I made sure the girls and I got to our store right when it opened because last year I missed out on a bunch (cough Archaia cough). Even still, it was packed. And they had the heat on because they kept their door wide open. But with all those bodies in there…whoooo it was hot. My 2 yo was determined to get all the comics she could reach. And to run away and join other groups of people browsing.
I am in love with Archaia’s collection. It’s so beautiful. My oldest has been showing off all her comics to everyone she sees and demanding to read them over and over. Makes me so happy 🙂
Free Comic Book Day is the best day!


We got to the shop late and only ended up getting 3 comics, two of which were fought over and destroyed in the car. I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture. It happens. On the plus side, I did get to pick up everything that was in my box so it saved me a 20 min drive. I am green with envy over Steph’s haul. The Archaia hardcover is the one thing I’m really sad I missed. (I’m kind of in love with everything they put out.)

How was your FCBD haul?


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