Last season of Sherlock (which, wow. Two long years) I wasn’t able to watch and report like Mel was. So, this time around I’m glad to be a part of things.
The Empty Hearse, episode 1 of the third season, aired this last Sunday in the States (January 1 in the UK) and I’ve been chomping at the bit to review it.
As far as a season opener, TEH packed quite a punch; seemingly answering the question of everyone’s mind – how did Sherlock do it? But don’t be so easily fooled by what you’re seeing…you’ll understand once you get there.
I loved seeing Anderson in this episode ( though I’d have preferred a different outcome for him at the end of the episode). Ever since I watched the mini webisode Many Happy Returns that aired on Christmas, I’d been anticipating more of him. Once,one of Sherlock’s biggest sceptics, Anderson turned into Sherlock’s biggest groupie. It’s delightful.
Mostly, even more than needing to know how Sherlock lived, I needed to know how John would take seeing Sherlock again. Their reunion did not disappoint and John’s reaction was pretty much what I wanted to happen. What got to me was the sliver of nerves you see when Sherlock first arrives. And then, later, his annoyance because John didn’t immediately notice. Because for Sherlock, John is really his only true friend and he can’t always understand John having other people in his life. And there’s this moment when John first sees Sherlock. This, am I hallucinating look that broke my heart. Gahhhh.
I can’t go on without mentioning Mary. I like her. But something rubs me the wrong way. And it’s not just that she’s comIng between Sherlock and John. Seriously though, don’t get me wrong. She’s a fabulous character that adds a lot of new depths to the show. And Amanda does a beautiful job portraying Mary. All those haters that said she only got the job because she’s married to Martin Freeman can gtfo. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her, and if my theories are correct.
It was great seeing John and Sherlock working together again. I’ve missed this so much. I’ve seen some criticism about the way Sherlock treats John, especially at the end. But despite how Sherlock comes across outwardly, I think he is hiding a lot more. Because he doesn’t know how to fully understand or cope with strong attachments.
The episode featured some great moments. From “I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes,” to some nods at different ships (sherlolly and whatever the moriarty/Sherlock ship is called) and provided plenty of humor that I’ve come to expect along with the crime solving. I’m so glad Sherlock is back. And yet, I’m already nervous for the remaining two episodes. Because we all know Moffat and Gatiss are going to hurt us.


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