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As you may or may not have noticed things are kind of quiet around here. Steph and I are trying to play catch-up in life so we’re taking a short brake to get things all sorted out. Don’t fret we plan on being back soon to talk all about the fall line up (SLEEPY HALLOW!) bring you more reviews, cosplay starter kits and, crafty things. I may even drop in some beauty things too! lol

We’ll see you see you in a few!

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Teen Wolf Bingo Cards

Once again, Mel and I must apologize for missing the recap/bingo results from last week’s episode. Mel has been busy with getting ready for SDCC and I was busy at my own convention (Blackhawks woo!) and yeah, time got away from us. BUT THIS WEEK! Since I’m not going to SDCC *sniff sniff* I will be here to do my own review of tonight’s episode. So don’t forget to get your copy of bingo cards for tonight and play along with me!


Bingo Cards

Set 1  Set 2  Set 3   Set 4  Set 5  Set 6

AniMonday: Legend of Korra Book 3 Review (chapters 4 and 5)

Chapter 4 – In Harm’s Way

I was really excited to see this season’s bad guys at the start of this episode. Especially armless water bender Ming-Hua because her bending is so amazing to me. Plus! Getting a good look at the mysterious skills of P’Li. I can’t lie, when P’Lu and Zaheer are reunited and Ghazan starts winning about them kissing, I totally cracked up. One of the best parts about Avatar is their ability to infuse humor with drama and action. It’s lovely.

Korra and Asami continue to be the greatest of bffs. I’m really enjoying watching them interact. Instead of being competition for Mako’s affective, they’re really getting to know each other. Asami having Korra’s back against the Earth Queen is a joy. Basically everything about them is super great.

Jinora coming into her own as a stand alone character is really interesting. I love how the Avatar franchise isn’t afraid to make their female characters powerful – whether they’re good, bad, or somewhere in between. It’s especially refreshing seeing it in a young girl, who isn’t even (or at least wasn’t before) a main character.

The Dai Li continue to be evil, forcing the Air benders to train, showing them no mercy and throwing them in the hole (lol typical). Poor Kai. But lbr, if he hadn’t gone on a pick pocketing spree he never would’ve ended up in that mess.

And then we learn about Zaheer and his crew, why they were locked away… They tried to kidnap Korra when she was a baby! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN. Too bad no one knows why They wanted to kidnap her in the first place. Here’s hoping we discover their motive long before the end of the season.

Lin Beifong shows up (yes!) and together with the help of Team Avatar go to bust out all the captive air benders. The Queen declares it an act of war, which yeah I wonder how that’s gonna go down consisting Lin is on the police force for Republic City. Idk. You’d think that would have some repercussions.

(I didn’t tear up when the Air benders decide to stay with Tenzin. YOU DID. )

Chapter 5 – The Metal Clan

Reports of an air bender in some city I don’t know the spelling of but is the home of the metal clan (hence the name of the chapter) reach the team. Beifong is obviously lying when she states she isn’t familiar with it. So obviously they’re gonna go and we’re gonna find out what’s up with Beifong.

We get a teasing snippet of information about Toph, the city having been built by her. I’m sad we don’t actually see more than just a statue, but I do appreciate the mention to old characters I love. We do, however, meet Beifong’s (half) sister… Who apparently Beifong hates. THE PLOT THICKENS.

So Team Avatar meets the newest air bender, Beifong’s niece Opal. There’s an immediately apparent interest for Bolin on her part. She seems to nice though, to bland at least for now. But who knows. Maybe Bolin needs a more sedate girl to keep him in line. All I know is I want him happy. He’s a forever fave of mine.

I really enjoyed seeing Zaheer come to Air Temple Island, a little disguised so no one would recognize him. However, Kya immediately had suspicions. The fact he’s such a talented bender is odd. But he seems to have studied maybe even before getting the ability. Maybe because he was the only non bender in his merry band of misfits and no one else was an air bender? Idk. He seems like a respectful guy, outside the whole kidnapping thing. Even when fighting kya, he could’ve wasted all those guards and her, but instead he fought enough to incapacitate them and leave before really hurting them. I feel like I’m going to end up sympathizing for him.

What is with the most recent two episodes making me cry? At the end of 5, there’s a confrontation between Beifong, Opal and Korra. It ends with Korra accusing Beifong of being lonely and bitter… And seeing Beifong cry. Foot someone who is always so tough and put together, watching her fall apart was heart breaking.

I’m so happy that this season continues to deliver the humor, angst and drama. I looked at this season with so much hesitation at first. And now it’s all anticipation. Can’t wait for the next episode!

AniMonday: Sailor Moon Crystal Review – ep 1


This past Saturday the new series,  Sailor Moon Crystal, debuted and ohemgeeeeeeeee it was amazing.

As a series focused on more closely following the manga (which I admit I never read), episode one wasfar more fast paced than the original.  There were introductions I enjoyed,  like all of Usagi’s classmates and Motoki’s appearance early on (who’s even cuter,  if I may say so). But at times it feels rushed. We even catch a glimpse of Ami (Mercury) at the very end. In the original I hated how long it took for her to show up. But I wouldn’t mind it taking a few episodes for Usagi to really get the hang of things (as much as she ever did anyway) before Ami comes to help.

One of the changes I most enjoyed was Usagi’s transformation into Sailor Moon.  I can’t really explain why, other than I thought it looked so cool. There were a lot of similarities to the original anime – the nails and ribbons surrounding her to form gloves, boots and the rest of the costume. It just seemed to flow easier. Maybe part of that is the animation itself and not just the new concept. Either way, I love it.

Also worth noting is Mamoru’s (Tuxedo Mask) immediate involvement. From the moment Usagi runs into him there’s a connection, an almost recognition of each other that is an improvement from the original (imo). I really did miss the rose during the fight sequence,  though. I can’t lie about that disappointment.

All said and done, haters to the left, this series is starting out really strong. My only complaint is having to wait for the next episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal updates every first and third Saturday on hulu. You can also catch the episodes on Crunchy Roll and several other sites (Google finds all).

I hope you’ll all join me on this familiar,  yet new,  journey into Usagi’s life. It’s gonna be a trip!


AniMonday: Legend of Korra Book 3 Review (chapters 1-3)


She’s baaaaaack. And better than before (Thank God). Nickelodeon gave us three awesome season opener episodes to watch this past Friday. So let me break them down individually.

(Beware spoilers)
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Teen Wolf Season 4 – Did He Say Were-Cheetah?

If you’re lazy like me, you didn’t bother going on MTV’s scavenger hunt to unlock the season 4 trailer. Luckily, there are people out there dedicated to the cause (also, it’s  not like MTV was going to keep it from us indefinitely. Come on, now) and we got to benefit from their hard work. So with a little more than a week until the premiere, we got this.

I have next to no idea what is going on. There are some new white boys (go figure), Malia is hanging with the gang, Creepy Aunt Kate is on the prowl, some dude gets his head chopped off and apparently there’s a Benefactor who is, I’m assuming, paying people to kill off other supernatural people (and probably those who run with them). I’m ??????

If there’s one thing Jeff Davis and the people at MTV are good at, it’s keeping us all in suspense. Even with all the show’s flaws, I can’t wait for it to start. How ’bout you?

And like last season, Mel and I are excited to play Teen Wolf Bingo with all of you. If you have any suggestions for potential squares, we’d like to hear them! Just leave us a comment with your ideas and we’ll put them all together for you. Make sure you join us in watching the first episode on June 23rd at 10/9c and play along

We’ll be sure to post links to the new bingo cards next week so keep an eye out for those!

AniMonday: Sailor Moon is Back

I’m just going to start this post off with an apology for falling way behind on my duties with AniMondays…So sorry. I suck. I’ll be better I swear.

I remember being in middle school and coming home from school, all excited about this really cool cartoon that aired on a second rate channel in the Chicagoland area. That cartoon was Sailor Moon. And I absolutely LOVED it. I don’t think any of my family understood why I so diligently watched it. I mean, at that age most kids I knew were trying to get away from cartoons to prove they were more grown up because, gosh we were eighth graders and practically in high school which meant we were basically grown ups. I know my friends didn’t understand it (at first. more on that later). I diligently watched every episode, even if it was a rerun I’d already seen because that channel seemed to loop through a set amount of episodes only. One day I came home and discovered Sailor Moon was not on (something else, far less cooler that i can’t remember was playing) and I nearly came unhinged.

Luckily for me, my story of all things Sailor Moon did not end there. Turned out, the channel switched their scheduling around and then Sailor Moon began playing early mornings, right after Bananas in Pajamas (does anyone remember that show?) and I started waking up earlier just to watch it before school. For real, I was devoted. There was just something about the show that drew me in. Maybe it was the fact that Usagi (or Serena in the English dubbed version I watched) was such a normal teenager. She was whiny and sometimes obsessed with appearances, though she loved to eat, and often times came across as a scaredy cat. But when it came down to it, Usagi was a brave and loyal friend who would do anything to protect the people she loved.

Plus I had a total and unending crush on Tuxedo Mask


Eventually, that second rate channel stopped playing Sailor Moon all together. But not before I had firmly became entrenched in it (and I suppose this is where my first experience with fangirling happened). I talked about it so much I managed to convince my closest of friends to watch and love it too. We even assigned ourselves Sailor Scouts. I was Sailor Jupiter because, duh, she was so badass and tough but liked to bake and I thought she was gorgeous (for my birthday this year, a friend posted a picture of Jupiter on my FB wall and it was perfect). I would go scouring for Sailor Moon merch, a thing not easily done because in that day it just wasn’t a huge deal (at least not in my area). I collected and treasured a random watch I found at Claire’s (wore it every day til it got scratched – and don’t think for a second I didn’t cry at that), displayed a metal lunchbox proudly, and clearly obsessed enough that later, in high school, a boyfriend found a movie ( VHS WOW) and a poster and gave them as gifts (he was a pretty great boyfriend even if I wasn’t the best girlfriend).

I’ve even managed to pass on my love to my oldest. She currently has the lunchbox and poster up in her room. She used to watch the VHS daily, until our ancient VCR broke and that technology has become obsolete. I used to go online and google “watch Sailor Moon episodes online” and pull up poor quality, incomplete episodes to watch with her. But now the day has come where I don’t have to do that.

Because Viz Media is sharing ALL episodes, COMPLETELY UNCUT (which means no pretending two girls are cousins to explain their closeness), including the Sailor Stars series which never made it to the USA. The episodes start streaming TODAY, with the first four available at Hulu and Viz Media (through Neon Alley) and a new episode airing every Monday after that.

If you haven’t watched Sailor Moon before and maybe need some convincing, here’s the official trailer for the series. I got all emotional watching. I can’t wait to relive the magic of this beautiful series with my daughter and all of you…because I’ll be sharing all my feelings every Monday 😀

Now, in the name of the Moon, I order you all to go and watch!

Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Steph –

Well. I managed to get a bingo this week. But at what cost?

photo (18)

This is your one and only spoiler alert for the entire post, on the off chance you haven’t watched the episode yet (Mel hasn’t, but she already knows, it’s cool).

I’m still in shock over this episode. Coming into it, I had no idea what character was going to die. And when Allison does go down I just couldn’t believe it. I mean, they did a nice job of foreshadowing it with her conversation with her father. The great need she felt to tell him she loved him definitely pointed to her (or his) death. But I was so confused that they were writing her off. Only later did I learn that Crystal Reed decided to leave the show and this was the writers’ way of giving her a good send off.

So her death. It was a good way to kill her off (if you can ever call any death good) in that she died doing what she did best; fighting and protecting the ones she loves. She died a hero’s death – while also discovering a potential weakness for the Oni…silver (or at least I’m assuming she used the silver arrowhead she made with her dad as a final initiation into the Argent Family Business). What bothered me about her death was her final conversation with Scott. I later learned this was Crystal’s doing too, so I don’t want to fault her for her decision. It felt right to her. I liked her saying goodbye to Scott, making her peace with him or whatever, but I couldn’t help thinking about Isaac the entire time. Not to mention we don’t see much of Chris Argent’s reaction. Also, I was just super bummed that Allison never got a chance to be a character independent of a love interest. She was only a so so character for me (I like Lydia much more. And Kira). Something about her and Scott while dating rubbed me the wrong way. When they broke up I just really started to like who she was growing into. That got cut short. Bah.

Other than her death (and wtf Ian Bohen tweeting about another death this Monday?) there was a lot to take in.

First and foremost: we find out what Scott’s dad did that had Melissa sending him packing. I gotta say, I thought it was going to be worse than that. I liked Scott’s almost comforting recap of all the ways he hurt himself in the house. And that he wasn’t mad at his dad accidentally sending him tumbling down the stairs but for staying away for sooooo long. I wonder how this will change their relationship, and if Agent McCall will stay on the show. I reluctantly will say he seems like an okay dude. He even saved Sheriff Stilinski’s job. Which, hey, thank goodness. Because who else could handle all the supernatural stuff going down in Beacon Hills?

Stiles is free of the Nogitsune’s influence…only there’s a second Nogitsune!Stiles who seems to be drawing his power off Stiles still. It broke my heart when Stiles woke up from a nap, so terrified and nervous that being asleep meant falling prey to the Nogitsune’s power again. But, as heartbreaking as that was, the scene between Stiles and his dad at the station was so heartwarming. I love their relationship so much. LOVE IT.

The entire storyline involving the girl from the mental institution (I’ve forgotten her name and I’m too lazy, sorry) seemed like a waste of time to me. The one interesting part that came from all of that was how Finstock somehow knows, and has a deep seated hatred for, the mean orderly guy that came to taze this poor innocent girl. Also, Finstock totally helps the McCall pack, not knowing why or what consequences could befall him. So I wonder if he’ll get wrangled into this mess. His power could be annoying supernatural baddies to death with his incessant talking. I dig it.

Lydia. Poor Lydia. With her banshee power she KNEW what would happen if anyone came looking for her. And even trying to warn everyone away, the still came and. Ugh. Lydia’s friendship with Allison had so much potential. It was always great because it showed us this side of Lydia she normally hid from basically everyone. But I wanted more, selfishly, because I’m all about strong, independent woman kicking ass and taking names. All these horrors keep happening alongside her new found powers and I don’t want to see her resenting it.

Chris Argent and Derek Hale…who knew, right? I want, so bad, for them to be best friends and go on a slightly murderous avenging rampage together. I feel like they can really bond over their entire families being murderd…except for the one insane member who should die but just won’t.

The Twins. We see them getting shot at with wolfsbane bullets. It could be any number of hunters they’ve pissed off in the past (though I hope not because that would mean a new character we really don’t need). They look pretty close to death even before Derek somehow, miraculously, finds and rescues them. So at the end of the episode they’re still hurting, still don’t know who shot them and still don’t have a bullet to make an antidote or w/e and save their lives. Maybe they’ll be the ones dying? (side note: do you think if they did their super twin mojo thing that would help slow down the wolfsbane in their blood?).

I’m probably forgetting something, because that’s how I roll. I’m still trying to process everything. And still trying to figure out how anything can be fixed by Monday’s season finale. How can anything ever be okay again?


Lose Your Minds with TEEN WOLF BINGO

Hello friends!

This is your friendly reminder that Teen Wolf 3b starts TONIGHT. Is anyone ready for this? I certainly am not. But you bet your sweet behind I’ll be watching (and probably crying) for the entire hour.

You know what else starts tonight? TEEN WOLF BINGO. Now, while you’re busy losing your mind over the episode, you can bring some sanity (and hopefully hilarity) to the mix with our Bingo cards. Don’t forget to print them off before it starts (10/9 CT) and have some fun with us.

Find the cards here:
set 1  set 2  set 3  set 4  set 5  set 6