Video of the Week: Mary Lambert – Secrets

I found this song this week and I feel like it’s my new life theme. I know I tend to make these video’s about creating for the most part but I feel like mixing things up. I figure everyone needs to have a little life pick me up. Love who *you* are and Enjoy!

❤ Mel


Video of the Week: Our ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

These are our ALS ice bucket challenges. Yes, we both donated as well and if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about watch this video that will make you laugh then cry. While the past few weeks have been rough for the world, something like this can help make it a little better.  If you feel like donating too you can do so here.

What would you dump ice water on your head for?

❤ Mel and Steph



Video of the Week: Adding Pockets

The lovely Nadira037 has made one of the best tutorials for adding pockets to a garment I’ve seen. I’ve always kind of struggled with doing a hip pocket and this video gave me my AH HA! moment! I hope you’ll find it useful too and be sure to check out all of her amazing videos!

What clothing piece would you add pockets to?


Video of the Week: DIY Mini Skirt


This is a great simple sewing tutorial for a mini skirt; done buy one of my favorite ladies of YouTube, Tree. She is one of the people I still use for learning tips and tricks for sewing. This was one of the first things I made for a cosplay and I figured I’d share a great way to make one!

What would you make one of these for?