AniMondays: Attack on Titan

The third episode starts with the group of new recruits for the military. You get to meet/see some new faces that will no doubt play a big part in the show. With so much horror and despair in this series so far (and it’s only three episodes in!) there is need for levity. And we get that in a character named Sasha. There is a weird/hilarious moment with her and a steamed potato that helped ease some of the never ending tension I hold whenever watching AoT.

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AniMondays: Attack on Titan

Of course this episode starts off with birds picking at dead bodies.  Of course it does.

Episode 2 deals with more fallout from the giant Titan’s attack on the outer wall. Eren and Mikasa are saved from certain death by Hannes, a man who was in charge of guarding the wall and who was chastised by Eren for being drunk and lazy. If you watched the last episode then you know Hannes saves the two kids from the Titan that ate their mother. And so, even though he was a coward in some aspects, he was able to do this one thing to try and redeem himself.

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TV Round Up: Attack on Titan

One of the best (and worst) things about tumblr is the introduction to so many new fandoms. I kept seeing posts about this new anime based off the manga by the same name. We all know how I can’t resist things that are basically shoved under my nose day in and day out (cough, Teen Wolf, cough) so I gave it a try.

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TV Round Up: Doctor Who- The Rings of Akhaten


I’m so confused. Anyone else? I mean it seemed to me that Clara had to give up an awful lot this episode. Don’t get me wrong I loved seeing the Doctor wearing Amy’s glasses but it would have been nice for him to give up for the cause. You know?

Then there’s the story itself. It was just meh. I’m not sure I’m going to watch the rest of this live. I think I’m going to wait until It’s on netflix and watch it all at once.

What are your thought?

TV Round Up: The Walking Dead and Doctor Who

Doctor Who is back!!

So I’m reserving judgement on the second half of the season until I’ve seen a little more. I do want to know more about Clara, but it feels like they’re throwing a bunch of information at me. I don’t know what it means or why I should care…. Yet,

One thing’s for sure tho, Matt Smith is a great Doctor. He brings a lightheartedness that 9 and 10 didn’t have. Not sure if it makes for a great story line but it is enjoyable to watch. Here’s hoping for the best.

PS did anyone else get a “Forest of the Dead” feel from those robot things?

Alright, You know the drill for this show; Feels and spoilers under the cut.

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