Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Review!

Mel’s Card
tw week 4

This was my favorite episode of the season. Hands down. And believe or not the it’s only 25% due to tribal painted Danny. (Ok like 45 % but whatever.)

Just like last episode I feel like we were given a ton of info. Papa Argent knows what the dementor thingys are. Lydia can lose her scream. Lydia’s mom is a teacher. (Please let this end better than it did for Alison.) Scott’s dad may actually know what’s up. Kira doesn’t know how to do a good cover story. (“it’s this great pic filter you can only get in a country you’ve never heard of before.) Scott is still a really nice guy. Derek needs to change his locks. (Really dude) And Danny has the whitest teeth of them all. Oh and the dementor thingys were interested in tattooing Danny too. I smell foreshadowing!

Let’s start with Scott being the cutest. He really does have a heart of gold. The way he comforts Kira is kind of amazing. He doesn’t even hesitate in helping her. I want to smoosh him. I’m SO needing Kira to be good. I NEED IT! Also, how awesome what that smile he and Alison had?

Then we have the twins. Let’s start with Lydia totally handing it to Aidan. I’m not sure if they can be redeemable at this point. I mean maybe if we can get Boyd back or we find out that they *had* to do it bc of their alpha. But short of that I’m not sure if killing someone is really something you can come back from. What do you think?

No to the dementor thingys. What are they? Why do they feel the need to brand all the supernatural folk? Why does Papa Argent have a broken mask? What did they see in Danny that we haven’t seen yet? How did they take away Lydia’s scream? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! I really can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Lastly what’s the dealio with Stiles? Were his blackouts something totally different? What does that mean for the others? I mean if he really is the one behind it what are the others capable of doing? How did he even know about Kira?

I think I need to go lay down. lol

Steph’s Card

photo 2 (1) 20140130-140603.jpg

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t say much this week because I’m still caught up in the last few minutes of the show. Believe me when I say if ANYTHING HAPPENS TO STILES I WILL HUNT DOWN JEFF DAVIS AND DESTROY HIM. *cough*

Like Mel, this is my fave episode yet. I really enjoyed how everyone interacted with each other. At the top was Lydia telling the straight twin (I think Aiden, but lbr I can’t keep track that well) how she can’t just go back to him because of Boyd. THATS RIGHT. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO BOYD. I miss Boyd.

And I loved loved loved sheriff Stilinski trying to stifle laughter as Stiles worked his magic on Scott’s dad. Side note: wth do Stiles and his dad know about Agent McCall? Is there a deep dark secret here? Not gonna lie, though, when Scott opened his dad’s laptop and it had baby Scott as the screensaver I wanted to melt. A lot.

Kira Kira Kira. The effect of whatever foxy aura surrounding her that Scott saw at the party was super dope. I cannot WAIT for more of her and her powers being revealed.

Then there’s Danny! Did anyone else notice how he sensed when those shadow monster things showed up? Ok, what does that mean. I hope it means he’s some kind of supernatural creature (like a mermaid) and he’s secretly known all along about werewolves. So that when someone F I N A L L Y tells him he can be all lol duh.

There’s a lot I want to discuss. But I won’t. Because then I’d be talking forever. My last thought here goes to the weird backwards 5 brand on these people. And what it means. Do you think he shadow people use it to control others? I’m hoping so. Only because I’m hoping they got to stiles without it being shown and that’s the explanation for the writing on the wall…or rather chalkboard.

Either way. I cannot wait for next week. Oh man, I’m worried about delicious angst and horribly cheesy pick up lines and repercussions for using Derek’s loft for a rave party. HURRY UP MOON DAY.


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