Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Mel’s Card

TW bingo 9 winner

Oh boy was this Episode insane!

I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I’m not completely sure the second half  was even real. I do feel like there is something important though. Like once we get then next 4 episodes we’ll have an AH HA! Moment. Now that I think about it I’m not sure the parts involving Stiles were even real. Like while the rest of the groups was trying to pull the teen version of The Italian Job I don’t remembering them actually saying where Stiles was. Like he could still be in the ER.  Crap I need to rewatch. I mean the mental institution read more of what a teen might thing it is as opposed to what they actually are. You know?

Other than that I’m still not sold on the murder twins and I want more Danny. Oh oh! I need the sassiest deputy to be ok too! You know the one who is 24 and braved the bus last week? Yeah I want him around for a long time. Kira too. She’s really the cutest. I want her to stay please!! (And to have her whole family intact too.)

What are your feelings on this whole Stiles affair?

Steph’s card


Okay, so first of all, I’d seen a lot of stuff about trigger warnings in regards to mental health/hospitals. But nowhere did I see anything specifically triggering suicides. And I almost had to flounce this episode so hard because I don’t deal well with that particular topic. Especially how it was done.

Anyway. Moving on. As I was playing Bingo, I also took notes. Because I feel like I’m always forgetting what happens and I wanted to keep everything fresh in my mind. I gotta say, it didn’t help much. Most of my notes consisted of WTF??? and NOPE.

I found it odd that the episode starts off with Stiles and his dad going to the mental hospital. The one that looks sketchy as f*** and belongs in a horror movie. I was hoping there’d be more of Deaton explaing what was going to happen to Stiles after the injection he receieved. I mean one minute he’s knocked out and then next we see he’s with his dad? What? i don’t know. But the whole “STILES I NEED TO GET YOUR PILLOW YOU CAN’T SLEEP WITHOUT YOUR PILLOW” bit broke my heart. DDD: And you could just tell how much of a bad idea Sheriff Stilinski was finding the whole hospital bit. SHOULD’VE FOLLOWED YOUR GUT INSTICTS AND GOTTEN HIM THE EFF OUTTA THERE, MAN.

We see Malia again. After the bomb of her being Peter’s daughter got dropped on us last episode (or what I assume was a bomb. Because I guess it was never confirmed? I don’t know. I’M ALWAYS CONFUSED BY THIS SHOW). It’s frustrating how Jeff planned on her staying in the series in some capacity but never followed up on her after being “saved” until now. I mean, how did she end up here? Why? You’d think after all her father did to find her/kill the coyotes he thought killed her/whatever, he’d never let her go again. She doesn’t seem insane – except for some potential rage issues. Idk. IDK (this is my Teen Wolf mantra. That and WTF).

Along with Malia is MORRELL. WHAT. ANOTHER WTF MOMENT. She just pops up at random times and it kills me. I hate her being so mysterious still. We got a bit more of her because of the Alpha Pack but. I’d like even more. Because Jeff & Co gave us the tidbit that she was Deaton’s brother (i think, i could be remembering incorrectly) and then nothing. NOTHINGGGGGG. What I like about her though is how she’s neither good nor bad. She just is. Like she tells Stiles, she’s there to restore balance. So while some things she does/has done can be seen as bad, she’s also helpful.

I hate that Derek and Argent are locked up. Like, I’m still confused what the one dude with the prosthetic finger has to do with anything (or even how the Sheriff of Beacon Hills would know about him). I mean, yay discussing Stiles, whatever. But what are they actually doinggggg. As a side note, I really like the new officer – Parrish or whatever. What a babe. I think he’s awesome. So he’ll probably die at some point before the season is over.

I continue to love Kira. I love her everything. She’s so adorable. And she’s so adorable with Scott and the rest of the pack. She’s such a badass with that sword and wanting to help. She needs to stay forever.

Okay. So. The basement. DUN DUN DUNNNNN. It’s such a stereotypical view on what mental institutions were like (or perceived to be like idk?) several decades ago (though as a side note, I totally watched some documentary on one that was like that as late as the 80s or something and it gave me nightmares). It’s not even just the basement. The way the nurses/doctors/orderlies/whatever had a calloused attitude towards everyone and everything (including the suicide) kind of bothered me. Anyway. Stiles and Malia go down there and then somehow end up making out/having sex? Like, say what? No. Sorry. No. You want some sex appeal in the show? Okay. But I’d have rather seen, like, Derek and Argent get it on prison porno style rather than that nonsense.

So they have sex. Then discover a wall hiding a decayed body that is the Nigitsune (sorry if i’m spelling incorrectly)? Like, how? I didn’t realize he was a living person? I thought he was a demon. Like the firefly people things. HOW DID I MISS THIS? Plus the photo. WHO DID HE RECOGNIZE? GERARD? PETER? BUGLER? ANYONE? And then Oliver comes down and is supposedly acting under the influence of the Nigitsune, which I didn’t think possible because he’s in Stiles (subdued but still in him). And Malia is about to get her head drilled by crazy Oliver when Stiles finally lets the Nigitsune in and then WHAM hopefully doesn’t kill Oliver. The smirk he gives Malia though. I guess I can see why some people think she’s a baddie. Because add that to the way she smirks as she’s leaving (which, how is she allowed to leave now) and the way her eyes flash after she told Stiles she couldn’t transform into a coyote anymore… *huffs and puffs* WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.

All of the stuff with Scott and getting the scroll from the finger and blah blah blah seems to be leading up to Stiles getting the bite. Which I think a lot of people questioned from the beginning. Though how close can they get to turning him? Stiles is in the mental hospital, if we can believe he’s still there and also that he hadn’t been taken over and in a dream state the second the dude shot him up with that sedative.

I’m really frustrated. And there are only 4 more episodes. I’m not going to handle those very well, I don’t think.


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