Comic Con Free Printable Fandom Badges




So one of the most awesome things about going to cons like SDCC is being able to meet friends you’ve made online. Whether it’s from TV shows you all love to books, it’s a beautiful thing! While being able to hug these people in real life is awesome, sometimes we want to keep a sense of privacy. Know what I mean? If you’re a boring adult like me, sometimes your life doesn’t allow for the two to mix. On the other hand you may want to make it easy for your online pals to know who you are by putting your twitter name out for all to see. Either way I made these little badges that fit perfectly into your SDCC badge*.


They come in a set of 4 which you can print off here. (Hurray for sharing with friends!) I know they look boring but you can totally dress them up by coloring in the background. Like so:



I hope these can be helpful to you and help make your con going more awesome!

What would you use these for? Help keep your two worlds separate or to help your frands find you?


*If you so happen to use these be sure to make it so you can show your pass to allow you to get in. 😉



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