Monthly Favorites: January

Hey all!

So this is something new we wanted to try! We hope this will be a way for you to get to know us better while letting us share the things we’re loving. Hopefully it works. lol

Mel’s Faves:


First up we have the Pacifica Solar Palette. I love this thing. I use it almost daily. (Let’s be real. Some Days you just don’t want to do more than wash your face.) It comes with three Highlighters, a Blush, a Bronzer, and six eyeshadows. If you like soft looks you may want to try this out. As a warning though, there is a fair amount of shimmer in everything save the bronzer. I know some aren’t fans of shimmery products so keep that in mind.



I got these babies as an xmas gift and boy do I love them! Almost anyone who sews will tell you not to mess with their sewing scissors. These bad boys are made to last a lifetime (Provided you take care of them and NEVER EVER CUT PAPER WITH THEM!) . I may or may not have been cutting random pieces of scrap fabric bc these cut like butter.


My Last favorite of this month comes from this Monday’s Teen Wolf Episode. The remix of the theme has been on a loop non stop. I remember hearing it when I was at this panel for Comic Con but totally spaced on getting the song until I was reminded. You can get it here.

Steph’s Faves:

photo 1

It may seem silly, but right now this steam basket is the love of my life. As stated in our post about yearly goals, I’m working to eat better and get more physically fit. Part of my meal plan calls for a lot of steamed food. What’s great about it is how little time it to takes to steam food, even frozen chicken.

It doesn’t have to be fancy (the pot, not the meal because you can make them plenty fancy). In fact, this isn’t even my steam basket. It’s just the closest one I could find to mine. I got mine at costco as part of a set. Up until this year I literally never used it in the three years of owning it. But I’m so happy for it now.

photo 2

The other thing I’m loving this month is the app LINE camera. It’s a photo editing app I got for free from the App Store on my iPhone. And it is so much fun. Seriously. It comes with stamps you can use, plus allows you to crop, draw, add different backgrounds, etc. There are free decorations as well as ones you need to pay for (in case you want more). I’d show you things I’ve created using LINE camera, but they’re mostly silly and embarrassing. I’m not one to play games on my phone/iPad so this app is a really fun way to waste some time if I’m waiting around for something and am really bored.


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