The Walking Dead: Us Review

Twd Glen



So this week’s TWD was kind of a breather which I think we needed after last week. Sure there were some intense parts but there were also some really, really happy ones too. I think they pulled off the three separate story lines really well. I like how even though we’re jumping in time it doesn’t feel jumpy. Did that even make sense? lol

Alright, we only got to see a little glimpse of the Grimes family (Michonne is totally part of the family, ok?) and it was awesome. I love that Michonne and Carl have this awesome brother sister type bond. She doesn’t really treat him like a kid and he brings out the more playful side in her. It’s great. Rick is there to make sure stuff and things get done. I want them to be happy always so naturally I’m expecting one of them to die next week.

I was a little concerned for Daryl this week. I’m glad he hasn’t fully agreed to be part of the “Truth or Die” gang. They are just trouble. I did have a panicked thought though: WHAT IF THEY ARE FROM TERMINUS AND HERD PEOPLE THERE? Don’t laugh. I would not put it past this show. I mean why else would they go if even thought the leader of the pack doesn’t think they’ll be welcomed? Think about it.

Lastly we have Glenn and his crew. I WAS SO HAPPY HE FOUND MAGGIE! So happy. Someone on this damn show should be happy. Also, I also love how Glenn gave Tara a fresh start. He never really demanded anything from Tara, but was happy that she wanted to help. It was Tara’s guilt was what pushed her not Glenn holding it over her head. That’s why he didn’t leave her when she got stuck in the tunnel. I think that’s very telling. Glenn wasn’t willing to sacrifice her that to get what he wants. Glenn is good people. PLEASE LET HIM LIVE!

I have no idea what to think about Terminus. Part of me thinks it’s a group of people who lure others in and then eat them. (Think living walkers/the Donner party) Or maybe it could be an entire group of people like Lizzy. Or maybe they trick people into thinking it’s safe and then steal all there stuff. Or it’s run by someone who’s like the Governor. Or there’s an evil scientist testing things out on people. Or Or OR…. The point is, there are no safe haven’s. There is no place free of troubles. Terminus is not a good place and I am a little terrified to see what it actually is.

What do you think Terminus is?


Chicago Welcomes Welcome to Night Vale, the Live Show

I know Mel and I haven’t spent any time on this blog discussing the wonder that is the WtNV podcast, a grievous error on our parts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t absolutely love listening to Cecil and all the strange happenings in the wonderful town of Night Vale. For those not in the know, WtNV is a bi-monthly updating podcast in the style of a local community radio broadcast for the desert town of Night Vale. And, while that may seem boring, Night Vale is no ordinary town. It is a supernatural wonderland of crazy, and sometimes creepy, occurrences. From the old woman who talks to Angels, the Dog Park no one is allowed to enter, a strange glow cloud, and a rivalry with that weird town Desert Bluffs, WtNV is everything you never knew you wanted. And more!

Recently, the folks who bring this podcast to life have gone on a tour of live shows throughout the country. I was lucky enough to go to a show in Chicago this past Saturday. It was 100% worth the money (and aggravation of city driving) to go see everyone bring the show to life. Even my husband, who knew next to nothing about WtNV and had listened to exactly one episode on the drive down to the city, had a great time. The show is completely engaging, subtly (and sometimes not so) interacting with the audience. It’s also hilarious. Again, my husband laughed and laughed…despite saying on the way in, “I don’t think I’ll fit in here.”

See, here’s the beauty of WtNV: Anyone and everyone fits in there. I’ve always loved how the writers leave visualization of characters up to the listeners. It’s one of the things that first drew me into the podcast, tbh. I kept seeing fanart for WtNV all over Tumblr. And each artist had a different interpretation of Cecil Baldwin. It’s fabulous. And on top of all that, the way each story is presented in the episodes can easily attract any number of listener, no matter what their typical preferences.

So. I’ll break down a little bit what you can expect at a live show, in case you so choose to attend (which you should. go buy tickets now. support this awesome group of people and the talent and effort they put into creating something really unique).

The show opened with a small set from Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt (they’re putting out an album soon) and, while not something I normally listen to, I found myself really enjoying them. Go check them out.

And then it was game on, with Cecil himself walking out onto the stage. The audience went NUTS for him, as well they should. He is such a captivating man. Whether just his voice through the podcast, or the way he moves on stage at a live performance, watching him narrate/act out everything is such a gift. I don’t want to spoil the contents of the episode, for those who can’t/haven’t yet seen the show. All you need to know is it’s titled, “The Librarian.” DUN, DUN, DUNNNNN. And you get appearances from Steve Carlsburg (HISSSSSS) and Carlos (dreamy, wonderful, perfect Carlos).

I highly recommend taking a listen to the podcast, even if you can’t attend a live show. I only hope that next year they tour again so more can enjoy it.

Sorry in advance for crappy iPhone pictures taken from the balcony. Despite tickets going on sale at noon and me checking at 12:05, I barely got tickets at all. They went quick.

photo 3


photo 4


photo 5

The entire crew that makes up Welcome to Night Vale: from writers to musical and vocal talent.

If you want to learn more, go here to their FAQs page, where it includes links to episodes, music, and general information you may like to know.

Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Steph –

Well. I managed to get a bingo this week. But at what cost?

photo (18)

This is your one and only spoiler alert for the entire post, on the off chance you haven’t watched the episode yet (Mel hasn’t, but she already knows, it’s cool).

I’m still in shock over this episode. Coming into it, I had no idea what character was going to die. And when Allison does go down I just couldn’t believe it. I mean, they did a nice job of foreshadowing it with her conversation with her father. The great need she felt to tell him she loved him definitely pointed to her (or his) death. But I was so confused that they were writing her off. Only later did I learn that Crystal Reed decided to leave the show and this was the writers’ way of giving her a good send off.

So her death. It was a good way to kill her off (if you can ever call any death good) in that she died doing what she did best; fighting and protecting the ones she loves. She died a hero’s death – while also discovering a potential weakness for the Oni…silver (or at least I’m assuming she used the silver arrowhead she made with her dad as a final initiation into the Argent Family Business). What bothered me about her death was her final conversation with Scott. I later learned this was Crystal’s doing too, so I don’t want to fault her for her decision. It felt right to her. I liked her saying goodbye to Scott, making her peace with him or whatever, but I couldn’t help thinking about Isaac the entire time. Not to mention we don’t see much of Chris Argent’s reaction. Also, I was just super bummed that Allison never got a chance to be a character independent of a love interest. She was only a so so character for me (I like Lydia much more. And Kira). Something about her and Scott while dating rubbed me the wrong way. When they broke up I just really started to like who she was growing into. That got cut short. Bah.

Other than her death (and wtf Ian Bohen tweeting about another death this Monday?) there was a lot to take in.

First and foremost: we find out what Scott’s dad did that had Melissa sending him packing. I gotta say, I thought it was going to be worse than that. I liked Scott’s almost comforting recap of all the ways he hurt himself in the house. And that he wasn’t mad at his dad accidentally sending him tumbling down the stairs but for staying away for sooooo long. I wonder how this will change their relationship, and if Agent McCall will stay on the show. I reluctantly will say he seems like an okay dude. He even saved Sheriff Stilinski’s job. Which, hey, thank goodness. Because who else could handle all the supernatural stuff going down in Beacon Hills?

Stiles is free of the Nogitsune’s influence…only there’s a second Nogitsune!Stiles who seems to be drawing his power off Stiles still. It broke my heart when Stiles woke up from a nap, so terrified and nervous that being asleep meant falling prey to the Nogitsune’s power again. But, as heartbreaking as that was, the scene between Stiles and his dad at the station was so heartwarming. I love their relationship so much. LOVE IT.

The entire storyline involving the girl from the mental institution (I’ve forgotten her name and I’m too lazy, sorry) seemed like a waste of time to me. The one interesting part that came from all of that was how Finstock somehow knows, and has a deep seated hatred for, the mean orderly guy that came to taze this poor innocent girl. Also, Finstock totally helps the McCall pack, not knowing why or what consequences could befall him. So I wonder if he’ll get wrangled into this mess. His power could be annoying supernatural baddies to death with his incessant talking. I dig it.

Lydia. Poor Lydia. With her banshee power she KNEW what would happen if anyone came looking for her. And even trying to warn everyone away, the still came and. Ugh. Lydia’s friendship with Allison had so much potential. It was always great because it showed us this side of Lydia she normally hid from basically everyone. But I wanted more, selfishly, because I’m all about strong, independent woman kicking ass and taking names. All these horrors keep happening alongside her new found powers and I don’t want to see her resenting it.

Chris Argent and Derek Hale…who knew, right? I want, so bad, for them to be best friends and go on a slightly murderous avenging rampage together. I feel like they can really bond over their entire families being murderd…except for the one insane member who should die but just won’t.

The Twins. We see them getting shot at with wolfsbane bullets. It could be any number of hunters they’ve pissed off in the past (though I hope not because that would mean a new character we really don’t need). They look pretty close to death even before Derek somehow, miraculously, finds and rescues them. So at the end of the episode they’re still hurting, still don’t know who shot them and still don’t have a bullet to make an antidote or w/e and save their lives. Maybe they’ll be the ones dying? (side note: do you think if they did their super twin mojo thing that would help slow down the wolfsbane in their blood?).

I’m probably forgetting something, because that’s how I roll. I’m still trying to process everything. And still trying to figure out how anything can be fixed by Monday’s season finale. How can anything ever be okay again?


The Walking Dead: The Grove Review

Carol TWD



Knowing what’s going to come and actually seeing it are two different things. I called Lizzy doing what she did. There was a similar story line in the comics (that was actually much darker imo.) so when I saw the hints at it I knew what was a head. That being said they did an AMAZING job with his episode. I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon but it makes total sense.

First and foremost, Melissa McBride was stellar in this episode. I felt Carol’s pain as Tyreese talked about his lost love. I felt her cold fear when she came on Lizzy playing with a walker and Lizzy’s reaction at having to put the walker down. The heartbeak at coming to the conclusion about what to do with Lizzy. Then having to go through with it. “Just look at the flowers.”  And lastly, her confession to Tyreese. It was almost as if she wanted him to punish her and make the pain stop. Anyone else get that vibe? Regardless,  she knocked it out of the park.

Then we have Chad L. Coleman who brought it too. Tyreese is a tender soul and I love that about him. He’s what I would be if this ever really happened. He tried so hard to find another way for them to deal with Lizzy, but he understood and got why things had to happen. Also, when he said he forgave Carol I cried. He is *such* a good guy. I want good things for him. When he was looking around the living room the first night they were there I wanted him to have everything. Tyreese has managed to keep his tenderness and I hope he doesn’t lose it anytime soon.

Oh Lizzy. I can’t bring myself to hate her after seeing this. Yes I know I was super pissed with her trying to kill Judith and I stand by that. However, seeing how far gone she was just filled me with sadness. The problem was obviously there long before we met her and who knows if it was there before the world went to hell. I’d like to think it was the only way she really knew how to cope. Kind of like a weird form of Stockholm Syndrome. Mika may have made it if Lizzy hadn’t have killed her. I guess we’ll never know.

Story lines like this remind me why I love TWD so much. I was spoiled for this episode before I had a chance to watch and I was ready to blame Carol for a lot of what happened. But when I watched and the story unfolded it all made perfect, horrifying sense. No one was really to blame. It’s what the world has made them.

What do you think? Was Carol right? Should Tyreese have forgiven her?


Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Mel’s Card
TW bingo winner 22

With one episode left I’m not quite sure how I feel. I like to reserve judgment on things until I have all the info to work with but I have NO clue how they’re going to solve this.

First and foremost WHY ARE THE MURDER TWINS GETTING A SECOND CHANCE? Yes, I know I was torn at the beginning about them, but that was when I wondered if they were acting on their own free will. (Remember in some mythology betas and omegas HAVE to obey the alpha without question. Like when Scott had to fight Peter’s command to kill in the first season.) Now it’s clear they had a choice and no I’m not forgiving that. It’s more than Boyd, Erica was lost too. I’m not OK with everyone forgiving them so easily and them getting to have a clean slate. Plus they don’t seem bothered by it either. They’re more worried about dating. Lydia and Danny, you are SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!

Speaking of Danny, weren’t we promised more of him AND him getting his own journey into the supernatural this season? We only have one more episode to do this so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out. I’m sad they don’t do more with Danny. He has so much potential and right now it’s wasted. I mean he’s no dummy. He has to know SOMETHING not right is going on in his town. I mean we know he’s a nerd and between SPN and Buffy he’s had to have seen something in those shows that would clue him in, right?! I was kind of hoping we’d find out he was some kind of shape-shifter but he didn’t know it yet. (He doesn’t know anything at this point, ok? What’s one more thing?) As it stands right now he’s kind of just the token gay friend/boy friend when he could be so, so much more. Please, Can we get more well written story lines for him?

Now I’m not sure what the hell they’re doing with Stiles. Are there are two now? Has he been split in half or has the bad fox just taken the form of Stiles and they’re completely different? Have they saved him? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!

Scott and Kira are kind of the cutest and I really really need her to stay. Oh and her parents too. I like that they seem to ground one another. There’s not much angst with them. No forbidden love. Just cuteness. We need more cuteness in this show, damnit! I also like that whole she’s a badass like Allison, Kira is not a copy of her. She’s her own person therefor when Scott interacts with her it’s not the same as he did with Allison. I think that’s super important to show, you know?

Did anyone else feel like there was a long standing love triangle with The McCall’s and Stilinski’s. What was creepy Stiles talking about? What does Papa McCall need to talk to Scott about? Why did Mama McCall call Papa Stilinski? What would have kept Papa McCall away for so long? Does it have to do with his drinking? I mean I DON’T UNDERSTAND!

The flies were gross. I hope Papa Argent and Derek can hug it out. Please let Isaac be ok! I don’t think waking up via fly possession is good for a comma patient. Just throwing it out there. Please don’t let Isaac be the one who dies. PLEASE. NO ONE CAN WHERE A SCARF LIKE HIM!

I’m not ready for next week.


Don’t even ask me about my bingo card because I’m pretty sure it’s a mangled piece of trash after watching this episode. Do you know that I am deathly afraid of bugs crawling in my ear while I sleep and eating my brain? I know it’s irrational, but when I was little my older siblings told me about earwigs and how they did that (I don’t think that’s true…never researched it…but whatever) and so now it’s just this phobia I carry with me. And last episode was THE WORST. So many flies crawling into ears and open wounds and IV points and EWWWWW GROSS. Ugh, why?

Also, just as gross? Stiles (or fake!Stiles, whatever) pulling out all that gauze bandage from his mouth. Obviously parts were fake but MY BRAIN DIDN’T CARE. Omg, I seriously wanted to puke.

I cannot believe that ANYTHING will get resolved by the end of next episode. And frankly, I’m getting annoyed. It’s too much, in my opinion. We need to figure out the Stiles thing, the McCall thing, the Malia thing…am I leaving anything out? My brain wants to explode.

As always, I love Kira and Scott. I was so excited they got to kiss – and that it was a small, chaste kiss. Because no one needs to be getting down in the middle of a crisis (except for Stiles and Malia and Allison and Isaac apparently…). They’re so adorable and just the best part of 3b, if you ask me. I want Kira to stay forever. I want her and Scott to make beautiful wolf/fox hybrid babies or something. IDK. I just, I never really liked Scott and Allison together. It felt too selfish and intense (which, I know HS relationships can be like). But with Scott and Kira everything feels so much more organic…if that makes sense.

So what’s going on? Did anyone else notice that when Nogitsune!Stiles heard the name Malia he perked up and then bolted? How does she tie into this? Here’s a theory. She’s knocked up with a baby nogitsune coyote pup and she and Nogitsune!Stiles are going to use that to take over the world. Ha. Haha. Hahahaha. Right. I have no idea. I’m still so confused by her part in all this. And just HOW the HELL she’s Peter’s biological daughter.

When are we going to find out what happened with Agent McCall? Is he going to be a more permanent character? Will we learn his first name? Will we ever learn SHERIFF’S first name? And, btw, will we ever learn more about Gerard and his fate? SO MANY LOOSE ENDS LIKE WTH FIX THIS JEFF DAVIS.


The Walking Dead: Alone Review

TWD Daryl


Can Daryl get one break please? JUST ONE?

I greatly enjoyed watching the development of whatever Beth and Daryl were doing. A lot. (For the record Beth is 18 this season. She’s legal.) Him giving her a piggy back was SO sweet. Then there was the grave, and the singing. Oh and we can’t forget about the pig’s feet! That’s totally the best way to get into a girl’s heart. *sigh* WHY COULDN’T IT HAVE LASTED? Daryl please don’t play with the mean boys. You’re so much better than that. Promise!! 

Then we move to what has to be one of the scariest things they’ve done on TWD. Fighting walkers in the fog. NOPE. Pass. Not going to happen. Plus then there’s creepy Bob in the mix. He’s totally creepy, right? Like Maggie and Sasha need to ditch him fast. I mean his kiss with Sasha was just weird and uncomfortable. I know that most of it is due to the fact he’s dealing with addiction but to me that’s way more of a liability than a help. Remember Beth’s boyfriend? That epic fight at the end proved Sasha and Maggie don’t need him. They just need pointy stick and sign. (But really how AWESOME were these ladies?)

I think once they find Tyreese they should send creepy Bob, Carol, and the child Lizzy Borden (You know she totally is! I don’t care if she’s 10.) off one some errand and then ditch them. That way you’re not being cruel leaving them alone but you’re also not traveling with extra crazy. No one needs extra crazy. No one. I mean Tyreese is going to find out what Carol did eventually. That’s just how this show works. My guess it will be at the worst possible time. Why not avoid that? egh? EGH?

I’m really looking forward to see what Rick, Carl , and the Goddess Michonne are up too. Hopefully they will be back next week. So far I really enjoy how the writers are choosing to tell the story this half. If they keep it up I might even forgive them for wasting my time with the Governor’s episodes. Maybe. Bring Beth backs safe, unassaulted, and we’ll talk.

If it was you, would you want to stay with Bob?


The Walking Dead: Still Review

Twd 12


I have so many feeling on this episode that this is all I could come up with for a review:




Dedicated to Beth but mostly Daryl.

What did you think?

(PS Do you think the hunters are the ones that killed all the people in the country club and put that sign on that women’s body?)