AniMonday: Legend of Korra (Book 3)


I have to ‘fess up to something. I literally had no idea,  until recently,  that  Nickelodeon was airing book 3 of Korra this Friday. I remember seeing news about a few episodes leaking,  but that was it. Honestly, after book 2 I wasn’t very impressed with where the story of Korra was headed (you could probably tell based on my lack of reviews). The conflict of brother on brother was already done in book 1. And the drama between Korra and Mako is getting old and tired. The best part of the season wasn’t even about the central character… But about the very first Avatar.
Be that as it may,  I will be dutifully tuning in every week to see if Korra has finally matured at all. And if Mako, I don’t know,  stops the back and forth between her and Asami. If Bolin gets the awesome girl he wants and deserves. If we find out more about characters from Aang’s time. If if if.
I worry that Nickelodeon’s decision to rush into airing the season due to the leak online won’t hurt ratings. On one hand,  it’s summer so kids can stay up later to watch. But on the other,  they won’t have the marketing advantage gained from a panel at SDCC.
So,  join me this Friday (8/7 c) in watching the season premiere,  won’t you? I look forward to hearing your thoughts about how Korra is doing now.


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