The Walking Dead: Alone Review

TWD Daryl


Can Daryl get one break please? JUST ONE?

I greatly enjoyed watching the development of whatever Beth and Daryl were doing. A lot. (For the record Beth is 18 this season. She’s legal.) Him giving her a piggy back was SO sweet. Then there was the grave, and the singing. Oh and we can’t forget about the pig’s feet! That’s totally the best way to get into a girl’s heart. *sigh* WHY COULDN’T IT HAVE LASTED? Daryl please don’t play with the mean boys. You’re so much better than that. Promise!! 

Then we move to what has to be one of the scariest things they’ve done on TWD. Fighting walkers in the fog. NOPE. Pass. Not going to happen. Plus then there’s creepy Bob in the mix. He’s totally creepy, right? Like Maggie and Sasha need to ditch him fast. I mean his kiss with Sasha was just weird and uncomfortable. I know that most of it is due to the fact he’s dealing with addiction but to me that’s way more of a liability than a help. Remember Beth’s boyfriend? That epic fight at the end proved Sasha and Maggie don’t need him. They just need pointy stick and sign. (But really how AWESOME were these ladies?)

I think once they find Tyreese they should send creepy Bob, Carol, and the child Lizzy Borden (You know she totally is! I don’t care if she’s 10.) off one some errand and then ditch them. That way you’re not being cruel leaving them alone but you’re also not traveling with extra crazy. No one needs extra crazy. No one. I mean Tyreese is going to find out what Carol did eventually. That’s just how this show works. My guess it will be at the worst possible time. Why not avoid that? egh? EGH?

I’m really looking forward to see what Rick, Carl , and the Goddess Michonne are up too. Hopefully they will be back next week. So far I really enjoy how the writers are choosing to tell the story this half. If they keep it up I might even forgive them for wasting my time with the Governor’s episodes. Maybe. Bring Beth backs safe, unassaulted, and we’ll talk.

If it was you, would you want to stay with Bob?



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