The Walking Dead: Us Review

Twd Glen



So this week’s TWD was kind of a breather which I think we needed after last week. Sure there were some intense parts but there were also some really, really happy ones too. I think they pulled off the three separate story lines really well. I like how even though we’re jumping in time it doesn’t feel jumpy. Did that even make sense? lol

Alright, we only got to see a little glimpse of the Grimes family (Michonne is totally part of the family, ok?) and it was awesome. I love that Michonne and Carl have this awesome brother sister type bond. She doesn’t really treat him like a kid and he brings out the more playful side in her. It’s great. Rick is there to make sure stuff and things get done. I want them to be happy always so naturally I’m expecting one of them to die next week.

I was a little concerned for Daryl this week. I’m glad he hasn’t fully agreed to be part of the “Truth or Die” gang. They are just trouble. I did have a panicked thought though: WHAT IF THEY ARE FROM TERMINUS AND HERD PEOPLE THERE? Don’t laugh. I would not put it past this show. I mean why else would they go if even thought the leader of the pack doesn’t think they’ll be welcomed? Think about it.

Lastly we have Glenn and his crew. I WAS SO HAPPY HE FOUND MAGGIE! So happy. Someone on this damn show should be happy. Also, I also love how Glenn gave Tara a fresh start. He never really demanded anything from Tara, but was happy that she wanted to help. It was Tara’s guilt was what pushed her not Glenn holding it over her head. That’s why he didn’t leave her when she got stuck in the tunnel. I think that’s very telling. Glenn wasn’t willing to sacrifice her that to get what he wants. Glenn is good people. PLEASE LET HIM LIVE!

I have no idea what to think about Terminus. Part of me thinks it’s a group of people who lure others in and then eat them. (Think living walkers/the Donner party) Or maybe it could be an entire group of people like Lizzy. Or maybe they trick people into thinking it’s safe and then steal all there stuff. Or it’s run by someone who’s like the Governor. Or there’s an evil scientist testing things out on people. Or Or OR…. The point is, there are no safe haven’s. There is no place free of troubles. Terminus is not a good place and I am a little terrified to see what it actually is.

What do you think Terminus is?



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