AniMonday: Legend of Korra Book 3 Review (chapters 4 and 5)

Chapter 4 – In Harm’s Way

I was really excited to see this season’s bad guys at the start of this episode. Especially armless water bender Ming-Hua because her bending is so amazing to me. Plus! Getting a good look at the mysterious skills of P’Li. I can’t lie, when P’Lu and Zaheer are reunited and Ghazan starts winning about them kissing, I totally cracked up. One of the best parts about Avatar is their ability to infuse humor with drama and action. It’s lovely.

Korra and Asami continue to be the greatest of bffs. I’m really enjoying watching them interact. Instead of being competition for Mako’s affective, they’re really getting to know each other. Asami having Korra’s back against the Earth Queen is a joy. Basically everything about them is super great.

Jinora coming into her own as a stand alone character is really interesting. I love how the Avatar franchise isn’t afraid to make their female characters powerful – whether they’re good, bad, or somewhere in between. It’s especially refreshing seeing it in a young girl, who isn’t even (or at least wasn’t before) a main character.

The Dai Li continue to be evil, forcing the Air benders to train, showing them no mercy and throwing them in the hole (lol typical). Poor Kai. But lbr, if he hadn’t gone on a pick pocketing spree he never would’ve ended up in that mess.

And then we learn about Zaheer and his crew, why they were locked away… They tried to kidnap Korra when she was a baby! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN. Too bad no one knows why They wanted to kidnap her in the first place. Here’s hoping we discover their motive long before the end of the season.

Lin Beifong shows up (yes!) and together with the help of Team Avatar go to bust out all the captive air benders. The Queen declares it an act of war, which yeah I wonder how that’s gonna go down consisting Lin is on the police force for Republic City. Idk. You’d think that would have some repercussions.

(I didn’t tear up when the Air benders decide to stay with Tenzin. YOU DID. )

Chapter 5 – The Metal Clan

Reports of an air bender in some city I don’t know the spelling of but is the home of the metal clan (hence the name of the chapter) reach the team. Beifong is obviously lying when she states she isn’t familiar with it. So obviously they’re gonna go and we’re gonna find out what’s up with Beifong.

We get a teasing snippet of information about Toph, the city having been built by her. I’m sad we don’t actually see more than just a statue, but I do appreciate the mention to old characters I love. We do, however, meet Beifong’s (half) sister… Who apparently Beifong hates. THE PLOT THICKENS.

So Team Avatar meets the newest air bender, Beifong’s niece Opal. There’s an immediately apparent interest for Bolin on her part. She seems to nice though, to bland at least for now. But who knows. Maybe Bolin needs a more sedate girl to keep him in line. All I know is I want him happy. He’s a forever fave of mine.

I really enjoyed seeing Zaheer come to Air Temple Island, a little disguised so no one would recognize him. However, Kya immediately had suspicions. The fact he’s such a talented bender is odd. But he seems to have studied maybe even before getting the ability. Maybe because he was the only non bender in his merry band of misfits and no one else was an air bender? Idk. He seems like a respectful guy, outside the whole kidnapping thing. Even when fighting kya, he could’ve wasted all those guards and her, but instead he fought enough to incapacitate them and leave before really hurting them. I feel like I’m going to end up sympathizing for him.

What is with the most recent two episodes making me cry? At the end of 5, there’s a confrontation between Beifong, Opal and Korra. It ends with Korra accusing Beifong of being lonely and bitter… And seeing Beifong cry. Foot someone who is always so tough and put together, watching her fall apart was heart breaking.

I’m so happy that this season continues to deliver the humor, angst and drama. I looked at this season with so much hesitation at first. And now it’s all anticipation. Can’t wait for the next episode!

AniMonday: Sailor Moon Crystal Review – ep 1


This past Saturday the new series,  Sailor Moon Crystal, debuted and ohemgeeeeeeeee it was amazing.

As a series focused on more closely following the manga (which I admit I never read), episode one wasfar more fast paced than the original.  There were introductions I enjoyed,  like all of Usagi’s classmates and Motoki’s appearance early on (who’s even cuter,  if I may say so). But at times it feels rushed. We even catch a glimpse of Ami (Mercury) at the very end. In the original I hated how long it took for her to show up. But I wouldn’t mind it taking a few episodes for Usagi to really get the hang of things (as much as she ever did anyway) before Ami comes to help.

One of the changes I most enjoyed was Usagi’s transformation into Sailor Moon.  I can’t really explain why, other than I thought it looked so cool. There were a lot of similarities to the original anime – the nails and ribbons surrounding her to form gloves, boots and the rest of the costume. It just seemed to flow easier. Maybe part of that is the animation itself and not just the new concept. Either way, I love it.

Also worth noting is Mamoru’s (Tuxedo Mask) immediate involvement. From the moment Usagi runs into him there’s a connection, an almost recognition of each other that is an improvement from the original (imo). I really did miss the rose during the fight sequence,  though. I can’t lie about that disappointment.

All said and done, haters to the left, this series is starting out really strong. My only complaint is having to wait for the next episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal updates every first and third Saturday on hulu. You can also catch the episodes on Crunchy Roll and several other sites (Google finds all).

I hope you’ll all join me on this familiar,  yet new,  journey into Usagi’s life. It’s gonna be a trip!


Teen Wolf 4.2 Bingo Results and Recap

Mel’s Card
TW bingo week two winnter


I don’t even know what to do with this Episode. Like, why is Kate back? When did this turn into an ‘Ocean’s 11’? Who’s playing the Brad Pitt character and who’s his George Clooney? Why is Derek unable to find a place with whole walls if he’s super rich? PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW!

Ok so I kind of love Malia. I think she cute and awesome and trying really hard to figure out how the hell she fits in. It’s also nice to see the other girls helping her. I think she’s just what Stiles needs. lol

But seriously I have no clue where any of this is going and that’s kid of fun. The ‘Devil in a V-Neck’s’ face when he found out he got robbed was awesome. Also his line of “WHY CAN’T ANYONE IN THIS TOWN STAY DEAD?” totally got a cackle from me.

I did miss Danny, (Who should be in every episode, be tee dubs.) but I hope to see him next week. Parish was totally great this episode too. How much do we love this guy? (A lot)

Papa Stilinski’s time travel freak out was also awesome. I love how he’s trying so hard to understand things but has a limit to what he can handle. “Was he swimming in the fountain of youth?” <-LOL Never change Papa Stilinski. Never change.

Ok so back to Kate. WHY? Really WHY IS SHE HERE. I didn’t like her in the first season and I sure as hell don’t like her now. Ugh! Why? There has to be more to it than just Derek. If we’re sticking with the ‘Ocean’s 11’ analogy does that make her Julia Roberts or one of the Mormon Twins? I’m so confused!

I will say looking at next week if anything happens to Mama McCall I will burn this place to the ground. We’ve lost too many moms to lose her too. I’m willing to sacrifice Peter  in her place. Hell I’ll even throw in Kate. Two for once is not a bad deal. But Seriously, she must live.

Steph’s card

I just realized I got a bingo on the same exact row as last week. Huh. Go figure.


This week’s episode was…very interesting to say the least. Like, I’m so glad we got to see some gas station attendant’s blood and guts sprayed across a bathroom’s walls. So excellent. But in all seriousness, what was weird to me is that Kate still cannot contain her wolf. Maybe it’s because I’mstill unsure how much time has elapsed since the first season. But you’d think if it had been awhile, Creepy Kate would’ve been found out by some hunters and killed. Because lbr she was a psychotic killer as a human. As a moon crazed wolf she’d destroy an entire town. That thing doesn’t go unnoticed.

Her whole plot to get the triskellion is interesting to me. I know Peter said it wasn’t anything but we all know Peter cannot be trusted. And, yes there was the theft of the Hale money (117 MILLION?)To focus on but I wouldn’t put it past the show to bring that up again. Poor baby Derek.

Speaking of baby Derek… How grossed out was I watching Kate kiss him? There was some expanding in the from Peter about this de-aged Derek being from a time after meeting Kate (freaking nebulous time) but while still trusting her (what’s that mean), so are we to assume Derek wasn’t underage when she seduced him? I need Jeff Davis to make a time line already.

Malia is my new fave and all you haters can keep on walking. She’s so cute. Did you guys notice she had Stiles’ s name written on her notes? And that it was spelled wrong?

There’s even a little heart! I do feel terrible that she’s struggling so hard in school, though it’s completely believable.

The whole vault thing was just…a lot. Like I really hope that’s the explanation behind season 1 Derek constantly being at the g high school. He was making a withdrawal not… something else slightly weirder like turning impressionable teenagers who were too damaged to say no.

I was so happy to see Parish omg. I hope he continues to play a significant roll in the series. Wouldn’t it be great if he knew about the supernatural?

Tell me more about the berserkers. How does Kate control them? Why didn’t they just finish the job with the gang when they were in Mexico? They totally could’ve.

Agent McCall. Hmmm. I don’t want to like him. And yet I don’t want to not like him either. Basically things were easier before he showed up. But I did enjoy the scene with him, Stiles and bb Derek. It also made me crave Chinese.

There are probably a ton of points I’m missing tbh. This show is one to take notes on if you want to go back and address everything. It should be interesting to see how the conflicts of both Kate and the benefactor, or whoever stole that money, coincide. And as long as all my faves continue to live, I’m here for it.

AniMonday: Legend of Korra Book 3 Review (chapters 1-3)


She’s baaaaaack. And better than before (Thank God). Nickelodeon gave us three awesome season opener episodes to watch this past Friday. So let me break them down individually.

(Beware spoilers)
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Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Steph’s card


This season opener required a rewatch for me. And even still I’m left going huuuuuh? Still,  good ol Jeff Davis sure knows how distract us from such important questions like – where is Isaac? Or Peter? And how do these teenagers always go out without some kind of parental supervision? – with attractive people and lots of action and/or sex.

You see,  the episode starts with Stiles and Lydia in Mexico. I’m pretty sure they’re only 16 or 17 (though you can never be sure in this show) and I don’t know about you but my parents would never have let me screw off to Mexico with just another teenager (and a member of the opposite sex to boot). 

Right. So.

Stiles, Lydia,  Kira, Malia and Scott travel to Mexico to meet with the Calaveras family. You may remember the badass Latina from last season who had Peter and Derek all chained up, questing them about La Loba (whose identity I’m sure you already know.  UGH). Well apparently they own a hot dance club and Team True Alpha thinks they’ve wolfnapped Derek. There’s lots of dancing,  lots of shirtless boys and Kira and Malia using the power of potential lesbians to blend in. They all end up caught anyway. And to skip over the torture,  we discover what we already guessed at the end of season 3. Kate didn’t die. She turned and now has Derek. Too bad he’s not underage to creep on again…

So Team True Alpha has to go to La Iglesia to find both Derek and creepy Kate. As a side note,  I really appreciate how Tween Wolf dedicates their seasons to teaching us new things. Season 3 was all about English vocab. This season is all about Spanish vocab and Mexican mythology. Thanks MTV!

Where was I?

Oh yeah. The pack. They  team up with a mercenary assigned by the Cavaleras. The same girl from the first episode of season 3 that saved Isaac. Considering she survived without getting mauled, I’d say there’s a solid chance she’ll die a terrible death live happily ever after. On the way to La Iglesia something hits Stiles’s precious Jeep so the group separates. Because that’s always smart.  And apparently it’s crucial Scott get to the old abandoned church built on a native Mexican tribal burial site at NIGHT. When the possibility to DIE increases 10 times. SMART THINKING.

Remember earlier when I was all Oh good thing Derek is legal otherwise creepy Kate would give him the bad touch? WELL. The big shocker of the episode is *spoiler alert* he’s somehow MAGICALLY DEAGED. Don’t even ask me. DON’T EVEN. I’m so confused.

The highlight of the episode,  for me, was Malia. Now,  I know there was some article where the actress said Stiles is Malia’s mate and shippers everywhere lost their collective poops. But seriously Malua is precious. She still thinks like a Coyote and her frank kill or be killed mentality is hilarious to me. Also,  the way she treats Stiles warms my heart. It’s this unconditional trust and, Idk if I’d go so far as to say love but,  some kind of deep affection. I’m really looking forward to that relationship blooming in whatever way the creators see fit.

I’m hoping the Derek thing gets resolved in the next episode because I’m real tired of the entire universe treating him like its toilet. Quit dumping all your crap on Derek Hale!

Though I do wonder if this young Derek had all of present day Derek’s memories. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMM, HMM?

Did any of you get a bingo? Are you flipping out about Derek,  too? Inquiring minds want to know.

Comic Review: Quixote By Deron Bennett



Hey everyone!

It’s been awhile since we reviewed anything and I’m so excited to share this with you!! This comic is written by Deron Bennett, one of the nicest comic fellows I’ve interacted with on twitter. This is his first comic he’s written, though he’s no stranger to the comic world. You may remember him as the letterer from Tale Of Sand and many other titles.

Alright – on to the good stuff. Here the official blurb for the story:

Quixote is the upcoming fantasy graphic novel from comic book creator, Deron Bennett. It chronicles the adventures of Quixote – a young man in search of clues to uncover the secrets of his past. He and his companion, Sam, set out on a quest that will pit them against pirates, giants, war machines, and a maniacal king who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. You won’t want to miss out on this adventure featuring art from Dan Mora and colors from Paul Little!

Pretty straight forward. One of the things I loved about the first issue was it did a lot of world building without it feeling like they were doing a lot of world building. Does that make sense? We meet Quixote and get his quest from the start. The conversations between the characters felt natural and real.

I’m not going to go too much into the plot as to not spoil things but I will say it’s a well done first issue. By that I mean it laid the ground work for more to come while engaging me as a reader and giving me characters I want to know more about. The point of the first issue is to hook you and it did just that.

Now, the floppy itself is quality. The weight of the paper used to the saturation of the color gives it a feeling of quality which I love! It’s on par with the floppies Archaia puts out. Top shelf. Totally worth the price, no question.

The art was amazing and enhanced the story. Mora really brought this world to life in a really cool way. I think the thing they find on the island are my favorite art work. (Don’t worry I didn’t spoil anything.)

Like I said, I loved this and I can’t wait for more! You can order the hard copy here for $5 +$2 s&h or get a digital copy here for $1.99. Be sure to like on Facebook and follow Deron on twitter.


Captain America: Winter Soldier Review





I got to see this opening day, as a pseudo, belated birthday present. BEST PSEUDO, BELATED BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!
Admittedly, Captain America: The First Avenger was not my favorite out of The Avengers franchise. It was, I think, the most light hearted. And it was fun. But I tend to gravitate towards Iron Man in general (whatever, I have a lot of Tony Starks feels). After seeing Winter Soldier, though, I think I have a new favorite.

There’s something so…so endearing about Steve Rogers. A man out of time he may be, but he’s no dummy. And he’s definitely not naive. So, as the audience watches and learns about corruption within S.H.I.E.L.D., we get to see an intelligent, no nonsense Steve Rogers fight for what is right (even if it goes against “the good guys”). I’ve seen a lot of commentary (that’ll happen when you wait so long to review a fantastic movie…oops) on what exactly this movie is trying to say. And I agree with most of what I’ve read. This movie isn’t about ‘MERICA EFF YEAH. This is about, ‘MERICA, WE GOT PROBLEMS YO. And how Captain America isn’t the face of a country that is great and above everyone else. Captain America is about the ideal that this country is supposed to represent. He’s strength, both mental and physical, loyalty, courage, etc…all in the face of an enemy he thought he’d helped defeat.

I loved, so much, Steve Rogers’ relationships with Natasha and Sam. Like, I don’t have the words kind of love. Like, if I start talking I may never shut up…especially about Natasha (more on that later). For me, the trust that just seemed to be inherent amongst them was so special. Fury, earlier in the movie, tells Steve not to trust anyone. And yet here he is, just knowing he can count on a woman who used to be considered a traitor before joining S.H.I.E.L.D and a man he barely knows.

Natasha was so great in this movie. And for all those naysayers who still think a solo movie wouldn’t bring in the money needed to make production worth it, I say STFU and GTFO. I’m so sick of people saying Black Widow’s purpose in these movies is for eye candy. Sure, she played up to that role when first appearing in Iron Man 2. But other than that, no, she’s so much more. Listen, I’m not a particularly articulate person. I can’t sit here and properly discuss why pigeon-holing her in the femme fatale role is BS, not adequately anyway. But if you watch CAWS and don’t see how Natasha’s character develops into something so much stronger and more and important, then you’re wrong. And there’s not much I can say to make you feel otherwise. For me, she’s everything a female superhero should be. And just because she’s pretty and wears a tight, S.H.I.E.L.D. regulation uniform (hello, Steve does too. And even though I certainly think he’s eye candy you don’t hear the rest of the world describing him as such while simultaneously discrediting everything else he is in the movie) doesn’t mean she isn’t also smart, funny, badass, her own freakin person, and capable of standing on her own in this franchise. When I grow up, I want to be Natasha.

Sam Wilson was THE BEST. Oh man. He added the perfect touch of humor. All while being a sincere, trustworthy, and likable guy (and if you don’t think CAWS is all about Steve and Sam’s growing ~relationship…well, you’re wrong again). Being a new character, it can be hard to really learn and love him in the allotted time he’s on screen. But the script was written in such a way that we were given these snippets of info about his past, about the kind of man he is in general, enough so that we all want more. And I hope we do get a lot more in the third movie (which I hope has a bearded Steve Rogers because he’s too busy searching for Bucky to bother with shaving).

Which leads me to…Bucky. Oh man. BUCKY BARNES. I was tearing up within the first few minutes of the movie when we first see the flashback to him and Steve (or at least I think it’s the first few minutes. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it. i need to remedy this). I knew this movie was going to hurt me (in the best way) from the minute it was announced they were doing the Winter Soldier story. With every set picture released(leaked whatever) and snippet we were given, I could feel the ever increasing desire to sob my way through the movie grow. I managed to remain externally calm, probably due only to the fact it was a packed theater and I couldn’t lose my cool in front of that many people. But inside I was all A;LSDKAFJPDOFIAD;FAKLDF every time he came on screen. My heart clenched in my chest when his mask fell and Steve first recognized him, said his name, and Bucky didn’t even recognize it. And then again, when he was being “wiped.” The way he so easily accepted his “mission” and all the pain that went along with it. I CAN’T TAKE POOR BUCKY BARNES BEING USED AND ABUSED. At the end, when it’s just Steve and Bucky in a showdown that could lead to their deaths, I felt like I was going to die.

Funny, though, how much I enjoyed it. I want to watch it again. I need to. I need to read everyone’s thoughts on this movie, on Steve, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, and anyone else in the movie (because I’m leaving a lot out, I know). I need ALL THE CAWS FEELS. Give them to me?


Ok, so Steve Rogers is my Favorite Avenger. He’s a good guy who just wants to do good. He’s so good that’s why he could become Captain America. I know some might say that’s boring, but whatever. I think it’s great he wanted to be good from the beginning and didn’t need to make some huge error to become good. Looks at Thor, Widow, and Iron Man.  (WHOA, MEL, DEMS FIGHTIN WORDS -steph) I like seeing him struggle to hold onto that. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the Avengers but he’s my guy.

I tell you all this to convey just how excited I was for this film. SO EXCITED. When I saw who the villain was I was filled with so many emotions to add to the excitement. I hurt for Steve before I even saw the film. Then as I watched the whole thing unfold I hurt for Bucky too. GAH. I just have a lot of emotions, OK?

Then we have Sam/Falcon. Oh how wonderful was Anthony Mackie? He killed it!! I feel like he was the perfect person to work with Steve. Sam believes in Steve’s goodness and honor. Not his powers or fame. Sam also gets what it’s like to have the loss Steve’s had and how combat messes with you. I think what I love the most though is Sam’s not some sidekick either. He’s a partner and an equal. Just the same as Widow.

Speaking of Widow, Who here wants her to have her own film? Me!! Scarlet J. knocked this out of the park. She brought to life an amazing well rounded complex character and made it look effortless. She showed the Widow was so much more than a femme fatale. Yes I know she did that in the Avengers too but I feel like she had way more time to shine in this film. Her constantly poking at Steve to get out there and start living was great. She’s just amazing!!

All and all I loved this film and I need more!!

What did you think of the movie?

Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Mel’s Card

TW Bingo finale winner 1

Ok, I AM SO SORRY THIS IS LATE. Why is being an adult so hard? (Really)

Ok So I still haven no idea with what’s going on. lol I mean I’m glad Stiles is ok, but what was with that ending? What’s real and what’s not? Why is Kate back? Why can’t Jenny come back and not Kate? Jenny’s rage I got way more than Kate’s.

I love that Danny was no dumb dumb. I really, really, really want him to be some kind of supernatural being. Like a Mermaid or something. (Let me have this.) I do like that Danny called the whole group out at not hiding things at all. Stiles isn’t exactly quiet. I do hope he gets more air time next season. I think Danny’s a gold mine of untapped potential. He’s so much better than being a murder’s boyfriend, or just being “the boyfriend” in general.

I wasn’t even a little sad for Aidan. Sorry. Look, I know they wanted to try to redeem him but it’s hard to come back from murder. Maybe if he and his brother had figured out a way to bring Boyd/Erica back like Peter did it would be different. Hell, they could have just tried. Think about how compelling it would have been to see them try to bring the dead back and fail. Then crumple under the weight of what they’d done. They were missing remorse and I’m glad Scott never trusted them.

I’m glad more people I love didn’t die. I was about to loose it when Mama McCall was hurt. Then there is a sassiest deputy around, and Papa Stilinski, and Stiles. Also, Hurray for Kira’s family making it out alive! (That’s a big deal for me, ok?)

I have no idea what the next season’s going to be. It’d be nice to see a little less baddies an a little more dealing with the aftermath of all of this. I need Papa Argent to get a hug. I would totally be down with him and Derek moving in together and having a bachelor pad of sadness. They could watch sad movies, channel their anger into remodeling Derek’s loft, (Knocking out a walls does wonder for the anger.) train, and have a roommate who gets the feeling of loss. Mostly I want to know how my pack is doing and if they’re going to be ok.


Yeah. So. Forgive us for the tardiness of the post. Besides real life getting in the way, there was also the need to digest the season finale. There was a lot to take in.

Curse this show for being able to rip our hears right out of our chests…and squeeeeeeeze. Chris Argent. Remember when I kind of disliked him? I barely remember those days. Now all I feel is sympathy that everyone he loves gets taken away. He’s a human version of Derek, in a way. Which I guess is why I love these two working together so much.

Most of the episode was spent worrying about who was going to die. I knew someone was going to, and after last week (I know, I know it was Crystal’s choice) I felt like it could be ANYONE. When Melissa got sliced I was all NO NOT MAMA MCCALL. And then when the Oni showed up at the police station I was crying DON’T YOU DARE TAKE THE SHERIFF. OR DEPUTY PARRISH. NOT MY BABIES. Maybe part of me was thinking WHY DIDN’T YOU SLICE UP AGENT MCCALL HUH? But definitely NOT DEATON WE STILL DON’T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT HIM.

I continue to be concerned that Argent McCall will be back for a more permanent spot next season. It could be good. It could be dramarama if everyone continues to try and hide the supernatural from McCall (side note: how will any secrets be kept after the Oni showed up and tried to slaughter/turn half of Beacon Hills?). And will he try and rekindle anything with Melissa? ermmmmm I just don’t know (theme for the entire show tbh)

So. The twins. I’m gonna be honest, I still don’t know which was which. I never liked them (tho the actors were pretty charming at times). The straight one – Aiden? Ethan? – when he died, I didn’t feel much remorse. I felt for Lydia, who had to lose someone else. She makes bad choices when it comes to men (though tbf, I loved Jackson and miss him a lot). And whether or not she felt something more serious for Straight Twin doesn’t matter. Just the fact she was involved…it hurts me. I really like Lydia and want her to continue to grow as a character. My biggest issue with Straight Twin dying was trying to figure out how he couldn’t survive a sword to the gut when Derek was literally impaled for several long minutes (maybe hours? idk) and healed. I know, Derek was an Alpha at the time. And Straight Twin got stabbed with a magical Oni sword. But, idk, you can’t pick all willy nilly what’s going to kill a werewolf and what isn’t. Especially since some humans with potentially fatal wounds survived after the Oni were defeated (which, why exactly does silver kill them????).


Ok. But seriously. Why? I hate so much about the things you choose to be, Jeff Davis. We still don’t even have resolution with Gerard and you bring Kate back? Are they gonna team up together to like, idk take down the werewolves from the inside? Seriously, at this point, why is Kate even trying to kill Weres? What’s the point? Why carry this grudge against the supernatural so hard that you are now taking out your own kind? And why does she look like a blue wolf? like if Mystique and a werewolf mated, that’d be were!Kate.

Sorry. I have a lot of issues with Kate.

Malia? Peter? WHAT’S GOING ON THERE. I HAVE NO MORE PATIENCE. She leaves the hospital looking shady as ffff and then she’s being all friendly with Scott and Stiles and is going back to school and? I seriously dislike how everyone knows Peter is the ultimate creep and yet they just don’t seem to care when he’s not around twirling an invisible ‘stache and cackling about being THE ALPHA TO END ALL ALPHAS. I’m pretty sure they can all hear him at night howling into the wind about being an alpha, screw that dick McCall.


Ugh. i can’t beleive I have to wait all summer for more of this horrendous and ridiculously addicting show.

The Walking Dead: Us Review

Twd Glen



So this week’s TWD was kind of a breather which I think we needed after last week. Sure there were some intense parts but there were also some really, really happy ones too. I think they pulled off the three separate story lines really well. I like how even though we’re jumping in time it doesn’t feel jumpy. Did that even make sense? lol

Alright, we only got to see a little glimpse of the Grimes family (Michonne is totally part of the family, ok?) and it was awesome. I love that Michonne and Carl have this awesome brother sister type bond. She doesn’t really treat him like a kid and he brings out the more playful side in her. It’s great. Rick is there to make sure stuff and things get done. I want them to be happy always so naturally I’m expecting one of them to die next week.

I was a little concerned for Daryl this week. I’m glad he hasn’t fully agreed to be part of the “Truth or Die” gang. They are just trouble. I did have a panicked thought though: WHAT IF THEY ARE FROM TERMINUS AND HERD PEOPLE THERE? Don’t laugh. I would not put it past this show. I mean why else would they go if even thought the leader of the pack doesn’t think they’ll be welcomed? Think about it.

Lastly we have Glenn and his crew. I WAS SO HAPPY HE FOUND MAGGIE! So happy. Someone on this damn show should be happy. Also, I also love how Glenn gave Tara a fresh start. He never really demanded anything from Tara, but was happy that she wanted to help. It was Tara’s guilt was what pushed her not Glenn holding it over her head. That’s why he didn’t leave her when she got stuck in the tunnel. I think that’s very telling. Glenn wasn’t willing to sacrifice her that to get what he wants. Glenn is good people. PLEASE LET HIM LIVE!

I have no idea what to think about Terminus. Part of me thinks it’s a group of people who lure others in and then eat them. (Think living walkers/the Donner party) Or maybe it could be an entire group of people like Lizzy. Or maybe they trick people into thinking it’s safe and then steal all there stuff. Or it’s run by someone who’s like the Governor. Or there’s an evil scientist testing things out on people. Or Or OR…. The point is, there are no safe haven’s. There is no place free of troubles. Terminus is not a good place and I am a little terrified to see what it actually is.

What do you think Terminus is?


Chicago Welcomes Welcome to Night Vale, the Live Show

I know Mel and I haven’t spent any time on this blog discussing the wonder that is the WtNV podcast, a grievous error on our parts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t absolutely love listening to Cecil and all the strange happenings in the wonderful town of Night Vale. For those not in the know, WtNV is a bi-monthly updating podcast in the style of a local community radio broadcast for the desert town of Night Vale. And, while that may seem boring, Night Vale is no ordinary town. It is a supernatural wonderland of crazy, and sometimes creepy, occurrences. From the old woman who talks to Angels, the Dog Park no one is allowed to enter, a strange glow cloud, and a rivalry with that weird town Desert Bluffs, WtNV is everything you never knew you wanted. And more!

Recently, the folks who bring this podcast to life have gone on a tour of live shows throughout the country. I was lucky enough to go to a show in Chicago this past Saturday. It was 100% worth the money (and aggravation of city driving) to go see everyone bring the show to life. Even my husband, who knew next to nothing about WtNV and had listened to exactly one episode on the drive down to the city, had a great time. The show is completely engaging, subtly (and sometimes not so) interacting with the audience. It’s also hilarious. Again, my husband laughed and laughed…despite saying on the way in, “I don’t think I’ll fit in here.”

See, here’s the beauty of WtNV: Anyone and everyone fits in there. I’ve always loved how the writers leave visualization of characters up to the listeners. It’s one of the things that first drew me into the podcast, tbh. I kept seeing fanart for WtNV all over Tumblr. And each artist had a different interpretation of Cecil Baldwin. It’s fabulous. And on top of all that, the way each story is presented in the episodes can easily attract any number of listener, no matter what their typical preferences.

So. I’ll break down a little bit what you can expect at a live show, in case you so choose to attend (which you should. go buy tickets now. support this awesome group of people and the talent and effort they put into creating something really unique).

The show opened with a small set from Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt (they’re putting out an album soon) and, while not something I normally listen to, I found myself really enjoying them. Go check them out.

And then it was game on, with Cecil himself walking out onto the stage. The audience went NUTS for him, as well they should. He is such a captivating man. Whether just his voice through the podcast, or the way he moves on stage at a live performance, watching him narrate/act out everything is such a gift. I don’t want to spoil the contents of the episode, for those who can’t/haven’t yet seen the show. All you need to know is it’s titled, “The Librarian.” DUN, DUN, DUNNNNN. And you get appearances from Steve Carlsburg (HISSSSSS) and Carlos (dreamy, wonderful, perfect Carlos).

I highly recommend taking a listen to the podcast, even if you can’t attend a live show. I only hope that next year they tour again so more can enjoy it.

Sorry in advance for crappy iPhone pictures taken from the balcony. Despite tickets going on sale at noon and me checking at 12:05, I barely got tickets at all. They went quick.

photo 3


photo 4


photo 5

The entire crew that makes up Welcome to Night Vale: from writers to musical and vocal talent.

If you want to learn more, go here to their FAQs page, where it includes links to episodes, music, and general information you may like to know.