Last Minute Halloween make-up ideas


Mel: I saw this awesome make-up idea online and could not find an original source for it. Since I’m not very good with this sort of thing (Steph can vouch. She had to help me paint myself green and still be pretty.) I asked Steph to see if she could whip something up.  I think she did a fantastic job! (Just click on the picture if you need a closer look.) (Steph: Don’t click on the picture for a closer look.  DON’T FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY.)

Steph: If you’re going to do eye makeup, the best thing you can use is liquid eyeliner with an eyeliner brush (I recommend MAC). Pencil can be a bit too soft, smudge easily and come out too thick for your liking. The eyeliner you buy at drugstores can be too hard to apply, simply because they’re usually wands that restrict how close to the tip of the applicator you can get (which helps your control when applying).
Each eye is shaped differently. So when you’re extending the line of black past the corner of your eye, just follow the natural curve of it. Otherwise the shape you make will look unnatural.
I’d also like to throw out there that i am not wearing any other makeup besides what I put on for this (plus I had a migraine earlier so that explains why I look so rough – shhh just go with it) which is actually a no no. Make sure all your other makeup (foundation, coverup, etc) is already on to avoid messing up your pretty artwork. You especially want a base coat of makeup on your lids to avoid any bleeding of the product.
On my left eye I tried something a little more simple (and only spent about five minutes on due to my baby waking up from a nap) which could be an easier alternative for you to try. I used my pencil for this, so notice it’s thicker.
And then I threw glitter at it all. Because glitter makes everything better.

Mel: How awesome was that?! Now if that wasn’t exactly what you need for Halloween, never fear. Follow me this way and see if there’s something else that may help. Like always if you see something you like just click on the picture and it will take you where you want to be.

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Comic review: A-Babies vs X-Babies (Or, The Cutest Comic Ever)

I wish this wasn’t a one shot comic, I really do, because A-Babies vs X-Babies was a really fun, fantastic read.  Perfect for young children and their comic loving parents.

Will you look at Baby Cap’s house?  SO PATRIOTIC OMG I’M CRYING.  And then there’s where he lives.  On the corner of Fury and Xavier Way.  I love it.  Absolutely love it.

The story behind the epic battle begins as we say goodnight to Baby Cap.  He’s getting all his teddy bears tucked in, when suddenly he notices something.

It’s soon discovered that Baby Cyclops is behind the abduction of poor, dear Bucky Bear.  Obviously Baby Cap won’t stand for that INJUSTICE so…

One of the greatest pages is when Cyclops is calling forth his fellow X Men.

I was giggling so hard at how quickly they all swarmed at the mention of ice cream.

The battle scenes are great, the attention to detail with each hero/mutant is amazing.

So who wins?  Well, you’ll just have to buy it, read it and see for yourself.  You can purchase the electronic copy here at

TV Round-Up: ‘Merlin’, ‘The Walking Dead’, and ‘American Horror Story’



Mel: We got to have Giles come back this week to play! Well not so much Giles as Ripper but I still loved to have him back. This episode we really got to see Arthur come into his own. He really set himself apart from Uther’s rule. I could see Merlin glowing with pride from the sidelines. There were a few things I took issue with but over all it was a good episode.

One thing that really threw me was seeing Percy with actual sleeves at the round table. I think the writers could hear the cries of fanboys and girls across the land which is why in the very next scene he’s got no sleeves. CLEVER! Then Uther has to  ruin it but throwing an epic tantrum. Tsk Tsk.  The climax of this episode broke my heart a little for Arthur. The painful choice he made was a huge step in his road to greatness.

The Walking Dead


Mel: H-O-L-Y C-O-W This was intense.  The inmates in the cafeteria, Hershel, and Lori not thinking things through. Again. Karl is slowly winning me over. He is one crafty little bastard. I mean, we know Lori isn’t watching him because she’s off moping or washing clothes. It’s nice to see he’s using the skills that caused issues last season DALE! to help the group this season. In this case, to help out Hershel.

The costume department on this season is genius for placing the inmates in blue jumpsuits instead of orange. It makes them almost invisible. CREEPY! Also perfect. And can we talk about Rick? Sweet heavens he has really found his backbone this season. When he says something, he means it. Daryl is also looking mighty fine. I think he and Rick make more sense at this point than Lori and Rick but what do I know.

American Horror Story

Mel: This sums up all my feelings on AHS:

Stephanie: I’m carefully avoiding any Merlin and Walking Dead info as I’m not caught up.  As it is, I just barely caught up to American Horror Story this morning (it’s been a really busy couple weeks over here).  I’ve gotta say, I’m not one to really get scared at horror movies/shows.  In fact, I’m usually that annoying person in the theaters pointing out plot holes, predicting (accurately) what happens next, and/or laughing at inappropriate times.

BUT.  AHS: Asylum really freaks me out.  It’s the setting that really gets to me.  Anything having to do with insane asylums leaves me feeling all heeby jeeby inside. The idea that there are people not quite right in the head, getting loose, wreaking havoc, and all the evil doctors/workers doing who knows what to cure “illnesses”…ugh I’m shuddering just thinking about it.

Like last season, I find myself loving Evan Peter’s character (regardless of any guilt/insanity/etc).  And this past episode had me feeling all the feels for him.  It kills me seeing characters break under all the evil that’s going on in one building (though I know better than to assume everything is exactly as it seems with this show).  And I was so glad to see Zachary Quinto again.  His character got quite the shake up after what happened with one of the patients.  I mean, I was kind of shaken up after watching it, to be honest.  Made The Exorcist look like child’s play.

The one aspect of this season I’m feeling iffy about is the supernatural aspect.  I’m aware that during the 60’s there was a major increase in any type of SciFi interest.  But I’m wondering exactly how that will play out, in the mix of all the religious influence.  It seems science vs religion is a pretty big deal for this season.

Only time will tell what will happen.  And how much more scared I get…

Iron Man 3 Trailer: too Extremis for me to handle

For those of you who don’t know, I love me some Iron Man.  Safe to say he’s my favorite Avenger.  And out of the separate movies, the Iron Man series take the cake.  I had every intention of staying up to watch the trailer that released last night/this morning.  And then my 5 year old woke up from a bad dream and took over my bed and decided my arm made a good pillow.  So I decided just to wait until daylight to watch it.  Even if my daughter would’ve enjoyed watching the trailer as well since she loves Iron Man too (though Thor is her favorite ever because “he’s cute.” Can’t fault that logic).

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet shame on you go watch it now

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Fancy Pumpkins: 8 Painting, Carving and Decorating Ideas

I was lucky and scored TWO bags full of lace at Goodwill last weekend. Once the thrifting high wore off I realized I had a ton of lace I needed to start using! My mini suggested making “Lacey fancy pretty pumpkins” and this is what we came up with! Nothing special just hot glue and lace.    (There are going to be a lot of lace in the near future for me. )

If this isn’t for you never fear! I’ve rounded up a bunch of awesome ideas that should give you some ideas. If you do see something you like just click on the picture and it will take you where you want to be.

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TV Round Up: ‘Merlin’, ‘The Walking Dead’, And ‘American Horror Story’

Fall is the season that keeps on giving! Almost all of my shows are back! I don’t want to talk about ‘Community’. There are so many feelings that go along with these shows. Let’s jump right in!



This episode set the tone for the rest of the season and I think it’s a great one. Not everything is as it seems and I’m nore sure how I’m feeling about Mordred at this point, or Morgana for that matter. I think the only thing that really made me sad was Merlin found his dragon and didn’t take him home to give him reading lessons. But in all seriousness I see seeds of change being planted. For good or evil I do not know! I love that this show is close enough to the legends that I feel I know these characters but not so close that I’ve seen it all before. What about what Merlin saw in the well? Or what about the Key to Merlin before he left? And most important: What magic bra do Angel and Katie wear on set bc their boobs look fantastic! I’ll take two.

The Walking Dead


I was a little bit worried about this show. Not for lack of writing but when we left off last season I was ready to serve half this group to the zombies as bait so the other half could live.  The opening sequence of this set those worries aside. The show jumped in time and we can tell right off they have found their groove under Rick. Now we knew from last season the group was headed to the prison and it was a terrifying as I imagined it to be. That’s just the structure itself. I’ll leave it up to you to decide about whats on the inside.

We also get to see how the relationships have progressed. Glen and Maggie are the cutest, and I love where Rick and Lorie are. I know that may sound wrong but I find where they are at now more real and believable then they ever were before. Lorie was one of the ones I was ready to tie a dinner bell on last year. After her reaction to the news about Shane and her hand in the events that lead to that, I was done. Now she’s finally realizing the impact of her actions on both Karl and Rick and I say good.  I know it’s hash but you can’t have it both ways. You just can’t.

The last 5 minutes had me rocking in the corner chanting “nononononononononononono”.  I don’t know what to do with what I saw! I have so many emotions!

American Horror Story


Now is a good time to state if you are squeamish about blood and gore this isn’t a show you want to watch. Just putting it out there.

What is so awesome about this show is if you haven’t seen season one it doesn’t matter. You can start right now bc it’s a completely different story. The writers opted for an anthology approach using the same core actors, like a company for a theater. I love this for so many reason. It allows for us to get something new every season without growing tired of repetitive story lines I’m looking at you gLee while also getting to see these actors show their range, a lot of it.  There are a few newbies to keep it fresh but they only add to the show.

This season is focused on the fear we have in our minds and takes place in an insane asylum during two different times. There is mystery,  gore, and a real wrongness to the whole thing that it truly terrifying. I’m already trying to figure out the plot twists and what everything could be. I will no doubt be wrong but it’s fun all the same.

What are you watching this season?

Hogwarts Wall Art

So I made this for a contest that has now passed and thought I should share it here! If you remember in my Tales of Sands review I made something similar. The goal is to have something that looks kind of like this. I used this image as a template, but am not quite good enough yet to do the pretty words at the bottom. I was thinking of just putting “Always” since I cry every damn time I read/watch it.

What do you think?


Merlin: Arthur’s Bane


Merlin series 5 started off with a bang! So I was a little iffy about this season because the end of the last season. It felt all over the map.  I was pleasantly surprised with this episode and hope it keeps this tone for the rest of the season.  (I refuse to admit this will be the last one. REFUSE!)

This episode had it all; beautiful action sequences, a dragon, pretty clothes, shirtless knights (Is it written into Tom Hopper’s contract that sleeves make baby angels cry?), Merlin and Arthur’s constant flirting bickering, and well timed comedy. Katie McGrath brought Morgana’s  beautiful crazy full force and well. I really want to see where they take her this season. Will Morgana learn to let go of all that hate? Gwen was lovely as ever but I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop with her. (I just can’t get the legends out of my head ok?)

I think what sets this episode apart from last season is I could really see them all as people and not just parts of  legends pieced together. It was nice to have the jump of three years to give these people more dept. I could see it right away and I loved it. Merlin seemed to really have come into his own ever that time. I can’t wait to see where he goes. My only hope is they do the magic reveal right with him. Over all I am really looking forward to this season unfold.

What are you looking forward to this season?

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Mel: Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. And I don’t even like candy! I love dressing up and getting to show off what I’ve made. (This year I’m forcing my family into doing a theme, but seeing as I haven’t started sewing yet I don’t want to jinx it by saying what it is. )

Now there are a bunch of kids ideas for kids and that’s great. However, I’m going to mainly focus on the ones for adults. (I’ll link some kids ones at the end.) I tried to get a range that you could make your own.  If you like what you see just click on the picture and it will take you to where you want to be!

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Star Trek Ongoing: The Red Shirt’s Tale

Steph: This issue gave me a lot of feels. Most of which center on how Cupcake, er, Hendorff views his job as basically a protector of the ship and feels about his crew.
I thought I’d read somewhere that his character wouldn’t be returning for the movie, which is a damn shame after reading this issue. Either way, I’m glad to have received this snippet of Redshirt life. It gave me so many feelings about the role they play; all while gently poking fun at the stigma that surrounds that color shirt.
What interested me the most, however, was the relationship between Uhura and Hendorff

Mel: I don’t care. Hendorff will always be Cupcake. ALWAYS. So when I saw the cover of this I was excited. Then when I realized I didn’t have to wait another month to get resolution for the story I could have wept happy fangirl tears.

Steph: I won’t lie, I really disliked the romantic aspect of the 2009 movie. Mostly because I have a hard time seeing Spock with anyone other than Jim and the movie didn’t need any love story to propel it. So I’d be happy if Uhura and Spock are no longer an item in the upcoming movie. And really, I have a new found appreciation for Hendorff. He deserves some love.
Hearing about Kirk’s apology, Bone’s gruff bedside manner, Sulu’s general badassness, to name a few, was very cool. Especially the way it was done. Through the eyes of a man writing home to his parents.

Mel: You can learn a lot from people from how others see them. Cupcake offers a ton in the way of seeing the main crew in the way we don’t normally get to see. In many ways I find it more accurate than what we get to see normally. I loved that we get to see Kirk take responsibility for being a dick jerk when they first met. I love that while he sees through Bones’ grump, Cupcake is still scared of him. 

Steph: There was even some suspense in this issue that had me worried for awhile there.

To me, the best part about this series is the ability for the writers to explore the characters in more depth, even those that aren’t considered “main” to the eyes of most.  And really, they managed to take a character I didn’t much care for and turn him into someone I really love.  How they managed that feat after the way he’s introduced…

…all in one issue, is pretty impressive.

Mel: I think this issue may have to be my fave to date. I saw what I hope is hints for the up coming movie DAMNIT JJ JUST GIVE ME A TRAILER. COME ON IT HAS BEEN 4 YEARS. 4 YEARS!  and I like them. A lot.  The last page was so… inspiring as a fan. It let us see these people as more than just a color of a shirt or a running joke. They WANT to be there and more importantly are proud to do it. What do you mean they aren’t real?

You can pick this up at you local shop or online here.

What color shirt would you choose?

Written by: Mike Johnson Art by: Tim Bradstreet and Stephen Molnar