AniMonday: Legend of Korra Book 3 Review (chapters 4 and 5)

Chapter 4 – In Harm’s Way

I was really excited to see this season’s bad guys at the start of this episode. Especially armless water bender Ming-Hua because her bending is so amazing to me. Plus! Getting a good look at the mysterious skills of P’Li. I can’t lie, when P’Lu and Zaheer are reunited and Ghazan starts winning about them kissing, I totally cracked up. One of the best parts about Avatar is their ability to infuse humor with drama and action. It’s lovely.

Korra and Asami continue to be the greatest of bffs. I’m really enjoying watching them interact. Instead of being competition for Mako’s affective, they’re really getting to know each other. Asami having Korra’s back against the Earth Queen is a joy. Basically everything about them is super great.

Jinora coming into her own as a stand alone character is really interesting. I love how the Avatar franchise isn’t afraid to make their female characters powerful – whether they’re good, bad, or somewhere in between. It’s especially refreshing seeing it in a young girl, who isn’t even (or at least wasn’t before) a main character.

The Dai Li continue to be evil, forcing the Air benders to train, showing them no mercy and throwing them in the hole (lol typical). Poor Kai. But lbr, if he hadn’t gone on a pick pocketing spree he never would’ve ended up in that mess.

And then we learn about Zaheer and his crew, why they were locked away… They tried to kidnap Korra when she was a baby! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN. Too bad no one knows why They wanted to kidnap her in the first place. Here’s hoping we discover their motive long before the end of the season.

Lin Beifong shows up (yes!) and together with the help of Team Avatar go to bust out all the captive air benders. The Queen declares it an act of war, which yeah I wonder how that’s gonna go down consisting Lin is on the police force for Republic City. Idk. You’d think that would have some repercussions.

(I didn’t tear up when the Air benders decide to stay with Tenzin. YOU DID. )

Chapter 5 – The Metal Clan

Reports of an air bender in some city I don’t know the spelling of but is the home of the metal clan (hence the name of the chapter) reach the team. Beifong is obviously lying when she states she isn’t familiar with it. So obviously they’re gonna go and we’re gonna find out what’s up with Beifong.

We get a teasing snippet of information about Toph, the city having been built by her. I’m sad we don’t actually see more than just a statue, but I do appreciate the mention to old characters I love. We do, however, meet Beifong’s (half) sister… Who apparently Beifong hates. THE PLOT THICKENS.

So Team Avatar meets the newest air bender, Beifong’s niece Opal. There’s an immediately apparent interest for Bolin on her part. She seems to nice though, to bland at least for now. But who knows. Maybe Bolin needs a more sedate girl to keep him in line. All I know is I want him happy. He’s a forever fave of mine.

I really enjoyed seeing Zaheer come to Air Temple Island, a little disguised so no one would recognize him. However, Kya immediately had suspicions. The fact he’s such a talented bender is odd. But he seems to have studied maybe even before getting the ability. Maybe because he was the only non bender in his merry band of misfits and no one else was an air bender? Idk. He seems like a respectful guy, outside the whole kidnapping thing. Even when fighting kya, he could’ve wasted all those guards and her, but instead he fought enough to incapacitate them and leave before really hurting them. I feel like I’m going to end up sympathizing for him.

What is with the most recent two episodes making me cry? At the end of 5, there’s a confrontation between Beifong, Opal and Korra. It ends with Korra accusing Beifong of being lonely and bitter… And seeing Beifong cry. Foot someone who is always so tough and put together, watching her fall apart was heart breaking.

I’m so happy that this season continues to deliver the humor, angst and drama. I looked at this season with so much hesitation at first. And now it’s all anticipation. Can’t wait for the next episode!


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