Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Steph’s card

So hey! Double bingo! That’s the only happy thing to come from this episode. Because this episode was THE WORST. Like, so bad for my mental health, you don’t even know.

Kira is so badass. I know I say this every episode but I love her I love how she’s fitting in so easily with everyone and is a help to her new friends.

Stiles is missing again and seeing everyone torn up over it and listen, if Stiles ever doubted people and heir affection for him, here’s proof he is greatly loved. From the minute he reappears, I was worried it wasn’t really Stiles. Scott’s easy acceptance broke my heart. Because he just wants his best friend back so, so bad.

DEATON! I didn’t realize he knew anything of what was going on with Stiles. Did I miss that bit? I’m so happy he’s actively searching for a cure to getting rid of this demon.

I’m not sure what’s keeping Isaac from healing but I suspect it’s magical. It’s lovely to see Scott there supporting his friend even though his ex girlfriend is here too. I had my doubts about Scott in the first season, but I just really love him. He’s grown as a character a lot. I think breaking up with Allison really helped too. I just want all the good things for true alpha Scott McCall.

Derek and papa argent working together? Ok, I’m here for it. I’ve always been sympathetic for Chris. He didn’t know so much about he evil roots of his family tree. I don’t like the idea that he continues to carry blame at all. And I like to think Derek has stopped the blame too (even if he still retains the suspicion). But Derek saving Chris’s life after clearly stating he wouldn’t? Wahhh.

FINSTOCK. how could they hurt my lovely Finstock?! I need next episode showing he’s okay. OR ELSE.
Through all of this, however, I kept wondering at demon!Stiles’s plans. The shooting of Finstock, the wrapped gift on the bus, and the end when the package for Sheriff turned out to be the bomb…does anyone else think the real Stiles is in there trying to fight the demon? Because it seems like he created these diversions to keep his friends/family away from the police station. So I’m hoping he’s in there fighting to get out.

The very end of the episode is what got to me the most (surprise surprise). From the moment Stiles was going into the animal clinic I thought DO NOT GO IN THERE WITH HIM. I just knew. knew something was going down. And holy crap, the shift from regular Stiles to Demon Stiles was amazing. Dylan O’Brien is such a gifted actor. My hat off to that guy, holy wow. He has these subtle shifts in facial expressions that just make the biggest difference. All of the goofy high school kid is gone. And all that is left is a crazy demon that feeds on pain. GAH.

there is a bit of a silver lining here though (hopefully). With DEATON showing up and administering the “antidote” I’m hoping for Stiles’s swift recovery. Though I’m really worried about the repercussions of everything. Because no way this doesn’t get traced back to him. AND THEN WHAT. and then I die, obviously.


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