Favorites: March

Steph’s Fave’s: 

March has been mostly about starting and trying to catch up to The Arrow, a show on CW that is based of a DC comic. I’d seen a lot of people discussing it and decided to gorge myself on the first season (available on Netflix). I am so hooked. And now I’m trying to get current with season 2, watching as many episodes as I can. I love shows/movies based off comics and I think the CW is doing a great job with it. Doesn’t hurt there’s lots of nearly naked Oliver Queen writhing around in leather pants. I mean..


Also on my list of favorites: makeup. The first, MAC’s Studio Fix compact, is actually a long time favorite of mine. I’ve been using it for years and literally have nothing bad to say about it (my only issue comes when one of my children accidentally drop it and it shatters. But that’s no fault of the product). The reason I’m sharing today is because I’ve noticed as I age, my skin changes. But the way this makeup covers hasn’t. This is important because I’m getting OLD. Ugh. And ties in to my third favorite –

Foundation. I’ve never been a big foundation wearer. Not to brag, but I always had really nice skin and would stick to concealer and powder and be done with it. But, again, my skin is changing. And since tomorrow is a big day for me, I decided to try something that’s geared for an older demographic. Also, I am usually really snobby about my makeup. But I can’t always afford to dish out a small fortune on it. On Pinterest I found some good boards that focused on the best drugstore makeup. Maybelline’s Age Rewind was on there, and for roughly $8 a pop, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. I’m really liking the way it blends for me and gives me an overall smooth coverage. Add the Studio Fix on top and it’s perfect.

Mel’s faves: 

Hey everyone!

So my faves this month are going to be all about YouTube channels I watched the most this month! I figured it would be more interesting than repeating the same beauty faves from the last two months. (They haven’t changed. lol)

Fist up we have Gossmakeupartist who offers tons of great tips tricks in short to the point videos. One thing I really love about him is he is always so positive with how he talks about all women.  I always feel like I learned something after watching and feel like I can totally rock more looks than I thought I could. You should definitely give him a look.

If you’re in the mood for a laugh Hartbeat will be there for you. She makes smart video’s where she’s not afraid to make fun of herself.  She’s just awesome, OK! Trust me. She’s not exactly safe for work sometimes so just keep that in mind when you watch.

And last up we have PTXofficial. I feel like I’m the last person on earth to have heard about this band. They are a group of five vocalist that ARE THE BEST EVER. No seriously. They were the season three winners for the “Sing-Off” and if you watch just one video you can see why. I have literally listened to them every day this month. I can’t get over how talented they all are. I mean just look at the “Say Something” video and look at the emotions they convey. There is a reason their North American tour was sold out.

What were your Fave’s for March?


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