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Hey all!

As you may or may not have noticed things are kind of quiet around here. Steph and I are trying to play catch-up in life so we’re taking a short brake to get things all sorted out. Don’t fret we plan on being back soon to talk all about the fall line up (SLEEPY HALLOW!) bring you more reviews, cosplay starter kits and, crafty things. I may even drop in some beauty things too! lol

We’ll see you see you in a few!

❤ Mel and Steph

Video of the Week: Our ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

These are our ALS ice bucket challenges. Yes, we both donated as well and if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about watch this video that will make you laugh then cry. While the past few weeks have been rough for the world, something like this can help make it a little better.  If you feel like donating too you can do so here.

What would you dump ice water on your head for?

❤ Mel and Steph



Teen Wolf Bingo Cards


If you’ve seen the sneak preview for tonight’s episode,  you know what’s coming, and that you’ll need your bingo cards so you can play along and be distracted from Creepy Aunt Kate.

If you haven’t seen the sneak preview you probably should. Right now. Go ahead. Then after you’ve been grossed out,  come back here to get your cards and play with us tonight!

Bingo Cards

Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4, Set 5, Set 6

I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.

– Steph

What I Made: May Edition


Ta Da! I made a swim top and it was one of the harder things I’ve attempted to make. I used Simplicity Pattern 1374 and liked it over all. I scored this fabric at Goodwill. (6 yards for $6 WOOT!) I do like the roucheing on the side. It helps hide the mommy tummy. Totally worth the 2 needles I broke while doing it.

I think working with a 4 way stretch knit is just hard in general, but even harder when you’re not really motivated. Swim seasons is not my fave. I just dislike swimming in general. The pools are never clean enough for me and the water is so drying. bleh. I don’t think I would have finished this if my kids weren’t so excited about swimming.

I will say that, for me, making a swim suit is always cheaper than buying one. I have and odd body shape (which I love bc it’s mine) that makes it hard to find things I like in a price I’m willing to pay. So, I guess the anger and pain were worth it. I still dislike swimming, tho.

Are you a fan of swimming? Anyone else have issues finding a ready made suit?


PS I wouldn’t recommend this pattern for beginners.


Chicago Welcomes Welcome to Night Vale, the Live Show

I know Mel and I haven’t spent any time on this blog discussing the wonder that is the WtNV podcast, a grievous error on our parts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t absolutely love listening to Cecil and all the strange happenings in the wonderful town of Night Vale. For those not in the know, WtNV is a bi-monthly updating podcast in the style of a local community radio broadcast for the desert town of Night Vale. And, while that may seem boring, Night Vale is no ordinary town. It is a supernatural wonderland of crazy, and sometimes creepy, occurrences. From the old woman who talks to Angels, the Dog Park no one is allowed to enter, a strange glow cloud, and a rivalry with that weird town Desert Bluffs, WtNV is everything you never knew you wanted. And more!

Recently, the folks who bring this podcast to life have gone on a tour of live shows throughout the country. I was lucky enough to go to a show in Chicago this past Saturday. It was 100% worth the money (and aggravation of city driving) to go see everyone bring the show to life. Even my husband, who knew next to nothing about WtNV and had listened to exactly one episode on the drive down to the city, had a great time. The show is completely engaging, subtly (and sometimes not so) interacting with the audience. It’s also hilarious. Again, my husband laughed and laughed…despite saying on the way in, “I don’t think I’ll fit in here.”

See, here’s the beauty of WtNV: Anyone and everyone fits in there. I’ve always loved how the writers leave visualization of characters up to the listeners. It’s one of the things that first drew me into the podcast, tbh. I kept seeing fanart for WtNV all over Tumblr. And each artist had a different interpretation of Cecil Baldwin. It’s fabulous. And on top of all that, the way each story is presented in the episodes can easily attract any number of listener, no matter what their typical preferences.

So. I’ll break down a little bit what you can expect at a live show, in case you so choose to attend (which you should. go buy tickets now. support this awesome group of people and the talent and effort they put into creating something really unique).

The show opened with a small set from Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt (they’re putting out an album soon) and, while not something I normally listen to, I found myself really enjoying them. Go check them out.

And then it was game on, with Cecil himself walking out onto the stage. The audience went NUTS for him, as well they should. He is such a captivating man. Whether just his voice through the podcast, or the way he moves on stage at a live performance, watching him narrate/act out everything is such a gift. I don’t want to spoil the contents of the episode, for those who can’t/haven’t yet seen the show. All you need to know is it’s titled, “The Librarian.” DUN, DUN, DUNNNNN. And you get appearances from Steve Carlsburg (HISSSSSS) and Carlos (dreamy, wonderful, perfect Carlos).

I highly recommend taking a listen to the podcast, even if you can’t attend a live show. I only hope that next year they tour again so more can enjoy it.

Sorry in advance for crappy iPhone pictures taken from the balcony. Despite tickets going on sale at noon and me checking at 12:05, I barely got tickets at all. They went quick.

photo 3


photo 4


photo 5

The entire crew that makes up Welcome to Night Vale: from writers to musical and vocal talent.

If you want to learn more, go here to their FAQs page, where it includes links to episodes, music, and general information you may like to know.

What I Made: February Edition



Was February a really hard month for anyone else? It totally kicked my butt. On Feb 27 I realized I hadn’t even started on the skirt I’d planned out for this month. (It was so cute too!) Knowing I didn’t have enough time to do it, I decided to make myself a pair of pajama pants. They take all of 30 min to whip out and I could totally stand to add another pair to the rotation.

Now I’m not going to model them for you because they’re nothing special. However if you want to make yourself a comfy pair Simplicity has this free pattern you can print off at home. I just used an old pair that fit the way I like as a guide. (If you want me to show you how to do that lemme know in the comments.)

Let’s hope March is kinder to us all!


PS The picture is of the fabric I used.