Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Mel’s Card

tw week 10 winner


I’m still not sure how I feel about this episode. Like…. I don’t know. So I’ve decided to make a wishlist for what I want for the rest of this season.

  1. No one I love dies. (This pretty much excludes everyone but the Murder Twins)
  2. Danny saves everyone. I’m talking he just swoops in at the last minute and is all. “Yeah, I figured it out a long time ago bc I have a brain. I’m here to save you with my amazing plan. Maybe you’ll include me in the planning next time? Bc I just save you all.”
  3. Stiles get’s his dad a spa day and an “I’m sorry for the trouble.” gift.
  5. Papa Argent doesn’t get set on fire.
  6. Boyd gets brought back.
  7. The Murder Twins either get the crap kicked out of them or Boyd says whether they get forgiven or not.
  8. Kira and Scott Continue to be the cutest. After this is all over Kira take’s Scott out on a date to sushi and they have a real lesson on how to eat it.
  9. Kira’s Mom AND Dad Both live.
  10. Deputy Parish Lives
  11. Coach Lives and the team all get him a golden whistle. (He still make Stiles run laps everyday for reasons.)
  12. Isaac lives to wear another scarf.
  13. Allison helps Danny save everyone and gets her grades up. (School is important damnit! How else is everyone going to get out of this crazy town?)
  14. They find the hell mouth under the tree and close it.
  15. Erica comes back too.
  16. Then they all go to Disneyland where Stiles tries to be mopey until he see Papa Argent’s face on the Splash Mt. Photo. Derek rocks a pair of Micky Ears the whole day. (Lydia did not give him a choice.) Isaac tries a turkey leg for the first time and eats 5 more. (He regrets it when he’s on the tea cups with Boyd who shows no mercy.) Allison get’s the highest score on the Buzz Lighteyear ride. Kira laughs at every joke on the jungle cruise. Lydia makes everyone stop and take a picture with every character who crosses their path. Papa Stilinski tries not to cry when he watches Stiles sing along to the parade. (Erica made them stop.)  Scott’s picture on The Tower Of Terror was the best of the day.  Danny demands they all ride Star Tours 3 times bc he saved everyone and reminds them of that.  And they all snuggle up and watch the fireworks before pilling into the rented van to going home.

I think it could all happen right?  RIGHT?!

I didn’t get a bingo this week. But I’m more concerned with the episode than anything else.
The flashback to Kira’s mom and the origin of the nogitsune was really cool. I was a bit shocked to learn how old the mom is and what part she played. Disappointing though, was having the same actor that plays Kira also play her younger version mom. I guess they wanted to make sure the likeness was obvious? Idk. I was also disappointed how it took up all of the episode. Don’t get me wrong, the backstory was good, heart breaking, and informative. But there are only, what 2 or 3 episodes left? And I feel like so much needs to be resolved.

Here’s my biggest question for the night: where is Lydia? She has this cool new power that has yet to be fully explored and she’s just not around? Is she working with Peter?

Slightly related…Malia. Where did she run off to? And why didn’t Morrell give Scott a heads up? oh hey that coyote girl is supposed to be looking for you FYI . What was the point of bringing up her relation to peter right now if we don’t get more of it involved in the current story?

And the twins. Wth are they doing during all of this??? Why do we even need them? I miss Boyd.
Freakin Jeff Davis. I stg he’s just adding too much on top of too much and it’s killing me.

I’m really concerned for the finale. I’m sure it’ll be really exciting, the episodes always are. But I fear there will be a lack of real resolution. And we’ll be left hanging for too long until the next season starts up. I miss having a light hearted ending to help me ease out of all the tension and stress from the entire season.

I do like Papa Argent and Derek working together. I like Sheriff seeker in their help, being intelligent enough to recognize the nogitsune is playing them all, taking away Stiles’s hope with the brain scan. I love Kira (always) and Scott. I even love her mom and dad. Yeah, she set a psycho killing prankster demon on the world. But everyone makes mistakes, right? Lol. I love officer Parrish and how smart he is. Dang, I want him around a lot. I loved the scene between the Sheriff and Allison. It was such a lovely, touching moment (I wish she could have that with her own dad but…).

Ultimately it’s these little things that keep me coming back for more been when I’m upset and confused. But make no mistake, if Stiles indeed dies I am done. DONE.


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