What I Made: May Edition


Ta Da! I made a swim top and it was one of the harder things I’ve attempted to make. I used Simplicity Pattern 1374 and liked it over all. I scored this fabric at Goodwill. (6 yards for $6 WOOT!) I do like the roucheing on the side. It helps hide the mommy tummy. Totally worth the 2 needles I broke while doing it.

I think working with a 4 way stretch knit is just hard in general, but even harder when you’re not really motivated. Swim seasons is not my fave. I just dislike swimming in general. The pools are never clean enough for me and the water is so drying. bleh. I don’t think I would have finished this if my kids weren’t so excited about swimming.

I will say that, for me, making a swim suit is always cheaper than buying one. I have and odd body shape (which I love bc it’s mine) that makes it hard to find things I like in a price I’m willing to pay. So, I guess the anger and pain were worth it. I still dislike swimming, tho.

Are you a fan of swimming? Anyone else have issues finding a ready made suit?


PS I wouldn’t recommend this pattern for beginners.



2 thoughts on “What I Made: May Edition

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE swimming, HATE HATE HATE swimsuits. I swim in a tee shirt and shorts. Who says you need a suit when you’re not racing and therefor don’t need to be aerodynamic? Plus, the more fabric you have the more of a workout you’re getting while swimming. 😉

    That suit top is A D O R A B L E though. I love it. So retro and sassy yellow. I can empathize with the freaking stretch material though, ugh.

    • I only wish I could swim in shorts and a tshirt. My kids get grabby when they swim I think I might drown lol.

      Thanks!!! I’m hoping it will last a few years so I don’t have to make another one anytime soon. lol

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