What I made: March Edition


Ok so I didn’t actually make a wearable piece this month, but I did create a garment design! (I’m counting it.)  A friend sent me a link to a nerdy design contest and I knew I wanted to give it a try. I’m not even sure if I got my application in on time, but whatever. I still gave it my best shot.

The whole idea is to come up with “geek couture”. Basically a geek inspired design that isn’t a costume.  I knew right away that my inspiration would be this lovely:


It’s no secret that I LOVE her; I wanted to do something unapologetically girly and fun. Pinkie Pie is both those things so it was a match made in heaven!

pinky pie take one


My first draft looked something like this. (BEFORE you say anything I haven’t done serious figure drawing in over a decade so I know a toddler can do better. Also, drawing legs and shoes is hard.) I wanted a party dress that was a fit and flare and it of course had to be pink.



On my second draft I played with the neckline giving it more of a scooped feel but it still felt like it was missing something that would really make it more than just another pink party dress. On the last day to submit I had my “AH HA” moment.



Pinkie has balloons for her cutie mark and they were what inspired the different sized dots at the bottom of the skirt. I think this totally made the design something special. Do I think I’ll be one of the finalist? Nope, probably not but that wasn’t the point of this for me. I wanted to stretch myself and see what I could do. I think I’m going to actually make this dress or at least the skirt in the near future.

Who/what would be your inspiration?

PS Lupita Nyong’o from the Oscars is what I had in mind for my model.


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