The Walking Dead: Claimed Review




This show is determined to give me a full range of emotions with each episode. I feel like they’ve stepped up their game and we’re just now starting to get to the meat of characters like Michonne. For the longest time she’s been nothing but a badass. It’s refreshing to see them giving her some depth. (And totally making me cry in the process.) They’re also making Carl less insufferable but we’ll see how long that lasts.

There were some intense parts (shocking) that I literally held my breath* while watching. Rick hiding under the bed? Stressful. That guy looking at Rick hiding under the bed while said guy was being choked? NOPE. It’s interesting for me to think about how my reactions have changed when we meet new living people. In the first few seasons I was excited that our survivors were finding more people. Now I think: “OH GOD! RUN AWAY! THEY COULD BE THE HUNTERS. AND IF THEY ARE THE HUNTERS LET THEM HAVE LIZZY AND THEN RUN.”

Glen was still braking my heart from his dedication to Maggie. Glenn is good people. I’m not sure how I feel about the scientist guy with the “business in the front, party in the back” hair cut. How do we know if he is who he says he is? I mean I could say I was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and who are you to tell me I wasn’t? I’m nervous about him.

I think the hardest thing for me this episode was watching Michonne’s reaction to what she found in the pink room. She looked almost lost in a way. It just adds to my theory that her lover and his guy pal killed her son. Or at least were responsible in someway. When she told Andrea “they’re worse than monsters” when Andrea asked those guys had to have done something bad. Killing her child would be a way to have that kind of contempt. Anyone else think this too?

All and all I think TWD is doing some great story telling and character development. I hope it stays that way.

Until next week

* (FYI, I was aware of what I was doing.)


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