San Diego Comic Con 2014: Saturday and Sunday



Ok so this will be my last “follow me around” post for SDCC and I hoped you enjoyed reading about my adventures! Saturday is generally my freebie day. In past years it’s the only day I actually cosplay so I tend to walk the floor a lot. I mean what’s the point of doing all the work on a cosplay if no one sees it? lol I chose Saturday to bring back Pinkie Pie because she’s just so much fun to do!

The first and really only panel I did this day was the “Fantastic Females: Heroines in Paranormal Fantasy”. It was a star studded group who really cared about what they do. They talked about things they loved writing, like breaking rules they didn’t know existed to things they were over. Like girls doing everything they could to get a boy’s attention, will they won’t they’s, and love triangles. (I AM SO OVER THE TRIANGLES!) It was also super awesome to hear how many different things inspired them to write. The friend I was with loved hearing that even thought Marjorie Liu went to law school, she didn’t want to be a lawyer and chose to be a writer instead. My friend went through the same thing. Sometimes it’s really validating to hear you’re not alone!

From there we went to the signing that was right after the panel and picked up a few books to read! I’m excited to review the ones I got. Once I find them in my pile of things from SDCC. lol

After that, I met up with The Hubs to learn how to play the My Little Pony card game. I had NO idea this was something which was even offered at SDCC and it’s not just MLP. There were a TON of different types of games you could learn from very kind, patient teachers. Now, I’ve never really played any kind of card game so when I sat down to play I made that very clear to the teacher. References to Magic Or Pokemon would be completely lost on a n00b like me. He took this in stride and spent the next 45 min teaching me the basics of the game. I’ll be real here, for the first 30 min I had NO idea what I was doing. Like none, but the entire time he was nothing but nice. I have to say it was one of the better things I’ve ever done at SDCC, so if you ever wanted to learn to play a game you should totally check it out! Now for those who are well versed in these types of games many of the tables were hosting tournaments for you to play and win a bunch of school stuff. As it stands I’ll be sticking to teaching my mini the basics of the game. She was the whole reason we learned to play in the first place. The things we do for our kids. lol Oh I forgot to add that because we learned to play we were able to get an exclusive SDCC foil card. Mini was over the moon when she saw one of them was “Doctor Whooves”.

From there Hubs and I parted ways and I wandered the floor some more while I waited to meet back up with frands. I got a gift for Steph, while I was there but she’ll have to wait to find out what it was. Mwahahaha. (Hint: it was from the TW booth.) Once I met up with my pals we made our way over to meet the talented Keahu Kahuanui.
20140726_155826 (1)
He was so nice! This was our third try at a picture. It was just not my day. He was super patient while I tried to not close my eyes when the picture was being taken. (No seriously even the lady running the booth was getting annoyed.) He even complimented my cosplay. I don’t care if he was just being nice. I’LL TAKE IT! But, really I’m excited to see where his career takes him. He’s talented and destined for great things.

Once we were done meeting Keahu, we went to go to dinner but ran into this gentleman on the way!
photo (1)
Most people may not recognize him bc for most of his acting career Doug Jones has worn heavy makeup and/or prosthetic. Here this may help you know who he is: (He’s the tall one on the right)
Don’t let that fool you. He was so sweet when I stopped to tell him I loved all this work. Total class act!

From there we closed the night out with The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Welcome to Night Vale cross over. It was a true star studded night preformed to a packed house! I wasn’t able to get a lot of the references for The Thrilling adventure hour but it was still enjoyable! I can’t wait to see WtNV live again!

Since the show got started a little late I went straight home. I didn’t plan on going at all on Sunday but I needed to get a few last gifts. I made a quick trip to the floor and then called it quits to this year’s SDCC.

All and all it was an amazing year. I love being able to see things I know and love while having the chance to learn new things all in one place. I know SDCC can seem really overwhelming and at certain times it really is, but I’m always glad to be able to attend. Until next year, Comic Con. Thanks for the memories

If you could learn a new game you what would you want to learn to play?



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