Don’t be That Guy

Last year at Comic Con I sat on the trolley with my lovely partner in crime Steph, and  took part in one of my favorite guilty pleasures: eavesdropping. It’s kind of hard not to hear what others are saying when you’re crammed together like that.


Lucky for me, Steph likes to eavesdrop too (HEY, QUIT CALLING ME OUT ON MY BAD HABITS! -steph) and we both zeroed in on the same group.  They were talking about cosplyers. Normal stuff, until the token boy of the group starts talking about the worst cosplayer he’s seen.  It went something like this:

” This guy’s was wearing green sweats and turtle neck, Uggs and a lame sword. He was trying to be link.”

Right after he said it Steph leaned over and said what I was thinking:

“What if he couldn’t afford a fancy costume and still wanted to dress up?”

Source Kelly Rowles/Convention Fans

Sure, everyone wants to have the best stuff out there, but sometimes you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. Are there more accurate Link outfits out there? Sure, but that’s not the point. The point is that guy wanted to go as Link and he made it work.


That’s the overall goal of this place. We want to share what inspires and works for us and hope you do the same. Whether that means trolling ebay for the exact ribbon used on Mal’s costume or going to your closet and working with what you’ve got. People can be so creative it’s amazing.

Source photo by Jim5353

There are going to be plenty of people mocking regardless of how well put together an outfit is. We can’t stop that, but we won’t add to it.  So, lets see how creative and awesome we all can be!