San Diego Comic Con 2014: Preview Night and Thursday

This is made completely out of LEGOS!

This is made completely out of LEGOS!

Hey everyone!!

So, sorry we’ve been MIA a little bit but I was making a made dash to attend SDCC. It was AMAZING! SDCC is my happy place. I’m gonna do a little recap of the days and then posts about each cosplay I did to share the fun with you all!

This year I FINALLY got my hubs to go early to get our badges for Pre-view night. Our wait of usually an hour plus went to almost nothing. We were able to walk right up to our respective lines and get our stuff! I was even able to trade my swag bag with a friend to get the one I really wanted. ADAM WEST IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY BATMAN!

From there we ate and then got in line for the floor. I’d never done this before but I think I’ll do it again next year. With the exception of the Funko Booth we were able to get almost everything we wanted to get that night! Huzzah! (Side note: if anyone has a Buffy bobble head from Funko that I don’t have to trade for my first born, let me know.)

During it all I was able to meet up with the lovely Liz and Meg from the Keysmash blog where we made our plans for the next day.  They were super dedicated and camped out for the first bit of the night for ballroom 20. I took the early morning shift and got there around 4 am. Did we need to get there that early to get a close seat? No, not really but you live you learn. The thing about the Ballroom 20 line is it messes with you a little bit. How? Well the line is “Everything but Hall H” until about 6 am. So that means you’re with people trying to get their hands on the exclusives being sold that day, autographs and anything else you need to line up for. It makes the line look long and you don’t really know what the people in front of you are there for.

OK so, from there we made it into the room with ease and scored great seats about 7 rows back. Once we got our seats I took this time to dash to the bathroom and get my cosplay put together. I went from “busted” to Stuttgart!Loki only 30 min. It’s amazing what makeup, contacts, false lashes, spanx, and a wig can do! LOL I was able to get back before the first panel started.  I only managed to snap one “good” photo later.


I was basically melting at this point.

First up was 24. I’ve never watched the show but that didn’t stop it from being a really interesting panel! Kiefer Sutherland was very well spoken and really loved his show. It’s great to see that passion. The next one was Under the Dome which was, meh for me save Rachelle Lefevre’s AMAZING Starbuck cosplay. Get it girl.

That was followed by a new pilot screening of a show called Scorpion which looks to be an amazing show.  It’s about a group of actual geniuses who are experts in certain areas and how they partner with the government to keep us all safe without us knowing. It’s based off a real person who was at the panel and it was fascinating to hear him talk. He’s the 4th smartest person in the world and while he was in school he was labeled “slow” bc his mind didn’t work like everyone else’s. He also had a very hard time socially which added to the labeling problem. What I loved most about it was the fact they weren’t making fun of the brainy group (I’m looking at you, Big Bang) or trying to “fix” them. I only hope it’s not on FOX so it will get more than 1 season and we can see it grow!

After that we got to visit Greendale which is always a pleasure. By the end my cheeks hurt from laughing! They are all so smart and funny! I’m super glad we’ll be get another season with them!

Teen Wolf was the last panel I saw for the day and why I got in line so early. I did really enjoy it. I’m totally aware that it’s not a perfect show and that’s OK. It’s trying more than others in many respects. That being said I’m waiting until the end of the season to watch just in case something crazy happens with Danny and he leaves the show forever. I need time to prepare. It looks like a REALLY amazing season and all things considered I’m excited to watch. (This may have something to do with JD saying we haven’t seen the last of Danny but I’m scared about what that means.)

Once TW was done so was my body. I wanted to stay for the last two panels but lol Nope. Waking up at 3:30 am was totally catching up to me. I went back to where I was staying and CRASHED!

I hoped you enjoyed going through the first two days with me!

What panel would you camp out for?


Teen Wolf Bingo Cards

Once again, Mel and I must apologize for missing the recap/bingo results from last week’s episode. Mel has been busy with getting ready for SDCC and I was busy at my own convention (Blackhawks woo!) and yeah, time got away from us. BUT THIS WEEK! Since I’m not going to SDCC *sniff sniff* I will be here to do my own review of tonight’s episode. So don’t forget to get your copy of bingo cards for tonight and play along with me!


Bingo Cards

Set 1  Set 2  Set 3   Set 4  Set 5  Set 6

Teen Wolf Bingo Cards: Season 4


Here’s your friendly reminder to grab your bingo cards for tonight’s epi!

Bingo Cards
Set 1Set 2, Set 3Set 4Set 5Set 6

Also, There’s no review up for last week bc things are crazy here. Neither Steph or myself have had a chance to watch. I will say that I’ve heard a rumor that Danny will no longer be in the show and if that’s the case Steph will be alone in her reviews. He’s my fave so no Danny = No Mel watching the show. Let’s hope it’s just a rumor!


AniMonday: Legend of Korra Book 3 Review (chapters 4 and 5)

Chapter 4 – In Harm’s Way

I was really excited to see this season’s bad guys at the start of this episode. Especially armless water bender Ming-Hua because her bending is so amazing to me. Plus! Getting a good look at the mysterious skills of P’Li. I can’t lie, when P’Lu and Zaheer are reunited and Ghazan starts winning about them kissing, I totally cracked up. One of the best parts about Avatar is their ability to infuse humor with drama and action. It’s lovely.

Korra and Asami continue to be the greatest of bffs. I’m really enjoying watching them interact. Instead of being competition for Mako’s affective, they’re really getting to know each other. Asami having Korra’s back against the Earth Queen is a joy. Basically everything about them is super great.

Jinora coming into her own as a stand alone character is really interesting. I love how the Avatar franchise isn’t afraid to make their female characters powerful – whether they’re good, bad, or somewhere in between. It’s especially refreshing seeing it in a young girl, who isn’t even (or at least wasn’t before) a main character.

The Dai Li continue to be evil, forcing the Air benders to train, showing them no mercy and throwing them in the hole (lol typical). Poor Kai. But lbr, if he hadn’t gone on a pick pocketing spree he never would’ve ended up in that mess.

And then we learn about Zaheer and his crew, why they were locked away… They tried to kidnap Korra when she was a baby! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN. Too bad no one knows why They wanted to kidnap her in the first place. Here’s hoping we discover their motive long before the end of the season.

Lin Beifong shows up (yes!) and together with the help of Team Avatar go to bust out all the captive air benders. The Queen declares it an act of war, which yeah I wonder how that’s gonna go down consisting Lin is on the police force for Republic City. Idk. You’d think that would have some repercussions.

(I didn’t tear up when the Air benders decide to stay with Tenzin. YOU DID. )

Chapter 5 – The Metal Clan

Reports of an air bender in some city I don’t know the spelling of but is the home of the metal clan (hence the name of the chapter) reach the team. Beifong is obviously lying when she states she isn’t familiar with it. So obviously they’re gonna go and we’re gonna find out what’s up with Beifong.

We get a teasing snippet of information about Toph, the city having been built by her. I’m sad we don’t actually see more than just a statue, but I do appreciate the mention to old characters I love. We do, however, meet Beifong’s (half) sister… Who apparently Beifong hates. THE PLOT THICKENS.

So Team Avatar meets the newest air bender, Beifong’s niece Opal. There’s an immediately apparent interest for Bolin on her part. She seems to nice though, to bland at least for now. But who knows. Maybe Bolin needs a more sedate girl to keep him in line. All I know is I want him happy. He’s a forever fave of mine.

I really enjoyed seeing Zaheer come to Air Temple Island, a little disguised so no one would recognize him. However, Kya immediately had suspicions. The fact he’s such a talented bender is odd. But he seems to have studied maybe even before getting the ability. Maybe because he was the only non bender in his merry band of misfits and no one else was an air bender? Idk. He seems like a respectful guy, outside the whole kidnapping thing. Even when fighting kya, he could’ve wasted all those guards and her, but instead he fought enough to incapacitate them and leave before really hurting them. I feel like I’m going to end up sympathizing for him.

What is with the most recent two episodes making me cry? At the end of 5, there’s a confrontation between Beifong, Opal and Korra. It ends with Korra accusing Beifong of being lonely and bitter… And seeing Beifong cry. Foot someone who is always so tough and put together, watching her fall apart was heart breaking.

I’m so happy that this season continues to deliver the humor, angst and drama. I looked at this season with so much hesitation at first. And now it’s all anticipation. Can’t wait for the next episode!

AniMonday: Sailor Moon Crystal Review – ep 1


This past Saturday the new series,  Sailor Moon Crystal, debuted and ohemgeeeeeeeee it was amazing.

As a series focused on more closely following the manga (which I admit I never read), episode one wasfar more fast paced than the original.  There were introductions I enjoyed,  like all of Usagi’s classmates and Motoki’s appearance early on (who’s even cuter,  if I may say so). But at times it feels rushed. We even catch a glimpse of Ami (Mercury) at the very end. In the original I hated how long it took for her to show up. But I wouldn’t mind it taking a few episodes for Usagi to really get the hang of things (as much as she ever did anyway) before Ami comes to help.

One of the changes I most enjoyed was Usagi’s transformation into Sailor Moon.  I can’t really explain why, other than I thought it looked so cool. There were a lot of similarities to the original anime – the nails and ribbons surrounding her to form gloves, boots and the rest of the costume. It just seemed to flow easier. Maybe part of that is the animation itself and not just the new concept. Either way, I love it.

Also worth noting is Mamoru’s (Tuxedo Mask) immediate involvement. From the moment Usagi runs into him there’s a connection, an almost recognition of each other that is an improvement from the original (imo). I really did miss the rose during the fight sequence,  though. I can’t lie about that disappointment.

All said and done, haters to the left, this series is starting out really strong. My only complaint is having to wait for the next episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal updates every first and third Saturday on hulu. You can also catch the episodes on Crunchy Roll and several other sites (Google finds all).

I hope you’ll all join me on this familiar,  yet new,  journey into Usagi’s life. It’s gonna be a trip!


Video of the Week: Captain America Cookie Sandwiches

HOW CUTE ARE THESE? I mean really. I love this channel and if you aren’t familiar you should totally check it out. Ro has amazing ideas and I’m always in awe of the things she creates.

Have any of you tired once of her tutorials?


PS:  By show of hands who thinks Steph needs to make these asap?

Teen Wolf 4.2 Bingo Results and Recap

Mel’s Card
TW bingo week two winnter


I don’t even know what to do with this Episode. Like, why is Kate back? When did this turn into an ‘Ocean’s 11’? Who’s playing the Brad Pitt character and who’s his George Clooney? Why is Derek unable to find a place with whole walls if he’s super rich? PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW!

Ok so I kind of love Malia. I think she cute and awesome and trying really hard to figure out how the hell she fits in. It’s also nice to see the other girls helping her. I think she’s just what Stiles needs. lol

But seriously I have no clue where any of this is going and that’s kid of fun. The ‘Devil in a V-Neck’s’ face when he found out he got robbed was awesome. Also his line of “WHY CAN’T ANYONE IN THIS TOWN STAY DEAD?” totally got a cackle from me.

I did miss Danny, (Who should be in every episode, be tee dubs.) but I hope to see him next week. Parish was totally great this episode too. How much do we love this guy? (A lot)

Papa Stilinski’s time travel freak out was also awesome. I love how he’s trying so hard to understand things but has a limit to what he can handle. “Was he swimming in the fountain of youth?” <-LOL Never change Papa Stilinski. Never change.

Ok so back to Kate. WHY? Really WHY IS SHE HERE. I didn’t like her in the first season and I sure as hell don’t like her now. Ugh! Why? There has to be more to it than just Derek. If we’re sticking with the ‘Ocean’s 11’ analogy does that make her Julia Roberts or one of the Mormon Twins? I’m so confused!

I will say looking at next week if anything happens to Mama McCall I will burn this place to the ground. We’ve lost too many moms to lose her too. I’m willing to sacrifice Peter  in her place. Hell I’ll even throw in Kate. Two for once is not a bad deal. But Seriously, she must live.

Steph’s card

I just realized I got a bingo on the same exact row as last week. Huh. Go figure.


This week’s episode was…very interesting to say the least. Like, I’m so glad we got to see some gas station attendant’s blood and guts sprayed across a bathroom’s walls. So excellent. But in all seriousness, what was weird to me is that Kate still cannot contain her wolf. Maybe it’s because I’mstill unsure how much time has elapsed since the first season. But you’d think if it had been awhile, Creepy Kate would’ve been found out by some hunters and killed. Because lbr she was a psychotic killer as a human. As a moon crazed wolf she’d destroy an entire town. That thing doesn’t go unnoticed.

Her whole plot to get the triskellion is interesting to me. I know Peter said it wasn’t anything but we all know Peter cannot be trusted. And, yes there was the theft of the Hale money (117 MILLION?)To focus on but I wouldn’t put it past the show to bring that up again. Poor baby Derek.

Speaking of baby Derek… How grossed out was I watching Kate kiss him? There was some expanding in the from Peter about this de-aged Derek being from a time after meeting Kate (freaking nebulous time) but while still trusting her (what’s that mean), so are we to assume Derek wasn’t underage when she seduced him? I need Jeff Davis to make a time line already.

Malia is my new fave and all you haters can keep on walking. She’s so cute. Did you guys notice she had Stiles’ s name written on her notes? And that it was spelled wrong?

There’s even a little heart! I do feel terrible that she’s struggling so hard in school, though it’s completely believable.

The whole vault thing was just…a lot. Like I really hope that’s the explanation behind season 1 Derek constantly being at the g high school. He was making a withdrawal not… something else slightly weirder like turning impressionable teenagers who were too damaged to say no.

I was so happy to see Parish omg. I hope he continues to play a significant roll in the series. Wouldn’t it be great if he knew about the supernatural?

Tell me more about the berserkers. How does Kate control them? Why didn’t they just finish the job with the gang when they were in Mexico? They totally could’ve.

Agent McCall. Hmmm. I don’t want to like him. And yet I don’t want to not like him either. Basically things were easier before he showed up. But I did enjoy the scene with him, Stiles and bb Derek. It also made me crave Chinese.

There are probably a ton of points I’m missing tbh. This show is one to take notes on if you want to go back and address everything. It should be interesting to see how the conflicts of both Kate and the benefactor, or whoever stole that money, coincide. And as long as all my faves continue to live, I’m here for it.