San Diego Comic Con 2014: Friday

My son would love this car!

My son would love this car!

Friday started off not so great. I lost the battle of getting my contacts into my eyes and almost lost the fight with the false lashes I was planning on wearing. I had to totally redo what I’d planned for my face so I got behind. I went as the Glow Cloud from Welcome To Night Vale  and I’ll go into more detail on it (and all my other cosplays) in a later post. I had to meet a few friends before their panel and I didn’t want to be late!

The first panel of the day was a fan works panel specific to the fan art and fic in the Teen Wolf fandom. It was an amazing group of people talking about why, how and what they like to create. I may be a little bias bc I know all of these lovely intelligent people.  But whatever. They did a great wonderful job and I am so proud of them!! Don’t take my word on it NPR wrote a little bit about them too!

From there we grabbed lunch and headed into the Assassins Creed panel. I think I was more excited about being in the same room as the AMAZING Aisha Tyler than learning about the new game coming out. I don’t think, I know that’s who I was most excited about. Her love for this series, and really all gaming, is so contagious. Oh yeah, and the new game coming out, set in revolutionary France looks cool too.

I snuck out of “The 100” panel bc I had to meet the awesome creators of Welcome to Night Vale. It was kind of epic. I didn’t realize it was a signing so I had them sign my badge. They were so, so nice and funny. I also snapped a photo with them!


I got back in time to see the last bit of “The 100” but I couldn’t tell you what the show was about. LOL Oops? Then we had Falling Skies which I’ve always been meaning to watch but never really made the time for. Seeing as it’s in its last season I should probably do that, huh? It does feature some of my all time favorite actors so I need to get on it.

The last panel of the night we saw was for one of my FAVORITE new shows: Sleepy Hollow. Oh how I love this show!! I can’t wait for it to start back up in the fall. Tom was charming, Nikki was flawless, Orlando was witty, and the rest of the cast was equally as awesome. The teasers they showed were equal parts funny and suspenseful.  Basically it’s everything I’ve come to love from this show. Seeing as the room was packed I’m not alone in this thinking. (Seriously, if you aren’t watching this show, repent now and start it.)

From there we tried to meet a few friends but ended up calling it a night. I think this made all the difference, really. I got a lot of sleep, which I needed. Sure I didn’t get into everything I wanted but I was able to fully enjoy what I did. I think with few exceptions this will be my plan from now on!

What show are you looking forward to seeing in the fall?



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