Favorites: February

ABM_1393528197Hey! So starting at the top left we have argan oil. I love this stuff. It’s a great moisturizer for all skin types and totally helped my combo skin find a balance. I’ve been using it for going on a year now but ran out in Jan and didn’t get my new bottle until the middle of Feb. It reminded me of how much I loved it and to never go with out again. lol In the top right we have Pacifica’s body butter in Island Vanilla. I got this back in December and was in love with it this month. It makes me smell like vanilla frosting. SO GOOD! Moving onto the bottom left we have an eye cream, lip balm and lips stick I’ve been wearing almost daily.  They eye cream and lip balm I got in my January Ipsy bag and the lipstick is by Wet N Wild. I know Wet N Wild is no Mac but the color is AMAZING.  (It’s called “Cherry Picking”.) Lastly we have the bottom right. I am so in love with these colors. They go on great and go along while without chipping. What more can you ask for?

abm app logo

Apple, Windows, Android 

Next up we have the most awesome photo app. I’ve used this pretty much non stop and since I bought it. Super awesome and really user friendly. PLUS it’s only $ 0.99. Not bad.

What have been your favorites this month?


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