to it, Usagi was a brave and loyal friend who would do anything to protect the people she loved.

Plus I had a total and unending crush on Tuxedo Mask


Eventually, that second rate channel stopped playing Sailor Moon all together. But not before I had firmly became entrenched in it (and I suppose this is where my first experience with fangirling happened). I talked about it so much I managed to convince my closest of friends to watch and love it too. We even assigned ourselves Sailor Scouts. I was Sailor Jupiter because, duh, she was so badass and tough but liked to bake and I thought she was gorgeous (for my birthday this year, a friend posted a picture of Jupiter on my FB wall and it was perfect). I would go scouring for Sailor Moon merch, a thing not easily done because in that day it just wasn’t a huge deal (at least not in my area). I collected and treasured a random watch I found at Claire’s (wore it every day til it got scratched – and don’t think for a second I didn’t cry at that), displayed a metal lunchbox proudly, and clearly obsessed enough that later, in high school, a boyfriend found a movie ( VHS WOW) and a poster and gave them as gifts (he was a pretty great boyfriend even if I wasn’t the best girlfriend).

I’ve even managed to pass on my love to my oldest. She currently has the lunchbox and poster up in her room. She used to watch the VHS daily, until our ancient VCR broke and that technology has become obsolete. I used to go online and google “watch Sailor Moon episodes online” and pull up poor quality, incomplete episodes to watch with her. But now the day has come where I don’t have to do that.

Because Viz Media is sharing ALL episodes, COMPLETELY UNCUT (which means no pretending two girls are cousins to explain their closeness), including the Sailor Stars series which never made it to the USA. The episodes start streaming TODAY, with the first four available at Hulu and Viz Media (through Neon Alley) and a new episode airing every Monday after that.

If you haven’t watched Sailor Moon before and maybe need some convincing, here’s the official trailer for the series. I got all emotional watching. I can’t wait to relive the magic of this beautiful series with my daughter and all of you…because I’ll be sharing all my feelings every Monday 😀

Now, in the name of the Moon, I order you all to go and watch!

AniMonday: Free!

Okay. So Rei is in danger. Mako to the rescue…only, not really. Because the storm is so bad he’s also in danger despite his swimming abilities. Haru and Nagisa wake up, discover the other two missing and, during a flash of lightning, see Mako and Rei in the water. Obviously Haru wants to help. He actually is sensible and tells Nagisa to go get help (telling Amakata, who is their chaperone after all). Since that would be the smart thing to do, Nagisa chooses to dive into the water and chase after Haru. *headdesk*

Haru reaches Mako, who’s close to passing out it looks like, and drags him to some island. Nagisa and Rei are nowhere to be found. Mako’s heart is beating but he’s barely breathing and you think THIS IS THE MOMENT WHERE HARU GIVES HIM THE KISS OF LIFE. Only, Mako miraculously spits up all the water and is okay. Fine. Thanks a lot for trolling the fans. We don’t get to see Haru give Mako CPR. Damn.

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AniMonday: Free!

I feel like I should take this time to express how much I love the opening and ending credits. The songs are super catchy (even if they’re not in English) I hope they don’t change them. Seriously. I find myself already humming the songs at random points during the day.

Anyway, on with the show.

Gou has found her brother’s old swimming regimen and is using it to coach the boys. Of course, all the training is hard to focus on when you have this:

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AniMonday: Free!

Unsurprisingly, Haru’s swim in the too cold water leads to a cold. Mako and Nagisa are there to help comfort him, those total cuties, and are all excited about entering tournaments and swimming relays. but HARU ONLY SWIMS FREE, OKAY GUYS? Plus, they still need to find a fourth member of the team.

We saw him last episode, but in this one we’re more formally introduced to Rei (who, going by the opening credits, joins).

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AniMonday: Free!

I came across Free! while perusing Tumblr (yeah, I know) and couldn’t resist based on people’s fanart, comments, fanvids, etc. From what I gleaned online, Free! is about a group of boys that love to swim and are all gay for each other. The first is true. The second…well, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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AniMondays: Attack On Titan

Oh gosh. This is it. The last episode (of what I’m hoping is just season one, meaning season two will swiftly be coming out). And I was/am not prepared.

As Annie and Eren fight in their Titan forms, the city is being destroyed. And so many more innocent civilians are dying. Eren is wondering what Annie could possibly be fighting for that makes all the deaths worth it. I’m wondering too. Of course, we don’t find out. ARG.

There’s a tense moment between Erwin and…whatever his name is from the Military Police (sorry I missed his name earlier). MP guy wants Erwin dead, especially when Erwin admits that everything that is happening is his fault. I find it extremely interesting that Erwin accepts all blame, no matter what happened and what the consequences will be. Some people may take umbrage with his tactics but I have nothing but respect for Erwin Smith. Even facing the barrel of a gun, he accepts that he could die and only asks that the MP take out Annie.

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AniMondays: Attack on Titan

Eren, Mikasa and Armin are underground in the network of tunnels long since abandoned and somehow, despite saying earlier how even if Annie transformed down there the structural integrity would keep her trapped, Titan Annie is able to stomp her way through the ground. She effectively traps the trio. Though Eren proclaims the only way to get free is to transform himself, only he can’t. Mikasa knows why: Eren’s having a hard time accepting that Annie actually is a Titan. And as Mikasa says so, we flash back to when Erwin first came up with the plan to trap Annie.

Armin came to Erwin with his thoughts on suspecting Annie as the Titan. There’s no actual proof, just what Armin has witnessed. It’s enough to convince Erwin to try, though the same cannot be said for Eren.

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