The Walking Dead is Back!!

twd 1



I’m not going to try to tell you how happy I am to have this show back (a lot) so let’s jump right into the good stuff. This episode revolves around one of my favorite and one of my least favorite characters. We begin with seeing Michonne going back to the prison to take care of a few things there. She gets herself new pets and puts to rest Hershel. (STILL NOT OVER IT) While just a short way over we see Rick and Carl trying to find a safe place to crash. Carl is being a punk and Rick is trying his best to get Carl to listen. Rick is having a tough go because he is in awful shape after his fight with The Governor. (DING DONG THE AWFUL HUMAN IS DEAD!)

Carl is a character I’ve never really been fond of. Yeah, he can get stuff done in a pinch but he’s a liability more often than not. In this episode we see him acting like a typical teenager who thinks they don’t need their parents and have got the hang of life. We spend the episode following him around as he tries to prove that. It doesn’t really go well. (Shocker.) What surprised me though about this story was how sad I was for Carl at one moment near the end. (I don’t want to spoil it.) After seeing that, I realized Carl reminds me a lot of Dawn from Buffy. I’m annoyed 99% of the time with them but then they have some truly touching moments no one else could pull off. I’m actually interested to see where Carl goes from here.

Michonne was heartbreaking this episode. I was thrilled that we finally got more of her back story! Especially since they spent TWO episodes on that piece of poop Governor!! Still angry. She’s a Mama, which totally makes her reaction to Judith make sense. I got the feeling the guys who became her pet walkers when we met her were the reason she doesn’t have her child anymore. Anyone else get that feeling? This episode showed so much character development. We got to see how she’s far more than just some badass chick with a sword. She has so much depth and feeling. It was good to watch her struggle with who she wanted to be now that her new family was taken from her and I think that’s why she was able to get a little hope at the end of the episode.

What’d you think of this episode? Good way to start?


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