The Walking Dead: The Grove Review

Carol TWD



Knowing what’s going to come and actually seeing it are two different things. I called Lizzy doing what she did. There was a similar story line in the comics (that was actually much darker imo.) so when I saw the hints at it I knew what was a head. That being said they did an AMAZING job with his episode. I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon but it makes total sense.

First and foremost, Melissa McBride was stellar in this episode. I felt Carol’s pain as Tyreese talked about his lost love. I felt her cold fear when she came on Lizzy playing with a walker and Lizzy’s reaction at having to put the walker down. The heartbeak at coming to the conclusion about what to do with Lizzy. Then having to go through with it. “Just look at the flowers.”  And lastly, her confession to Tyreese. It was almost as if she wanted him to punish her and make the pain stop. Anyone else get that vibe? Regardless,  she knocked it out of the park.

Then we have Chad L. Coleman who brought it too. Tyreese is a tender soul and I love that about him. He’s what I would be if this ever really happened. He tried so hard to find another way for them to deal with Lizzy, but he understood and got why things had to happen. Also, when he said he forgave Carol I cried. He is *such* a good guy. I want good things for him. When he was looking around the living room the first night they were there I wanted him to have everything. Tyreese has managed to keep his tenderness and I hope he doesn’t lose it anytime soon.

Oh Lizzy. I can’t bring myself to hate her after seeing this. Yes I know I was super pissed with her trying to kill Judith and I stand by that. However, seeing how far gone she was just filled me with sadness. The problem was obviously there long before we met her and who knows if it was there before the world went to hell. I’d like to think it was the only way she really knew how to cope. Kind of like a weird form of Stockholm Syndrome. Mika may have made it if Lizzy hadn’t have killed her. I guess we’ll never know.

Story lines like this remind me why I love TWD so much. I was spoiled for this episode before I had a chance to watch and I was ready to blame Carol for a lot of what happened. But when I watched and the story unfolded it all made perfect, horrifying sense. No one was really to blame. It’s what the world has made them.

What do you think? Was Carol right? Should Tyreese have forgiven her?



2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: The Grove Review

  1. This is why I’ve fallen in love with TWD, too. It’s not afraid to own up to some ugly truths. Choices have to be made that would not be conscionable pre-apocalypse. The way they write them and the actors portray them is amazing.

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