AniMonday: Sailor Moon Crystal Review – ep 1


This past Saturday the new series,  Sailor Moon Crystal, debuted and ohemgeeeeeeeee it was amazing.

As a series focused on more closely following the manga (which I admit I never read), episode one wasfar more fast paced than the original.  There were introductions I enjoyed,  like all of Usagi’s classmates and Motoki’s appearance early on (who’s even cuter,  if I may say so). But at times it feels rushed. We even catch a glimpse of Ami (Mercury) at the very end. In the original I hated how long it took for her to show up. But I wouldn’t mind it taking a few episodes for Usagi to really get the hang of things (as much as she ever did anyway) before Ami comes to help.

One of the changes I most enjoyed was Usagi’s transformation into Sailor Moon.  I can’t really explain why, other than I thought it looked so cool. There were a lot of similarities to the original anime – the nails and ribbons surrounding her to form gloves, boots and the rest of the costume. It just seemed to flow easier. Maybe part of that is the animation itself and not just the new concept. Either way, I love it.

Also worth noting is Mamoru’s (Tuxedo Mask) immediate involvement. From the moment Usagi runs into him there’s a connection, an almost recognition of each other that is an improvement from the original (imo). I really did miss the rose during the fight sequence,  though. I can’t lie about that disappointment.

All said and done, haters to the left, this series is starting out really strong. My only complaint is having to wait for the next episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal updates every first and third Saturday on hulu. You can also catch the episodes on Crunchy Roll and several other sites (Google finds all).

I hope you’ll all join me on this familiar,  yet new,  journey into Usagi’s life. It’s gonna be a trip!



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