Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Mel’s Card
TW bingo winner 22

With one episode left I’m not quite sure how I feel. I like to reserve judgment on things until I have all the info to work with but I have NO clue how they’re going to solve this.

First and foremost WHY ARE THE MURDER TWINS GETTING A SECOND CHANCE? Yes, I know I was torn at the beginning about them, but that was when I wondered if they were acting on their own free will. (Remember in some mythology betas and omegas HAVE to obey the alpha without question. Like when Scott had to fight Peter’s command to kill in the first season.) Now it’s clear they had a choice and no I’m not forgiving that. It’s more than Boyd, Erica was lost too. I’m not OK with everyone forgiving them so easily and them getting to have a clean slate. Plus they don’t seem bothered by it either. They’re more worried about dating. Lydia and Danny, you are SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!

Speaking of Danny, weren’t we promised more of him AND him getting his own journey into the supernatural this season? We only have one more episode to do this so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out. I’m sad they don’t do more with Danny. He has so much potential and right now it’s wasted. I mean he’s no dummy. He has to know SOMETHING not right is going on in his town. I mean we know he’s a nerd and between SPN and Buffy he’s had to have seen something in those shows that would clue him in, right?! I was kind of hoping we’d find out he was some kind of shape-shifter but he didn’t know it yet. (He doesn’t know anything at this point, ok? What’s one more thing?) As it stands right now he’s kind of just the token gay friend/boy friend when he could be so, so much more. Please, Can we get more well written story lines for him?

Now I’m not sure what the hell they’re doing with Stiles. Are there are two now? Has he been split in half or has the bad fox just taken the form of Stiles and they’re completely different? Have they saved him? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!

Scott and Kira are kind of the cutest and I really really need her to stay. Oh and her parents too. I like that they seem to ground one another. There’s not much angst with them. No forbidden love. Just cuteness. We need more cuteness in this show, damnit! I also like that whole she’s a badass like Allison, Kira is not a copy of her. She’s her own person therefor when Scott interacts with her it’s not the same as he did with Allison. I think that’s super important to show, you know?

Did anyone else feel like there was a long standing love triangle with The McCall’s and Stilinski’s. What was creepy Stiles talking about? What does Papa McCall need to talk to Scott about? Why did Mama McCall call Papa Stilinski? What would have kept Papa McCall away for so long? Does it have to do with his drinking? I mean I DON’T UNDERSTAND!

The flies were gross. I hope Papa Argent and Derek can hug it out. Please let Isaac be ok! I don’t think waking up via fly possession is good for a comma patient. Just throwing it out there. Please don’t let Isaac be the one who dies. PLEASE. NO ONE CAN WHERE A SCARF LIKE HIM!

I’m not ready for next week.


Don’t even ask me about my bingo card because I’m pretty sure it’s a mangled piece of trash after watching this episode. Do you know that I am deathly afraid of bugs crawling in my ear while I sleep and eating my brain? I know it’s irrational, but when I was little my older siblings told me about earwigs and how they did that (I don’t think that’s true…never researched it…but whatever) and so now it’s just this phobia I carry with me. And last episode was THE WORST. So many flies crawling into ears and open wounds and IV points and EWWWWW GROSS. Ugh, why?

Also, just as gross? Stiles (or fake!Stiles, whatever) pulling out all that gauze bandage from his mouth. Obviously parts were fake but MY BRAIN DIDN’T CARE. Omg, I seriously wanted to puke.

I cannot believe that ANYTHING will get resolved by the end of next episode. And frankly, I’m getting annoyed. It’s too much, in my opinion. We need to figure out the Stiles thing, the McCall thing, the Malia thing…am I leaving anything out? My brain wants to explode.

As always, I love Kira and Scott. I was so excited they got to kiss – and that it was a small, chaste kiss. Because no one needs to be getting down in the middle of a crisis (except for Stiles and Malia and Allison and Isaac apparently…). They’re so adorable and just the best part of 3b, if you ask me. I want Kira to stay forever. I want her and Scott to make beautiful wolf/fox hybrid babies or something. IDK. I just, I never really liked Scott and Allison together. It felt too selfish and intense (which, I know HS relationships can be like). But with Scott and Kira everything feels so much more organic…if that makes sense.

So what’s going on? Did anyone else notice that when Nogitsune!Stiles heard the name Malia he perked up and then bolted? How does she tie into this? Here’s a theory. She’s knocked up with a baby nogitsune coyote pup and she and Nogitsune!Stiles are going to use that to take over the world. Ha. Haha. Hahahaha. Right. I have no idea. I’m still so confused by her part in all this. And just HOW the HELL she’s Peter’s biological daughter.

When are we going to find out what happened with Agent McCall? Is he going to be a more permanent character? Will we learn his first name? Will we ever learn SHERIFF’S first name? And, btw, will we ever learn more about Gerard and his fate? SO MANY LOOSE ENDS LIKE WTH FIX THIS JEFF DAVIS.



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