Doctor Who: Angels Take Manhattan


I’m not sure what I can really say about this episode so I’m going to switch things up. I’m still feeling a bit sad. Okay, a lot bit sad. And I don’t know about you, but when I get sad I want to eat ALL THE THINGS. So, I went and found a few things that may help you ease my your pain.

Blue velvet cake.


That looks like TARDIS Blue to me. You can make your own and then eat your feelings here.

Not your thing? Let’s go back to a simpler time.

Fish fingers and custard


Now you can make your own tasty treat and remember how it all started here. And then cry more.

Food not how you cope? Feeling angry at those stupid angels?


Well you can go here and learn how to make your own to do with as you please.

In the end, I didn’t cry for anyone but the Doctor. His face killed me. I now get what Amy meant to him and why she was so important. This is the first real loss the 11th Doctor has had and I have a feeling it will change him greatly. I am excited to see the new companion and how she’ll shake things up though. *sigh*

What was the hardest thing for you to watch in this episode and how did you cope?

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy/The Power of three


Hello! I’m so sorry for missing last week’s post! The plague descended upon our house and it was bad times. Alright, enough with that. Let’s talk Who!

So I like ‘A Town Called Mercy’ more now that I ‘ve seen ‘The Power of Three’ and I can’t tell you why. I just do. It was nice to see this Doctor get a little darker and unforgiving. I think my favorite person though was Susan. (He wants you to respect his life choices, thank you very much.) I thought his interaction with the Doctor was the best. Also, Amy should never handle a pistol. Ever. Or maybe just one with a ~sensitive trigger.

“The Power of Three” was great because we get to see this Doctor enter the Ponds’ world. We haven’t seen that before. Both 9 and 10 became a huge part of each of their companions’ family lives. Rose, Martha, and Donna all had families who were very much aware of who the Doctor was. Since Bryan got to have fun with Dinos on a spaceship we get to see it. I do feel like this has been LONG overdue. Seeing as the Ponds’ time with us is numbered. More on that later.

Now, let’s talk about the things I enjoyed. I liked how they worked the invasion in this one. It was clever and well thought out. The quiet moment between the Doctor and Amy was just lovely. I may have shed a tear or two. The bad guys in this were great and I also LOVED the homage to classic Who in this one too.

There were things that left me feeling a little meh. Like I said before, I feel like we’re seeing the Doctor become a part of the Ponds’ ‘real life’ a little too late. Sure, he popped out of a cake at Rory’s party but he just looked crazy there. Bryan’s really the bridge between their two lives and I wish it could have happened sooner. A lot sooner. One other stand out thing has been getting to me more and more this season. It goes back to the first episode and the stuff that was going on with the Ponds. It just seems so out of place. Really. I mean, Rory waited 1,000 years for Amy. Literally. Why would Amy ever think she needed to do what she did? I’m not saying they shouldn’t have issues, just the one the writers chose was not a believable one to me. Anyone feel that way?

All and all I will be sad to see the Ponds go (Rory you are my favorite). Next week’s episode looks terrifying and I can’t wait.

What will you miss most about the Ponds?

Doctor Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship


When I saw the title and guest stars for this one I knew it was going to be good. I mean Mr. Weasley, Filch , and Lestrade all in the same episode? Yes, please.

It starts off with the Doctor needing to get together a crack team of people to save a spaceship. For the Doctor that means a Queen, Game hunter and The Ponds. Rory’s dad (Mr Weasley) accidentally joins the party and seems to fit right in. Mostly.  Mr. Weasley does a perfect job at being Rory’s dad. Just how I imagined him.

Once the band of misfits get aboard the spaceship that is in need of saving, they must unravel it’s secrets to do so.  Now I’m not spoiling anything in saying that most of the secrets revolve around why there are dinosaurs on a spaceship. The Doctor’s reaction when they first find the dino’s is perfect.

As I watched I really started to connect with this Doctor. The episode allowed for us to see a bunch of different sides of him, from young and playful to dark and unforgiving.  I’m really excited to see where the next episode takes us!


Movie Fun: Ponyo and an Ocean View Tutorial


Ponyo is one of our favorites here and I wanted to find a way to mix things up with watching the movie. I tried to think of things I could do that were kid friendly-ish and fun for every one.  That’s when I remembered making an aquarium in school and had the kids draw/color the fish they saw in the film. I did tell them that we were making a window to the ocean instead of fish tank because my mini didn’t like the idea of taking the fish away from there home. I think I loved doing this project more than the kids so I can see it being fun for all ages.  Just look!

Come this way to see what you’ll need to make your own

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Doctor Who Premier: Asylum Of The Daleks


The 7th series of Doctor Who premiered this last Saturday (Sept 1, 2012) and I’m still mulling over the emotions I got from it. The Daleks kidnap the Doctor and the Ponds  to force them on a crazy mission to a really creepy planet. The Pond’s are having issues, (which I place squarely on Amy, girl, it’s called communication) and the Doctor is trying to figure out how to get them all out alive. There is a really awesome twist in the story that left me feeling more emotion for the Doctor and the person they find on their mission than I did for Amy or Rory. (It’s very River Song-ish)

I have hopes that *this* will be the season I finally am able to really connect with the 11th Doctor. I found Who at the very beginning of Martha Jone’s run and really grew to love the 10th Doctor and the band of misfits he surrounded himself with (9 was awesome too but we really didn’t get him long enough to get emotionally ~involved). When they changed from the 10th to the 11th there wasn’t anyone to tie the previous Doctor to the new one the way Rose did. We got a new Doctor and a new companion and a lot of stories that revolved around Amy that left the Doctor as a background character a lot of the time  for me. I’m hoping since Amy* won’t be there to steal the show we’ll get to see more of this Doctor. Rory on the other hand, can stay. I love him. LOVE him. He’s right up there with Donna Noble for me.

The next episode looks like it will be a great one and I am excited to see it! Just look here! Next week I hope to have my Who inspired finger puppet set finished to show off here too. *Fingers Crossed*

What are you most excited for this season?

*To be clear I like do Amy. She’s just not my favorite. *Cough* Donna *cough*