Trip to the Comic Shop

Today I made my monthly run to my comic shop and picked up these goodies. Rocketeer Adventures 2: #2&3 (going back for #1 next week.) and Star Trek Ongoing #9 . I’ll review each of these later (Trek will be with Steph. So go get it Steph. <;3) but I was so excited for these babies I had to give a little ~preview if you will.

While I was at the shop I did spot the Doctor Who, TNG crossover and was tempted to buy. I’m a huge Trek fan but for TOS. I may pick it up next week when I go back. I also got one of the spiffy Trek covers for the normal price bc they didn’t have the regular floppies in stock. Awesome! (Another reason my shop is awesome.)

Now I’m off to read and get inspired.


15 minute Con-going maxi skirt tutorial

taken by an impatient 5 Year old

I’m on a maxi skirt/dress kick lately. I love them. I find them perfect for Con-going. They’re so comfy and nice looking at the same time. Perfect for those long days of walking the floor and meeting your favorite people. I plan on only wearing them at Comic Con this year. Save my cosplay of course. (I guess these are great for everyday stuff too… LOL.)

Quick disclaimer: to make it in 15 min you’ll need a sewing machine and have basic sewing skills. It’s not a race so if it takes you 2 hours your first time, so be it. So long as the skirt turns out well!

This is a brake down of how to make your own simple maxi skirt. I do mean simple too. You’ll be sewing 4 things. Plus we’re using knit here so you don’t have to hem a thing if you don’t want to!

Let’s get started.

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Adventures in Dyeing

So, I had this white pea-coat that my hubs said “looked funny”, and others said looked like a lab coat.  While lab coats are awesome, it wasn’t the look I was going for.  Add the fact my kids looked at the coat with the wide eyes of an artist looking at a blank canvas, something needed to change.

Que dye. It’s a great inexpensive way to breath new life the clothes you already have.

I think it turned out well. As you can see from the picture there were a few spots the got a bit blotchy. But seeing at it’s my first time dying anything, I’ll take it.  Plus when I put it on you can’t even see them. I did love that the stitching stayed white.

Look at how ~cool I look. lol

I used this post as a guide for the dyeing. I can see myself doing it again and maybe next time I won’t dye my hands in the process. * green fingers crossed*


Reichenbach Fall… and I weep.

GAH! THIS EPISODE! I think it was harder to watch the second, time around because I knew what was coming.  Oh Moriarty, you magnificent bastard. You played on people’s fears and insecurities and did it SO well.


Now, I really can’t say much about the show without spoiling it so I’ll show off the shirt I made. What I can say is you get to see a more human side of Sherlock and it may not be a good thing.  In the mean time, if you haven’t watched go do it now. No right now. Here look, I’ll even link you up to where you can watch at PBS’s website.

I think the shirt says it all:

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Bestest Time with Mal and Chad by Stephen McCranie

I got this a while ago and finally got around to reading it with the kids. I wish I’d done it sooner! It was a really enjoyable story for all of us. Mal is a smarty pants with the worst luck. We got to see his adventures and mishaps while we giggled the whole way through. (Captain Porky!!)

It took us to about a week to get through. We read a little before bed and more here and there. By the end we were acting out different parts as I read. I see a re-read in the future and reading the other books in the series  too.

You can find out more about these guys here and no matter your age I think this book has something for everyone!

So go read and Enjoy!

PS Here are two cute Dino project here and here that you can whip out. You can used them for a ~dramatic reenactment of the book. 😉

Hounds of the Baskerville Fun

This episode was my fave of the series. I think we really got a little bit of everything in this episode. I’m going to try to explain my reasoning with as little spoilers as possible.

There was a crazy mystery that needed to be solve in a spooky place: Baskerville. Which from what I gathered is like the US’s version of area 51.


A young man in need of help:  Henry Knight who’s having visionsof a demon dog that killed his father years before. It seems as if only Sherlock and John can/are willing to help.  I did get a giggle at the casting choice. (Russell Tovey who plays a werewolf on the BBC version of Being Human.) Once you watch the show you’ll get it.


Sherlock’s super senses get put to the test and he is forced to question what is real.


And last but not least we get to delve more into the epic friendship that is John and Sherlock. For me this is the heart of the series and show over all. You can’t have one without the other. Sure they love to poke and prod one another, but they believe in one another.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


If you missed this episode or just want to see it again you can go here.  The next episode airs 5/20/12 and you won’t want to miss it! No really. I’ll also share the shirt I made that was inspired by this run!


Stephanie just wants to add one thing:

EVERYTHING IS SHERLOCK AND NOTHING HURTS (remember that for next episode).

Stop! Korra Time!

Stephanie here, making her inaugural post.  You’ll have to forgive my absence for the past week or so; just popped out a baby and have been busy feeding, changing diapers, and generally walking around like a zombie.

But I digress.

Today I’m here to share my newest obsession.  If you couldn’t guess judging by the title, I’m talking about The Legend of Korra.  For those of you not in the know, Korra is the latest installment in the Avatar series.  Not the blue-aliens-with-long-tails-Avatar.  The real Avatar; the Air Bender.  Image

The Last Air Bender was all about Aang and the return of the Avatar to the four nations.  And it was pretty epic, if I do say so myself (though not the movie adaptation.  That was so disappointing it hurt my heart).

The Legend of Korra, however; has nothing to do with Aang.  Korra is the new Avatar, one who works closely with one of Aang’s sons.  It revolves around her training to further her bending skills, fighting in competitions and dealing with a new enemy (I won’t go into details about that because I don’t want to spoil things for you.)  Here she is, in all her BAMF glory.

Of course there’s plenty of humor and drama involved in the series so far, thanks in large part to these two fine gentlemen:






The Legend of Korra airs every Saturday morning at 11/10 Central on Nickelodeon. If you go to Nickelodeon’s site, you can watch clips and episodes of Korra. You can also go here to learn more about the Korra Nation.

So go!  What are you waiting for?

Series Two of Sherlock PBS Q&A

Find answers to some of fans’ most popular questions in this special panel with Masterpiece Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, co-creator Steven Moffat and producer Sue Vertue, filmed at a screening in New York City in May 2012.

Series two of Sherlock aired in the US this past Sunday and boy was it great! I made a Tshirt in it’s honor but won’t show it until the third episode airs. It may be a tad bit spoiler-ish so I’d rather be safe than sorry.  Before you call the feds on me, I bought the UK Blue Rays the second I could.  Things tend get cut out from the US version and I want to see everything!

The second episode airs in the US this Sunday so check your local listings. If you missed the first Episode you can watch it here. You can also watch the first series on NetFlix if you haven’t seen any.  (Which you really should. They’re amazing!)


Free Comic Book Day!

So last Saturday(May 5th) was Free Comic Book Day, and what a day it was. We were lucky enough that our show allowed us to take two each.  I think the big hits of the day for our house were the Archaia hardcover anthology  (closest pictured) and Oni Presses full issue ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ (which isn’t pictured bc it’s being loved by a 2 year old).

All and all it was a good day. Big thanks to all the publishers who made it possible!