Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Steph’s card


This season opener required a rewatch for me. And even still I’m left going huuuuuh? Still,  good ol Jeff Davis sure knows how distract us from such important questions like – where is Isaac? Or Peter? And how do these teenagers always go out without some kind of parental supervision? – with attractive people and lots of action and/or sex.

You see,  the episode starts with Stiles and Lydia in Mexico. I’m pretty sure they’re only 16 or 17 (though you can never be sure in this show) and I don’t know about you but my parents would never have let me screw off to Mexico with just another teenager (and a member of the opposite sex to boot). 

Right. So.

Stiles, Lydia,  Kira, Malia and Scott travel to Mexico to meet with the Calaveras family. You may remember the badass Latina from last season who had Peter and Derek all chained up, questing them about La Loba (whose identity I’m sure you already know.  UGH). Well apparently they own a hot dance club and Team True Alpha thinks they’ve wolfnapped Derek. There’s lots of dancing,  lots of shirtless boys and Kira and Malia using the power of potential lesbians to blend in. They all end up caught anyway. And to skip over the torture,  we discover what we already guessed at the end of season 3. Kate didn’t die. She turned and now has Derek. Too bad he’s not underage to creep on again…

So Team True Alpha has to go to La Iglesia to find both Derek and creepy Kate. As a side note,  I really appreciate how Tween Wolf dedicates their seasons to teaching us new things. Season 3 was all about English vocab. This season is all about Spanish vocab and Mexican mythology. Thanks MTV!

Where was I?

Oh yeah. The pack. They  team up with a mercenary assigned by the Cavaleras. The same girl from the first episode of season 3 that saved Isaac. Considering she survived without getting mauled, I’d say there’s a solid chance she’ll die a terrible death live happily ever after. On the way to La Iglesia something hits Stiles’s precious Jeep so the group separates. Because that’s always smart.  And apparently it’s crucial Scott get to the old abandoned church built on a native Mexican tribal burial site at NIGHT. When the possibility to DIE increases 10 times. SMART THINKING.

Remember earlier when I was all Oh good thing Derek is legal otherwise creepy Kate would give him the bad touch? WELL. The big shocker of the episode is *spoiler alert* he’s somehow MAGICALLY DEAGED. Don’t even ask me. DON’T EVEN. I’m so confused.

The highlight of the episode,  for me, was Malia. Now,  I know there was some article where the actress said Stiles is Malia’s mate and shippers everywhere lost their collective poops. But seriously Malua is precious. She still thinks like a Coyote and her frank kill or be killed mentality is hilarious to me. Also,  the way she treats Stiles warms my heart. It’s this unconditional trust and, Idk if I’d go so far as to say love but,  some kind of deep affection. I’m really looking forward to that relationship blooming in whatever way the creators see fit.

I’m hoping the Derek thing gets resolved in the next episode because I’m real tired of the entire universe treating him like its toilet. Quit dumping all your crap on Derek Hale!

Though I do wonder if this young Derek had all of present day Derek’s memories. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMM, HMM?

Did any of you get a bingo? Are you flipping out about Derek,  too? Inquiring minds want to know.


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