The Walking Dead: Inmates

lizzy is out

A LOT happened this episode. We got to see more survivors and our hearts broke a little for some of them. However, I think the biggest thing we discovered this episode was Lizzy is a Psychopath. I do not trust her at all. With anyone. I mean I get being frustrated with a crying baby. Anyone who’s dealt with one can empathize a little bit BUT YOU DO NOT GET TO SMOOTHER THEM WHILE HAVING A DREAMY LOOK ON YOUR FACE! I do not care that you are being attacked by walkers. You RUN, not try to kill a baby. Yes, Tyreese should have never left the girls but still. Praise Thor for Carol showing up when she did. (I was having M*A*S*H flash backs. You know the episode where Hawkeye loses it?)

Lizzy is evil

Look at how mad Lizzy is that Judith is still alive. If the baby killing attempt wasn’t enough the bunnies should drive the point home. I mean she was all “Oh Hi bunnies. BYE BUNNIES!” She has now dethroned Carl for “worst kid” on TWD. At least the last episode we got to see Carl is an actual human with feelings, not a Baby and bunny killer.

We did get to see both Maggie and Glenn, WHO GOT LEFT BEHIND AT THE PRISON, fight to get to the other. I have faith they will meet again. Please let them get to meet again. I need this. I am glad they have another person I only wish Glenn hadn’t found out about Hershel like that. Ugh that was awful.

Then there was Daryl and Beth. They are both so lost. Beth goes into proactive positive mode while Daryl just looked heartbroken. They both lost everything. I feel like in a way Hershel was like a father to Daryl too. Losing Hershel and Daryl’s home was a lot. Ugh I wanted to hug them both.

I am scared for next week but I do hope more group members find each other. Each group seemed to have found a way to the tracks and were beginning to follow them. I’m not sure if they’re going to a better place though.

As I watched I was struck with a thought: What if Carol didn’t kill Tyreese’s girl. What if Lizzy did and Carol is covering for her? What do you think?

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