Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review

Mel’s card
tw week 5 BINGO!

I’ve never been so thankful for a bingo card than I was while watching this episode. IT WAS SO STRESSFUL! I’m just going to vomit my unorganized feels here:

I love how they told the story inside Stiles head. I hated watching Papa Stilinski get upset over his son. Mama McCall is the best. Turns out deadbeat dad McCall is was drunk. Kira’s Mom is a warrier. Let’s hope she doesn’t follow Allison’s mom’s example. Lydia needs to believe in herself and stop talking to Adian until Boyd gets brought back. (NOT EVER LETTING GO OF HIM!) Where the hell is Danny? Papa Stilinski has the sassiest staff around. Derek is finally becoming a real boy. (I don’t know what that means just go with it.) WHAT IF KIRA HAS TO FACE AND FIGHT STILES? Stiles and Scott feels are strong in this episode. Anyone else feel like Papa McCall is trying to get the Sheriff fired bc he wants another chance at Mama McCall? Did you see the preview? WHAT ABOUT COACH?

I think I need to go lie down now….

Stephanie’s card
I can’t believe Mel even managed to do any bingo. I was too busy gripping my snuggie tight and trying not to cry. And I mean that literally. There is no force on earth that can keep me from crying when I see Papa Stilinski crying over his son. But seriously Jeff. How can you do this to the man? He’s already lost his wife. Now you’re gonna potentially take away his son? I wonder if Stiles is really sick as a side effect of the demon whose name I can’t pronounce and am too lazy to look up. Or that’s what the demon is showing to make his dad suffer. And if he’s really sick, will destroying the demon heal him? Or will he get the bite? OMG I’m dying over here.

I continue to love Kira. I want her to be in all the episodes. I want her to be a badass lady that kills evil demons while saving the host and being adorably in love with Scott McCall.
Speaking of being in love, I want mama McCall and papa Stilinski to fall in love and for agent McCall to eff right off. Quit giving him backstory and making me (potentially) sympathize with him. Why is he even up and around after being almost fatally wounded?

Derek’s back. And so much more mentally stable than before? And being a super awesome big bro to Scott? But where the hell is peter? Someone explain to me how his absence is not questioned by everyone. How do we know he isn’t in some way responsible for this (I mean he is because of shedding the blood on the nemeton or whatever).
I don’t like Lydia questioning herself. I hate that. She was finally growing into a strong character who didn’t have to act dumb around others because she was pretty and popular. Let’s keep it that way.
Ummmmm crap, guys. I don’t know what else to say. I just want stiles to be okay. Don’t think I’m kidding when I say if he dies I AM DONE WITH TEEN WOLF FOREVER.
emotionally compromised by an MTV show meant for teenagers.


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